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  1. Been playing with two lists myself. List 1: VCX-100 "Chopper" - Dorsal Turret, Veteran Turret Gunner, Leia Organa, Kanan Jarrus, Tactical Scrambler A/SF-01 B-Wing Braylen Stramm - Jamming Beam A/SF-01 B-Wing Ten Numb - Jamming Beam List 2: VCX-100 Hera Syndula - Dorsal Turret, Veteran Turret Gunner, "Zeb" Orrelios, Shield Upgrade, "Ghost" Title Sheathipede-Class Shuttle AP-5 - "Phantom" Title RZ-1 A-Wing Jake Farrell - Crack Shot RZ-1 A-Wing Arvel Crynyd - Intimidation, Crack Shot First one is meant to play around removing and preventing Stress for the B-Wings and double tapping with the Ghost while providing some blocks for the sweet Jam tokens. The second one is all about blocking and blowing ships up. AP-5 is meant to stick to the back, coordinating while Jake does Jake things and Arvel just go BAZINGA range 0 pew pew.
  2. Do you really need Marksmanship on Maarek Stele? The Tie Advanced X1 has that Hit to Crit on Locked Targets already. And as mentioned, getting Bullseye can be problematic. I really prefer the Predator on him, for two rerolls without burning a Lock. I'd also prefer to move away from Swarm flying, thus I didn't pull more Tie/lns onto the board. I'd love to field a Suntir Fel, Vader and Stele together. But I don't have the Interceptor expansion. Yet. But for now, how about a: Darth Vader (Tie X1): Hate, Afterburners, Fire-Control System Howlrunner (Tie/LN): Outmaneuver "Scourge" Skutu (Tie/LN): Outmaneuver "Mauler" Mithel (Tie/LN): Outmaneuver Keeping the three ties together, using Vader to bite enemy?
  3. So I have learned to fly the swarm, more or less. My brothers fear it like fire and I had some success on a local tournament. And I wanted to move slightly towards learning to fly Aces. But with my limited ship list, I am slightly torn, what to actually field. I have currently access to 7 Tie/LN and 2 Tie Advanced X1. Which gave me this idea: Darth Vader (Tie Adv X1) - Afterburners, Fire-Control System (75 points) Marek Stele (Tie Adv X1) - Afterburners, Fire-Control System (54 points) "Scourge"Skutu (Tie/LN) - Predator (34 points) "Mauler" Mithel (Tie/LN) - Predator (34 points) I think that both "Scourge" and "Mauler" are too cheap to be a source of focused fire, if the enemy will have a choice to either focus on one of the Tie Adv X1s or the two Tie/LNs. Vader is super mobile and deadly. I am tempted to use the remaining 3 points to give him Hate for no bid, as I know a lot of the players in my area fly with 200 points. And I kind of learned to fly first with my swarm either way. Alternative would be to give the Tie/LNs Elusive instead of Predator and keep them as Range 1 pests to pew pew at the enemy. PS: I have access to cards that came in the Tie/LN, Rebel Y-Wing, Rebel X-Wing, Tie Advanced X1 and the Core Set only.
  4. Battle Meditation gives you two Actions for the price of one with this set up. And you cannot burn the Lock if you want to pass it over. I figured two Locks will be more reliable in terms of damage, if one needs to be burned for dice rerolls. It does put the list with Obi on a 4 point bid, so that's something.
