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  1. To reiterate: If it can't regrow the limb but can heal the wound, that really only means that it's causing the the flayed stump to sow itself back shut, repairing tissue that's already there in order to do so. My thinking is that if the tissue is no longer there to be repaired, it cannot be affected by the potion.
  2. I would allow reattachment no issue. The problem is specifically in regrowth of lost parts, which I feel logically isn't possible if the potion cannot regrow lost limbs. If it can't regrow limbs, why could it regrow ANYTHING else?
  3. See, that's what I ruled on the table, and the party alchemist argued that because it only says limbs, that's the only thing it can't fix. I'm pretty heavily inclined to stick with my ruling regardless of protest, anyone else have anything to weigh in on the matter? Edit: Also, the thought occurred to me to provide some context. The alchemist is attempting to regrow an NPC's surgically removed vocal chords with the potion, and argues that he should also be able to regrow missing organs (pretty much anything, like entire eyeballs that have been removed from the head somehow) with it as well.
  4. So I've run into an issue interpreting the abilities of the Healing Potion. The book says that it's capable of healing any crit 3 or lower wound, but is not capable of regrowing lost limbs. Does this mean that the ONLY thing it is not capable of doing is regrowing limbs specifically, or does it mean that the potion is not capable of growing back ANY completely lost and removed body part? My group had an overly long argument about how to interpret this to no avail, and I'm uncomfortable with allowing any body part that isn't a limb to be regrown by the party alchemist like it's nothing any and every single time it might happen, especially considering the inventiveness of my party. Any help on the matter would be highly appreciated.
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