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  1. Yeah, of the main schemes we’ve seen so far, they all have a target number which is a certain number per player, and the threat on the scheme grows by 1 per player each round before the Villain activates.
  2. So it scales in various ways: - Villain health is x per player - Villain scheme target is x per player - Villain main scheme grows x per player - Side schemes are generally set with threat based on the player count. - Villain activates once for each player - Each player draws an encounter card to resolve
  3. The Learn yo play suggests you play your first game: - Spider-Man Justice (solo) - Captain Marvel Aggression (if 2 player) After that, it suggests you use: - Spider-Man Justice - Captain Marvel Leadership - Black Panther Protection - Iron Man Aggression and it suggests you use She-Hulk with Aggression as well. I think the advantage Champions has over a lot of LCGs is that you can just open and play with all the products - the core and the hero and scenario packs are ready to use with no effort. However, the true depth comes with deck building and trying the different villain modules.
  4. I plan to play this with a group of 4 and I 100% think we will only need a single copy of each thing: - we will have to agree which heroes to play anyway - I expect even with 2 cores we would agree to use different aspects each - there are only 11 neutral cards in the core set. At least 5 of them off the top of my head are max 1 copy per deck. Several of the others are max one copy in play per player. You would therefore be buying a second core for multiple copies of only a handful of cards, none of which I consider to be so strong everyone would want to bring 3 of them. - in a competitive game, I’d probably want the option to play 3 of everything, but in a co-op min-maxing every deck just doesn’t appeal to me in the same way. If First Aid is important to my friend who is playing protection for example, I’m happy to let him use an an extra copy instead of me - he may end up taking a bigger hit from me instead.
  5. Yes, I can’t see an advantage to only playing a single card a turn rather than playing the best turn with the cards you have. The only disadvantage to cycling through your deck is having an extra encounter card. If you don’t maximise your card play, the Villain will play many many more additional cards over time compared to your out put, which seems objectively worse. If the Villain deck cycles, that adds an encounter every turn which is generally going to be a lot worse.
  6. A single core set comes with a full play set of cards. It’s enough cards for a single player to have max copies of everything. This does mean that you can only run 1 of each of the 4 aspects with a single set. There are also 4 of each neutral card (ie enough for each player to have one). I think unless you’re all die hard Deck builders that have to min max everything, 1 copy will be plenty...
  7. The upcoming products page is rarely accurate and should definitely not be used to judge whether products are delayed or not...
  8. I mean, it still seems a bit dramatic- the game isn’t even out yet. I predict a few more articles leading up to release and then at least 1 a month going forward to preview the upcoming pack. There’s very little to go on to indicate that they don’t intend to support this - the very fact they’ve announced things like the Wrecking Crew in the first 4 releases mean they’re not planning to just drop all the biggest names first thing and then have no where to go with it. This property is huge - the comics are long established and well loved, and the MCU means that some of the characters have incredible recognition even amongst people who have never seen one of the films or read a comic book. Marvel is a lot more popular than Star Wars right now - there’s no reason at all to believe that FFG aren’t going to support this game properly. I think all of the changes to the standard LCG model are designed to give the game additional longevity and mass appeal - - easier to pick up and play - stand alone hero packs and scenarios to encourage people to only buy what they want To me, these suggest they want (or expect) the game to have wider appeal than some of their other products, and are structuring it in a way that you could still buy into it in 5 years time without feeling like you have to buy everything to catch up.
  9. Yeah, I’m imagining holding cards to be extremely rare. The skill in this game it playing the cards you have optimally rather than managing your deck. Playing out your hand each turn looks to be pretty standard. Yes, there’s a penalty for going through your deck, but I’d argue that it’s not as large a penalty as holding back cards would be over multiple turns. Each turn you look at your hand and decide what to play, and what to use to pay. Use everything as efficiently as possible and get ready to go again.
  10. Thor protection? I’m not seeing that personally... - Ms Marvel - Protection - Thor - Aggression - Ghost Rider (?) - Justice
  11. I think the story in Champions represents a wide variety of locations - it’s not simply ‘here’s Rhino, fight him!’ I.e. like a 3 page comic spread, it’s a more involved story where they tussle, the Villain gets away, the hero tracks them down for a later confrontation, but Peter Parker can’t spend all his time as Spider-Man - he has to pay rent, visit his Aunt, maybe deal with a random Hydra Bomb threat or an attack from the Vulture, etc, etc... Its a comic arc, not one fight...
  12. I actually think a Rampaging Hulk might make for a better Scenario than a Hero. The MCU has popularised this view of Hulk as a hero, but in the comics there’s a reason he’s kicked out of the Avengers shortly after they were formed, and he rarely interacts as a traditional hero... What could be really cool would be two Hulk Scenarios - 1st Rampaging Hulk - Hulk is tearing up the area and the heroes have to intervene. Could flip the traditional Scenario on its head - the scheme is Hulks Rage and starts with lots of threat. He can’t win by scheming out (or perhaps he can, but it’s fairly high - needs to be some mechanics to prevent heroes stalling the game out on their alter ego side), but the heroes have to calm him down before he defeats them all. Perhaps mechanics where they have to deal him some damage before they can reduce the scheme below a certain threshold, but he’s essentially unkillable. Cards have him as a threat to minions and friends a like. Side schemes things like building collapses or other threats to life caused by his rampage. 2nd Scenario - World War Hulk - Hulk and Alien Gladiators are attacking Earth and the heroes have to fight them. If I were going to make a hero version, I’d probably keep it kind of simple and just expand on the ally card mechanics Thw: 0 Atk: 4 Def: 1 Ability - Rampage - after Hulk Attacks, discard the top card of his deck - Physical - deal 2 Damage to any target - Energy - deal 1 damage to all targets - Mental - remove 2 threat from 1 scheme - Wild - flip to Bruce Banner - you cannot flip again this turn. He could have a few Alter ego cards that specifically deal with threat, but mostly is just about piling the damage on I guess. Might be a bit too random / uncontrollable for some, but I think that’s the difficult balance to strike with a hero Hulk - representing that random nature without making it so the player has no agency...
  13. There’s always cycles, even if they aren’t as obvious - they have to be designing the pool of cards at the same time, and the printing contracts with their suppliers will be structured that way.
  14. This seems most likely to me, depending on what kind of content the story boxes end up giving us...
  15. The current release schedule is: core Scenario Hero Hero Scenario I’m willing to bet we’ll see 2 heroes between each scenario - it definitely makes sense for there to be 4 heroes (1 for each aspect) each cycle...
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