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  1. No. It’s using an action on a card in play or playing a card from hand that has ‘action’ printed on it, like an event. Playing an ally (even one who has a printed action ability) isn’t an action.
  2. Weirdly long push back for Wasp as well - that’s like 3 months after they were originally intending to release her...
  3. Yes, so her article preview will be out this month, 3 months before release.
  4. Kang I soft? On Expert at least I don’t think that’s true - his threat is the same as a Rhino, but his attacks are either accelerating the threat or hitting harder than Rhino 3...
  5. It’s highest cost card in play.
  6. Yes - you use it when you declare your defence of the attack.
  7. Yes - if Kang 2 defeats you with damage, you lose. If he completes his scheme, then you get a Kang’s Dominion Side Scheme and advance to the final stage. So if you hit the time split bit you can advance by hiding in Alter ego, but it hurts you a little in the final stage.
  8. Yeah I found Iron Man was particularly slow in this game (due to losing 8 cards to the obligation), but he breezed through the second stage as Iron Lad’s retaliate was just a liability vs all my Energy Barriers...
  9. 1) Kang’s obligations are part of your play area, so they do carry over between forms. 2) It seems to be any version of Kang.
  10. First game down vs Expert Kang! A lot of fun - I pulled a first turn Stolen Memories for Iron Man though so he promptly lost half his suit and forgot how to rebuild it, which definitely slowed me down! First stage was quite dicey, but once he was set up Iron Man blitzed straight through Iron Lad and then went to help Spider-Woman finish off Scarlet Centurion. Returning to the present, they took down their nemeses, and then finished off Kang! Can’t wait to try this with other heroes and the harder modules!
  11. I’m afraid not - One Two Punch is a reaction used after making a basic attack. Stun replaces the attack so there’s nothing to react to.
  12. It’s arrived, and I’ve sleeved it during my MS Teams meeting! Looking forward to getting some games in later!
  13. Yep! Shame they only send the shipping confirmation on the first pack in the subscription cycle, but it was nice to get the confirmation this time around!
  14. Just had a shipping confirmation so looks like I’ve escaped allocation this time around!
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