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    Shaak Ti is absolutly broken. I flew against a list with Shaak Ti and Yoda, and it is insane. Shaak Ti and Yoda can each spend 1 force during the end phase to save an evade, which means they can come in battle with 2 evades and 3 force. This combined with stealth device makes them basically impossible to hit without good luck. I was running a imperial bomber list with 4 bombers and 2 interceptors. I got 6 3 dice shots on Yoda and he only ended up taking 1 damage (and that was with decent luck). My opponent did the math and it turns out that against 4 3 dice shots, yoda takes no damage 90% of the time. That means triple ace lists or 4 ship rebel beef lists get pretty much hard countered by Shaak Ti/Yoda lists. In summary, Shaak Ti needs to go up at least half a dozen points and possibly even more.
  2. Maybe make it 3 charges recuring, so that the ship becomes semi-ionized for two turns. Still a huge downside, but at least makes it viable.
  3. I think that each of these trap card ideas are amazing (though some would probably be more 2 pointers then 1 pointers) but instead of having just one upgrade that let's you choose between 4 different trap cards, there could be multiple different illicits that each let you choose between 2 different trap cards (like Zam). This would help simplify the cards, and also give the Scum faction multiple exclusive illicits to make the faction feel unique.
  4. I think the big draw is that you can fire a 3 dice shot out the back, which makes it worth the points.
  5. Even better, if you cordinate them a calculate before they move, they can launch discord missles which would mean that the buzz droid technically traveled 13 + (base/1)+3 = 18 speed move. 18 speed move
  6. If they have mod slot, you can take advanced slam and then boost, to give them a 5 + (base/1) + 5 + (base/1) + 1 = 13 speed move.
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