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  1. So has anyone considered the power of Treacherous on the Nantex I feel like it could be pretty good with both Ensnare and Gavitic Deflection.
  2. So I came up with a list that could be good will test it in my next few games. Captain Sear (59 points) .Impervium Plating .Soulless One .Kraken Techno Union Bomber (26 points) Techno Union Bomber (30 points) .Discord Missiles Techno Union Bomber (30 points) .Discord Missiles Techno Union Bomber (31 points) .Drk-1 Probe Droids DFS-311 (24 points) .Grappling Struts' I took inspiration from the Sinker swarm and that Scum swarm list I keep seeing at tournaments.
  3. So I love the CIS as a faction but I get bored playing a swarm of however many TFD's were running this time, so I came up with two None swarm builds that I want to try out and I would love to hear anyone's advice on ways to improve them and or none swarm CIS lists you may have 1-list Maul- 104 points Count Dooku Chancellor Palpatine Hate Shield Upgrade General Grievous- 60 points Impervium plating Soulless One Outmaneuver DBS-404- 36 points Adv. Proton Torpedoes Total-200 2-List General Grievous- 56 points Soulless One Impervium Plating Predator DBS-404- 31 points Landing Struts Bombardment Drone- 51 points' Landing Struts Proton Bombs Seismic Charges Trajectory Simulator Bombardment Drone- 62 point Landing Struts Proton Bombs Electro-Proton Bomb Trajectory Simulator Total-200 So what do you guys think? Do you have any None Swarm build that have been working for you?
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