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  1. I'd like something in the middle, a format that could be played in the multi-game format of AH but also stand-alone like MC and LotR. I have to gear up to play an AH campaign so it doesn't get played nearly as much as the other two which are so easy to play one-offs.
  2. As much as I'd love a co-op Star Wars game, I can't help thinking they'd want to get Champions more established - especially with the delays of the last couple months - before introducing a new game that would surely target many of the same players. But I'm much newer to this biz than most of you who probably have a much better idea of how things work.
  3. Just started a game of "Flight From Moria." One-handed, first turn I send two heroes questing (no allies on the board yet). Sudden Pitfall. I don't want to scoop and start over so I shuffle it back into the deck and draw a different card. Sudden Pitfall again. Sigh.
  4. It took me several games to come to appreciate the value of getting allies into play, using them for a couple turns, then sacrificing them on their third (or whatever) hit point.
  5. I thought 4-player was tedious, I can't imagine 8 or 10 players. There'd have to be a real twist to make it not a slog.
  6. For a split-second I forgot you were playing multi-player and I thought, "whoa, I've been playing this way wrong!" but then I divided that by 4...
  7. Agree with comments above. Played three times Friday night and Saturday morning, 2x Captain America and 1x Ms Marvel and won fairly easily (on version A). Threat reduction on the main scheme is a minor issue since it all goes onto the side schemes. I just prepared to take the Side Scheme consequences every now and then and focused on pounding the villains. Solo I didn't come near cycling any of the villain decks. Looking forward to playing with the core heroes.
  8. So have they insinuated that villains will be entirely playable out of the box or just heroes? I wasn't thinking that about the villains but have not paid real close attention to the Green Goblin and Wrecking Crew announcements.
  9. Whoa, that's not what I remember Iceman looking like! But I'm about 30 years past my comics-reading prime...
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