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  1. Painted Astarra, very simple to paint and had lot of fun during the process 🙂. Also I created Vyrah card with alternative artwork (from Genesys rulebook): Recreated original for comparison:
  2. Rugal did incredible job with this design all credits go to him, what an designer! He is developing this class over 7 years: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1007758/shapeshifter! No, I recommend looking at the CRRG page 13 about Defeated (knocked out) heroes. "[A knocked out hero may not] be affected by abilities or effects (except healing effects, see below), as he is not on the map and spaces cannot be counted to him.". Yes! I screwed this up during translation. Time sentence connectors works slightly different in Czech and English 🤐. You should only get 1 extra action at the start of each encounter, when your turn starts. Not 3 actions each turn and 4 at the beginning. I will correct wording later, thanks 🙂! Yeah, that make sense. "revive an adjacent hero" is better wording, also used on Potent Remedies. I will apply this change later, thank you! 🙂 Btw, there are some cards like Dungeoneer that also include "action" (search) and of course just cost 1 action and not 2, even though it does not explicitly say "this does not require an action" (like Lurk). Sentences are connected with ", to" to reduce amount of text and to be as similar as possible on both Druid and Werewolf part. But your wording is absolutely correct and can be used aswell, I think this is just aesthetic or is there some confusion in current wording? This was some really nice feedback! Thank you for contributing! You would probably need 4 times as much cards for that 😄!
  3. It was just an preview with unpainted mini, which I always replace with the painted one 🙂. Here are the restored artworks:
  4. I am sorry, that you have trouble with English. There is nothing wrong with the current version and verbage is explained in the first post and in the thread. Your sentences are correct, except that you should also include "at the end of your turn" in the first sentence - Aurora shouldn't receive hero token immediately after the rest action and also she shouldn't receive 2 hero tokens with 2 rest actions in her turn.
  5. This is already written in the FAQ section at the beginning: Of course you start new scenario with 0 tokens at the ability, same way like with every skill and ability.
  6. Done and done! Familiars are printed on one tile & card and therefore only one is visible in the photo 😄: And here is comparison to the original Druid card. I have to say, that it is better than I initially expected:
  7. Printed final card and lava again - previous print turned out too red for some reason, now it's much more matching.
  8. @Dadler93 another great idea with that token and you did nice job with the graphics @rugal. It makes 100% sense. In wow you can also find some druid restoration spells with blue tone:
  9. I have the cards printed and ready for some playtesting. For now I don't plan to change them, until I play with them for some time. Here are the templates if anyone is interested to modify, translate, or anything else with them: druid - class cards druid - familiar druid - item druid - token Print at home PDF Print at home PDF (Czech) Czech version:
  10. You should increase size of the attributes symbols with numbers. Those are small cards and it will be hardly readable after print. On my version they are twice as big and look how tiny they are in real life:
  11. Because you connected Gift of Nature and Rejuvenation, heroes do not discards rejuvenate tokens and heal while you are in the Werewolf shape (because you are using bottom part of the split class cards). I renamed Animist (Dash) to Misty Step.
  12. Here are images for the Druid (300 dpi), let me know if you want any else.
  13. Instead of creating new custom stuff, I did want to help you improve yours. I have attention for details so I can polish cards wording, I can localize those cards into my language, I have photoshop skill to create new HQ graphics and I play this game a lot, so I can contribute with balance changes and play testing. If i knew that you are not interested in any of this and you are making this class just for yourself, I would not spend any time on this. Because I am stupid and though that we can come up with one improved version for community, I spend way too much time on this. Right now I don't want to have this my time to be wasted so I at least want to finish what I was doing and share it with others. It's ******* disappointing for me that it is a separated version. With "my heroes" you can do whatever you want. Mists of Zanaga also have multiple interprations. Here you can download the templates: Maze of the Drakon - Heroes Maze of the Drakon - Familiars
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