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  1. If anyone actually wants to play as the First Order. You can download them here. https://cleverclanker.video.blog/2019/11/28/rise-of-the-first-order/ Kylo, Phasma, Hux, Bazine Netal, a bunch of trooper upgrades. It's all here.
  2. I am in love with the BXs droids. Cannot wait to field them.
  3. All I see in this thread is @Derrault knocking down literally any changes people suggest without making any of his own. He is defending the Airspeeder 100%, but doesn't seem to realize this unit is NEVER used. So, how about instead of knocking everyone's suggestions, you make an actual suggestion of how to get the Airspeeder more competitive play. Note: Saying "players shouldn't fly it into range of their opponent's entire army on turn 1 or 2" isn't a suggestion. So I am looking forward to hearing how YOU would make changes, not to the rulebook, not to other units, not to a keyword, but to the airspeeder so it actually sees competitive play.
  4. Jawas I don't think would be on a scum unit, probably condition unit if anything.
  5. BB-8 is smaller than R2-D2...
  6. Even with the "Enforce Tournament Rules" I know for certain the OOM battle droid is listed as 9 points which is incorrect, even though the app has the card art available on there and it clearly shows 12. With every other app having the upgrades for the B2 Battle droids, and this List builder still doesn't is frustrating. (yes, the unit technically isn't released yet, but with all the information available, an update would be nice.) This also applies to the tanks, and any other recently released info for units. List builder is by far my favorite app to build legion lists, but it's becoming obsolete.
  7. Battlescribe is not nearly as good as Legion List builder imo. It has no pictures, it's just walls of text and it isn't very clean. You have to really know legion to use battlescribe as it doesn't give you descriptions of any upgrades. You just have to know them...the only thing battlescribe has over list builder is that it's updated.
  8. I find it amazing that people STILL think the leak might be fake...after all the confirmed releases for GAR and CIS, Alex Day confirming Wren and Inferno...people still wanna pretend the rest of them won't be released...*eye roll*
  9. Apologies! The site went through a name change. Here is the page. https://cleverclanker.video.blog/2019/08/21/tusken-territory/
  10. 1000% this ^ Sounds like this game isn't for you, and it's never going to be. Time to move on. And if Legion were to end, there is a very active homebrew community (Check out the Homebrewed First Order) and 3D artists that could potentially keep it going.
  11. There are 3rd party 3D print option I am sure. I have already seen a Tactical droid on thingverse.
  12. Alex Day pretty much confirmed the leaks were true during the LVO Stream. Go watch em...or just wait till Feb. 11th when they are announced. Either way...the leaks are true.
  13. The leaks are real...all of them.
  14. https://cleverclanker.video.blog/2020/01/29/bazine-netal/
  15. https://cleverclanker.video.blog/2019/12/29/general-hux/ Check out General Hux!
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