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  1. That sounds like very interesting (and important) work you are doing, I am eager to hear what you have going on. Me and a friend is looking at maybe using some of the hacking presented in Shadows of the Beanstalk (the Android/Sci-fi official setting) since quite frankly, the mechanics of matrix hacking has not been good in Shadowrun for decades now. Fully understandable. If the perceived value of money to get "skills and stats" is bad then people rather get stats and skills instead. This can be said about Shadowrun rules as well, wasting karma (or priority bleh) on money means you have less skills and stats but if the money gives stats and benefits back it is still worth it. In Shadowrun Wire Reflexes is a pure force multiplier, you get twice or thrice as powerful in combat. In Genesys adding boost on iniative means you get some neat effects but you don't get to act three times as much in combat so the cost of Wired Reflexes is completely stupid for the tiny benefit it gives. (Even if advantage or better sure is useful in Genesys it doesn't compare) On the contrary, having Brawn and Agility 5 cyberlimbs costs: Arm 15000 + Agility enhance rating 2 2*6500 + Brawn 2*6500 is 41000 per limb or a mere 164k for all four limbs. The XP value of Brawn 5 and AGility 5 is at least (assuming you start with 2) 30+40+50 * 2 = 240 xp For combat getting one arm is godlike value if you have any way to get money (and any other cyberware/bioware is pretty useless in comparison) but even getting all limbs replaces means you get insane stats. The same is partially true for Shadowrun CRB as well but since Initative is a thing and wired reflexes are mutually exclusive with full body cyberlimbs having awesome stats is ironically a very big investment in essence and money. ------ So, to the real suggestion, wouldn't it be a much more Genesys way of doing it to have cyberware or bioware "cost essence" but reduce the xp cost? This way it mimics Shadowruns theme of Cyberware characters having better stats but can't use magic. Muscle augmentation (Bioware) lets you buy Brawn for 9xp per rating, cyberare (Muscle replacement) is 8xp per rating but costs more essence. (And have essence add difficulty or upgrade difficulty to healing, beneficial magic, etc) ... i.e. skipping over the money aspect or lessening it. Same goes for upgrades in game, raising stats with new cyberware costs money and xp (But less xp than natural training) You're not really meant to max all stats in Genesys anyway, right?
  2. The conversion looks very good but I have run into some problems (or maybe I'm just dumb) Starting money at 1000 nuyen means you can't possibly create a street sam or any augmented character with the cyberware prices (and most gear prices) still being just copied over from 5th edition. A Street Sam in SR5 is made with 200-400k nuyen and cars, weapons, etc, all assume you get 2000 nuyen for 1/800th of your starting "XP" so any of the above conversions that give less nuyen per xp even though Genesys XP is worth something like 8 times as much seems strange, or what am I doing wrong? And, while I'm at it: Cyberlimbs need to start at Brawn and Agility 2 at most, getting 3 in both before enhancing up to 5 for cheaper than most other implants seems extremely powerful to me. (Or would be if we could start with more than 1000).
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