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  1. Golem above is on Descent 50x50mm base (you have to replace original square with rounded corners one). Runewars Reanimates have same 25x25mm base as other monsters, just taller.
  2. I have replaced Drakon base with proper sized one (2x2) and added some additional gold coins with green stuff. Also finally finished his hero card and drakon card. I will later create his hero card in English and share photos of painted Ocvist and Drakon. https://www.instagram.com/awesometree_in_the_dark/
  3. When I saw this topic, I also had to buy the Red Scorpion mini for Descent. I used Eliam CK because I really wanted to have her with a red rim around her base and I have too many scouts in my collection anyway. https://www.instagram.com/awesometree_in_the_dark/
  4. I bought Rune Golems and modified Descent Golem card with his art. Really looking forward to paint them and use them
  5. I am updating text in English in the first post That image was just preview, I can also make card in English if anyone would be interested, but right now, there is no point.
  6. I didnt played it yet, but I really look forward to. Received the game few days ago. I know about that, I even like that, but I would like to go with different, well, slightly more serious approach. I started working on Hero Sheet, this is first WIP. Its not that easy, because Knight doesnt have body (He is hidden behind Shoulderpads McLantern). I will paint some parts and I am trying to cover him behind Drakon - right now I am not 100% happy with the look. With Ranger it will be easier.
  7. Fixed the link. Yes I know, it's Eliam hero sheet for her, I have too many scouts in collection Didn't think about that hero yet! Let's do it one by one. Well not really pointless. You can run long distance with your hero (like two movement actions + additional movement with fatigue) and block some passage. I like that idea of adding Fire Breath feat, but it seems quite strong, unsure about that. I would definitely add "perform Melee attack" to that feat. At least if you transform at the end of your turn, Overlord can run away from you (fear the Drakon!) or position smartly his minions, so it wouldn't be that devastating. At the start of your turn, in good situation, you could just attack 4 minions twice.
  8. Thank you so much for your feedback! Much appreciated. No problem with that. I already did some (e.g. Challara), but I have them in Czech language, so no really point sharing them here right now. I do realize that, they fit nicely with original 25mm heroes and of course perfectly with Descent V1. Here is size photo comparison. I do understand the problems with balance, that's why I think that effect should be temporary. However it doesn't seems like bad idea, it feels quite unique and interesting. Requires some thinking, how to place yourself the best way. Make sense, thanks for that! Well as you said, it would be really complex to do and it's just thematic. Without those changes, you basically scale perfectly with strength of your hero, not screwing balance of the game. Better sword -> better dragon teeths, better armor -> stronger dragon skin. Adding something like "Surge: Fire breath" would make this hero ridiculously overpowered. I think that being 2x2 is already really nice in some quest (blocking passages), sometimes not that much, but still good with some class skills. Extra defense dice is also thematically nice, that you are big tanky dragon. Alright. So no 'Rules for Large Monsters applies to you.', because it's probably obvious, correct? And no 'You cannot use Additional movement or items to increase it.', because it's clear with 'your speed is limited to 3.', correct? Make sense to change 'During your turn' to 'Start of your turn' because then we can skip 'By this all unspent movement points are immediately lost.'. However I think it would be better, to change it to end - 'Use at the end of your turn. Until then end of your next turn ...' because then you can better position yourself before getting movement limited to 3, also you can't immediately use your skills, so overlord have time to react -> run away with monsters.
  9. Full art is in this News post: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/3/21/bound-by-fate
  10. Hello, so I bought Drakon 4th, which includes two heroes from the Descent box & rules art - Ranger and Knight. Because they don't have hero cards, I would like to create custom ones. Not overpowered, but at least with something interesting, bringing something new to the game. Let's start with the Knight - warrior class. My idea is, that he can use his heroic to turn into tanky 2x2 dragon (Drakon) - temporary. I think that being 2x2 character is really strong, especially in some quest. You can easily block passages and cards which affect adjacent targets are incredible. I would prefer buffing defense, instead of attack. It would be much appreciated, if you leave any feedback, suggestion, find typo, fix bad wording, anything. At the end, I will print the card in Czech, like I did for not translated expansions, paint them and share them on my Instagram and in the Facebook group Heroes of Terrinoth. Name: I know that community call him "Angry Geddy Lee, the Ranger Smasher". However I will use name "Ocvist the Dragonslayer". Dragon "Ocvist" from Witcher is really similar with Drakon (and Smaug) design - Dragon hording gold in the cave / labyrinth / w/e. Also there is Dragonslayer Saesenthessis. Name fit nicely with other heroes, Leoric of the Book, Tarha Black Widow, Grisban Thirsty, etc.. Stats: 4 Speed, 12 Health, 4 Stamina, 1 Gray defense. These stats are most common for warriors: Alys Raine, Syndrael, Reynhart, Sir Valadir, Nanok. Attributes: I would go with 5 might - well it's a dragon knight, I would expect him to be strong. 5 Might, 3 Willpower, 2 Knowledge, 1 Awareness. Exactly same as Grisban. Other heroes with 5 might: Corbin have 5 2 2 2, Steelhorns and Mordrog have 5 3 1 2. Hero Ability: You have Drakon card. Each time an attack targeting you misses or deals no Heart, recover 1 Fatique. Each time attack that targets you is a miss or is resolved and you don’t suffer any Heart, you recover 1 Fatigue. improved text based on Augur Grisom (Each time a monster misses or deals no Heart on an attack targeting you, recover 1 Heart.) This is quite general ability to recover fatigue, which have slightly different condition for it. Because I expect this hero to be tanky and forcing enemies to attack him in his dragon form, I would expect him to have benefit from it. Excellent with Knight 'defense' skill. Similar Hero Abilities: Alys Raine: Each time a hero adjacent to you suffers 1 or more Heart from an attack, you recover 1 Fatigue Karnon: Each time a monster adjacent to you is defeated, recover 1 Fatigue Mordrog: Each time you suffer 1 or more Heart, you may recover 1 Fatigue CK Varikas: At the start of your turn, recover 1 Fatigue Heroic Feat: Use at the end of your turn, if it’s possible to place Drakon figure in your space. Until the end of your next turn, replace your figure with the Drakon figure. During your turn until the end of your next turn, if it’s possible to expand, replace your figure with the Drakon figure. By this all unspent movement points are immediately lost. During transformation, rules for Large Monsters applies to you, add 1 additional gray dice to your defense pool and your movement is limited to 3. You cannot use Additional movement or items to increase it. It doesn't cost action, because it doesn't immediately do something - you just became bigger, stronger, no explosion. Drakon card: While your hero figure is replaced with the Drakon figure, add 1 additional gray dice to your defense pool, 1 additional green power die to your attack pool, your speed is limited to 3 and you cannot use Additional movement or items to increase it. You are bigger, you got slightly better defense, slightly better attack. Should be good enough and not overpowered. Adding Fire Breath would be too strong. Thank you for your time reading this ❤️.
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