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    nyvinter got a reaction from Erahard in ’neath the saturnine moon (citybased weird/low fantasy)   
    I'm working on a setting for Genesys, and well, I've shared the document on the twitters but thought I could share it here as well and perhaps even get a different viewpoint on certain things.
    The setting so far is focused on a town and a city that has grown together, gothic buildings meeting a rural town at the edge of a fae forest (there's very little about that so far but I intend to expand it). The bulk of the document is the 20 archetypes — I went with making them very specific to the setting rather than broad. 30 careers which need way more text to them, and a few talents.
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    nyvinter reacted to GM Hooly in Skill for appraising monetary value   
    TBH, I would prefer detaching skills from attributes. It’s works so much better in L5R that way, with how a character approaches a task determining which attribute is used.
    2d20 systems like Star Trek also use this methodology.
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