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  1. You gotta make Rex worth it somehow. Dooku even without command cards is a monster, that scatter is real good. And...Dooku does have strong cards. All 3 of his cards are very good.
  2. Dooku is just so **** expensive. I agree a 90 point Nute Gunray would be amazing right now, he could....shoot her or something. I am gonna try and run Dooku and Grievous, but like you said 8 Activations is going to hurt you unless Grievous can delete some units quick.
  3. Dooku vs. Rex...Dooku would win. So, I would imagine that because Dooku is sitting at almost Vader levels of destruction, it's okay that Rex's command cards are a bit better. And like you said...it's only 1 card that is an issue of being situational (which is okay). The same could be said for General Grievous's two pip card (also situational). That 1 pip card is so good, and his 3 pip is also pretty great. Being able to get rid of two face up order tokens could be pretty big depending on what else you have face up order tokens on...sayyy Droidekas!! I would not call this thread "Underwhelming Dooku cards" by any means. Just my two cents....
  4. Skull Forge Studios has fantastic Tusken Models that can be used for the Tusken Condition Units. They are being released?
  5. Rules for Tusken Raiders and Rancor already exist 😉
  6. Are you aware that the droids roll all white? Are you aware they don't surge? Are you aware you can wipe out a unit really quickly? Geez how weak do you want them to be?
  7. You think B2's are gonna replace the B1's...? I find your faith disturbing. BUT! In good news, my Dooku shipped, I will be getting him in 3 days from FFG. I am happy!
  8. I also await the articles, I am thinking they are gonna drop this Friday. Hopeful thinking!
  9. Yeah, unless the B2's come out and they change how guardian works. I don't seem them being more useful than a full unit of 8 B1's
  10. Let's hope that continues. Nice to see the Wookies getting some love.
  11. I am glad somebody said it. Back to B2's not being better than B1's please.
  12. Gungans....Please Gungans. Oh and Jar Jar!
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