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    I hope we will get the answers!
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    I'm aware that this question might sound a bit confrontational, and if this is skipped over I'm fine with that. But if you would answer a more controversial question, here it is:
    Are you aware, that you seem to have a huge issue in communicating with your "core" audience? A lot of your favourite game lines are put on hold without any explanation (prominent examples are IA and D2E), and there is no direct communication in your forums.
    I guess this would be understandable, if you'd primarily try to reach more casual buyers by targeting the mass market, but this is not the same audience that is buying 10+ expansions for your games, or would even try to keep them alive by producing community driven content when you no longer support games directly.
    So are there any plans to improve communication in your forums at all?
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    Hear Hear! I would like to know the same information.
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    Yes, some news regarding Terrinoth would be nice to have, or Descent, Heroes of Terrinoth at least
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    I'll add to those asking about Descent. I'd love to see the last of the 1E heroes released with new models for 2E; the originals looks so tiny and low on detail in comparison, especially to the last few 2E expansions when the minis got scaled up!
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    I also would like to know the future for the Terrinoth series of games. I'm a massive Descent fan and hope for a 3rd edition at some point. Runewars: Mini may have passed (I really liked it too:() but are you straying away from the world? I thought a lot of good stuff was in the story books for Runewars: Minis and hope there's still a good future for those games.
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    What is the future of Descent ...
    Will FFG ever produce the missing 12 Heroes from D1e for D2e?
    Will there be any further development for D2e (*** NOT *** for the app, but physical content)?
    Will there be a D3e?
    EDIT: Why is the D2e Quest Vault and its various issues, bugs, etc. completely ignored?  It started as BETA about 5+ years ago, and continues in that state today.  There would be far more community development for the game if the software simply worked.  There is already an extensive bug report thread for the vault, so all it takes is someone at FFG to pay attention.  If you don't want to maintain it anymore, would you be willing to provide access to the code, so that the community could host it and maintain it?
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    Zvestor reacted to MercuryMike in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I second those questions as well 🙂
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    Zvestor reacted to edgeseeker in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    What's next for Terrinoth? When can we see an update for Descent: Journeys in the Dark? 
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