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  1. I'm still quite happy with Oguri & Kudaka as characters, and I like their interactions. "That snort" was a nice touch. If theirs were the marriage that made the alliance, I'd be ok with that. I'm still voting Oguri for Crab Clan Thunder. Has FFG said anything yay or nay about a playable Shadowlands faction? I could see this being a tease for that, even if you (and the symbol on their clothes) are "Named Oni's Horde" not "the Legions of Fu Leng." Also, that second-to-last line. Gaze not too long into the abyss, Crab-san...
  2. If this is a thing that happens, I definitely hope they show how this alliance is actually brokered, because the Phoenix-Unicorn issues shouldn't just suddenly go away. It might be within the power of the Crane to make it happen, but not overnight, barring a Lion invasion of Phoenix lands or the like. On a different note that may or may not be relevant to the larger story: I wonder if we just saw Asami's Yogo curse manifest. However unwillingly or unwittingly, she easily could've just condemned Aramoro by letting on to his involvement in Toturi's "death." The question may be if he's the one Asami loves most, or their child, or someone else, but from what we've seen so far, I suspect it's him.
  3. I am dead curious where Ujiaki fits in to all this. I'm loathe to make this accusation, but if he's behind the Lion aggression, as seems the case, but more importantly, doesn't state a motive beyond generic "but the Unicorn..." well, then it seems like he just wants to cause chaos. As a Kolat might. I am glad that we got to see Yoshi accomplish something in his schemes. He's due his 6 political influence being shown up a bit. I do have to wonder though... he makes a lot of assumptions about his victory over Shoju. I might argue that one of them is that it ever happened. Shoju is, after all, Champion of the Emperor's Underhand. Yoshi might want to bring his nose back down to check his own feet for traps. I am a bit intrigued by Doji Fumiki now. Her card puts her in the light of a generic arrogant noble, but this story suggests there's rather more to her than that, so I wouldn't mind seeing her again. edit: Also, with Yoshi now believing that he knows the truth about Toturi, I think it reasonable to assume that Kuwanan will be told. Kuwanan, in turn, I suspect will throw it in Hotaru's face as an accusation, and part of his case against her. Toturi was supposed to be her friend, after all, as well as a fellow Clan Champion.
  4. Maybe, but I think it's much more likely that Kuwanan will find out about Kachiko's hit on Toturi. I can't imagine anything convincing him that the Scorpion haven't just greased Emerald Champion #2 in a row, and then he'll never be swayed from his path at that point. Maybe he'll realize Shoju hasn't been in on it, but I don't know if he'll care much even if he does. It could also lead people to jump to some conclusions about Agasha Sumiko - potentially even Sumiko herself. "Am I the one the Scorpion want as Emerald Champion? Have I been played this whole time?" As for me, the writers will have to slap me in the face with the evidence to make me think this is still manipulation by Kachiko. Nothing about the writing of the relationship between her and Hotaru has struck me as such. I wouldn't be terribly surprised if they make it to a happy ending somehow, even. I did enjoy the writing of Bayushi Yojiro in this. Doing his duty as a Scorpion, but also complete acceptance that "a samurai lives at all times three feet from death." Relieved as he was to avoid the duel, he would've gone to it showing no fear.
  5. Truth be told, I wasn't expecting it to happen, but I'm very happy that it did. It's a big step for Kachiko, and now it's time for her to move forward or back with it. Now her character is becoming something more than just a selfish schemer. I'm also happy that we're getting more about the nature of her relationship with Hotaru. I'm hoping that we get something similar for Hotaru and Toturi, who did get mentioned, at least. It does make me wonder if Hotaru will find out about the assassination attempt on Toturi and be put in a position of picking between him and Kachiko. It might be in her best interest for Kachiko to come clean about it, at least to Hotaru. Hotaru might take the Lion's actions under Matsu Tsuko as evidence that Kachiko was right, but just struck at the wrong Lion leader to counter it. Where does this put the Dragon Clan, I wonder? Agasha Sumiko has thrown in with Shoju, so even though I have a hard time believing she knows why, I wouldn't be surprised if she knows about Kachiko being sent away. Shoju might also be well-served to come clean with her as much as he can, before some damning report comes to her from the Kitsuki. In the meantime, has Hitomi managed to wrangle the prince?
