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  1. Today I'm officially joining the FFG Genesys community. Looked for an "Introduce Yourself" topic but couldn't find one so started one myself. Hi I'm Tom, and I'm a dice rolling addict. Here to pursue my favourite side of the Tabletop Gaming hobby, that of Roleplaying. I've always enjoyed narrative gaming over competitive, and was always creating fluff lists over the must have ultimate game winning alpha strike super duper list. It helps that my other hobby is creating and writing fiction. Something which goes well for creating my own RPG setting. Please note I'm an amateur writer and have never submitted anything to a publisher. I'll be talking more about my history with Roleplaying on YouTube and Podcast, but I really enjoyed a brief couple of Star Wars Age of Rebellion games and so it was a no-brainer that I'd jump on the opportunity to create my own setting with Genesys. The narrative dice are my favourite, and the reason I chose Genesys over any other RPG System. Dare I confess here that I almost started with Savage World's. I'll be revealing my setting as I create it. I'm giving myself until September to get acquainted with Genesys, and I'll start doing videos and podcasts; which I'll share in the Your Settings subforum. So that is my little Introduction. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Now it's your turn to introduce yourself.
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