  6. Another random tinfoil hat thought: what if it isn't Toturi who will be/is suffering some consequence of Kaede's reviving him? What if it's Kaede who's vulnerable to corruption/Fu Leng/etc and has set him on a path that benefits the Shadowlands somehow? What if it's a third party? The obvious one would be their child, but what if it isn't? What if it kills one of the princes, resolving the succession? Furthermore, her card's flavor text says "With that choice, a soul was rent and a destiny altered." Again, the obvious thing would be that someone was sacrificed in some manner to alter Toturi's destined death, but what about the less obvious options? It's got me pondering who else's destiny could be altered for the positive (I admit I don't really see a soul rent having a positive meaning). Coming back to Kaede, for example, what if the soul rent is her own - Fu Leng takes notice of her perilous magics and she ends up in the evil-consort-of-evil role, and therefore the destiny altered is Shahai's, by being kicked out/saved from it? (operating of course on the assumption that she's headed to that role as old Shahai was)?
  7. I can't help but wonder how the Dragon Clan are going to fit in to Toturi's mission here. There are already Kitsuki trying to work out the truth of the Emperor's death. They might be convinced to help find the truth of Toturi's attackers. That, though, might set them against the Scorpion, whom Agasha Sumiko is supporting - and she knows the truth of the regency edict. Seems like we're gonna get ourselves in trouble here - hypothetically Dragon Civil War-level trouble. Tinfoil hat on, this could be part of Fu Leng's plan. Every Great Clan divided. Tsuko vs Toturi. Kuwanan vs Hotaru. Kisada vs Yori. Shoju vs Kachiko. Potentially Altansarnai vs Chagatai and Sumiko vs Yaruma, which leaves the Phoenix. Tadaka vs Tsukune? We're already down one Elemental Master, and likely to be down at least one more in the near future.
  8. This just caused me a thought, actually: what if, either because the Clan rules against both of them or they end up removing themselves from the competition somehow (say, by being married off, banished, etc), neither Hotaru nor Kuwanan is made the Crane Clan champion, but Shizue? It's probably a long shot because of her physical handicap, but she's demonstrated much more successfully the Art of Peace than her siblings.
  9. Well, I'd say the Ikoma courtiers safely in Otosan Uchi seem to be spoiling for that fight. Ikoma Tsanuri seems less enthusiastic, just committed to her duty. Imagine if not the Dragon but the Scorpion find out about this whole "starving the troops to make them raid and pillage" thing. I'm not sure Shoju would be happy, but I think the Clan at large would have a field day.
  10. That was my suspicion as well. It does make me wonder if this'll end with her marrying Haruko. It would be an interesting way to resolve Kuwanan's challenge, if he's married off and no longer in a position to make it. Also, when I said that the Champions would have to rouse themselves and make decisions... this is what I meant. Good job, Altansarnai. The Unicorn take the first player token.
  11. Disclaimer: I get that this is a post from 2017, but it came up on a Google search, and I couldn't not respond after I read it. This is one of the best gaming pieces I've ever read. I just copy/pasted it into a Word document to show friends & family. Given some of my bad experiences with the playerbases of other games versus my good experiences with my fellows in Legend of the Five Rings, thankfully, I can say that folks seem to believe in this. Thank you, sir, for so eloquently putting this forward. May you find all that you seek.
  12. It's a little odd to me the variation in screen time that the champions have gotten. Toturi and Shoju have been major characters. Yokuni has had a substantial influence, although he hasn't left his rock in the High House of Light. Altansarnai has done significant things, but we haven't seen her recently. Hotaru hasn't been around since early on, even though Kuwanan is coming to take the Clan from her. Kisada and Tsukune haven't done much of anything on-screen except set up the overall characters of their respective Clans. If we've reached the breaking point, and the Clan War is upon us, I imagine some champions will have to bestir themselves and make some decisions here (or Mirumoto Masashige will do it for you, Yokuni. O_-).
  13. Frankly, that's exactly the kind of assumption I've been trying not to make when reading these stories, because I'm enjoying trying to figure out where it might be going. No need to be rude.
  14. Do we know that for sure? I thought it had been left ambiguous whether that was the task he'd given her or not, which is actually why I didn't mention him, because my Hametsu sense fires up at all sorts of things. Maybe I'm misremembering though, and it was made clear.
  15. Ikoma Tsanuri is on her way to becoming my favorite Lion character. Like Toturi, she has her faults and inner conflicts, but like Toturi, she fights those battles as an honorable - and, I daresay, even compassionate - person. She seems rather like a mirror of Utaku Kamoko who, despite coming from the Clan of compassion, I feel is rather lacking in that department. Also, send word to us, Tsanuri! We shall instruct the Kitsuki to hound Ikoma Ujiaki as they hound the Scorpion - with great enthusiasm, and for the good of the Empire.
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