  5. Played against a Decimator this week with two Inquisitors. Tie\ln Swarm poped this beast in two rounds without suffering much of return fire itself. It is a bit safer when facing Aces, I think. Being in the arc of 6 Tie\ln-s that all go shoot before you is not too fun. I would do a few things... Captain Oicunn (Decimator): Intimidation, Darth Vader, 0-0-0, Informant, Dauntless Inquisitor (Tie Advanced V1): Sense, Fire-Control System, Homing Missiles/Cluster Missiles Inquisitor (Tie Advanced V1): Sense, Fire-Control System, Homing Missiles/Cluster Missiles This gives you information about the whole 3 ace list, of what they are doing. You can react to it as you see fit and abuse that knowledge to avoid arcs with the V1s as well as line yourself for blocks with the Decimator. Concussion Missiles are risky, as you could potentially hit your Decimator and force him to reveal a card. I dropped Seventh Sister as she wasn't bringing anything useful to the table really. A bit of an overkill with Vader, 0-0-0 and Sister together on one ship. Especially one worth over 100 points. Those points can melt super fast and then you have to chase and be aggressive. For reference, Academy Pilot, Iden Versio, Del Meeko, Gideon Hask, Seyn Maranna and Howlrunner dealt 7 damage to the Decimator on turn one. 9 on turn two as I made it bump and not be able to take Reinforce. Player used Vader once. That is why I left out Tactical Scrambler from the build. 3 Agility is a lot on Inquisitors. If I were to field an Intimidation Blocker and Inquisitors, I would go with a 195 total: Captain Feroph (Tie Reaper): Intimidation, Darth Vader, 0-0-0 Inquisitor (Tie Advanced V1): Fire-Control System, Cluster Missiles Inquisitor (Tie Advanced V1): Fire-Control System, Cluster Missiles Inquisitor (Tie Advanced V1): Fire-Control System, Cluster Missiles
  6. Scum list would benefit from Dorsal Turrets over Ion ones. The spare points can be thrown into the M3A for Autoblasters, which gives you a 3 die Bullseye and if you flank the enemy cannot dodge crits. Also 2 points into the Y-Wings for Marksmanship, as it procs from both the Primary and Turret attacks. YASB 2.0 Scums
  7. How about: Obi-Wan Kenobi (Aethersprite): Battle Meditation, R4-P17, Afterburners Gold Squadron Trooper (Torrent): Concussion Missiles, Synchronized Console Gold Squadron Trooper (Torrent): Concussion Missiles, Synchronized Console Gold Squadron Trooper (Torrent): Concussion Missiles, Synchronized Console Gold Squadron Trooper (Torrent): Concussion Missiles, Synchronized Console Two torrents can take a Focus, two can Lock onto some targets. Obi-Wan moves and gives the locking ones Focuses. Now you have Focus on each Torrent as well as the ability to transfer or burn two Locks on two targets. I am just not certain about the Afterburners on Obi-Wan, as they seem somewhat redundant. The only real moment they shine, is when you pop a 4 or 5 U-Turn into Afterburners and Battle Meditation with R4-P17. It is a no bid though... Could use Luminara for some survivability for Torrents and a bit of a bid. Or Mace Windu? Luminara with this set up is 6 point Bid, Windu is a 4 point and Obi-Wan is a 0 point bid. I am leaning towards the Mirialan.
  8. With 2 X-Wings with Protons and 2 Y-Wings with Dorsal Double Tap, your per turn damage vs a Focused 3 Green Dice ship raises to aprox 3.5 and 4.7, if X-Wings fire off Protons. That is quite potent already. If you are dead set on 3 x X-Wing and 2 x A-Wing, I would use Outmanouver on the generic Green Squadron Pilots. Use X-Wings to joust and A-Wings to dodge and flank.
  9. 3 X-Wings and 2 Y-Wings drop a total of 13 attack dice at the enemy. A swarm of 6 Tie/ln drops 12 with rerolls on 6 of them. If both focus, Ties have an edge in damage per turn. Rebels win if they take target locks, but then they drop like flies due to no focus on defense. I didn't take into account Seyn Marana being just able to force you to take one card, regardless if shields. Or Gideon jumping to three dice if you are damaged. It is not a bad list. But I would still go with a 2 X-Wing and 2 Y-Wing setup with the Protons and Dorsal and Veteran Gunner. You have more attacks due to Y-Wing double tap, more attack dice and remove the Range 3 bonus when shooting rockets for four dice. Just more consistent damage.
  10. Hey there, been having some success with a Tie/ln swarm and was thinking of developing into the Republic area with a purchase of two Guardians sets. But first as always I am tinkering with the app to see what's what and how much I can fit. Here is my most recent idea. (43) Luminara Unduli [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (3) R3 Astromech (5) Sense (2) Synchronized Console Points: 53 (39) Barriss Offee [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (3) R3 Astromech (2) Synchronized Console Points: 44 (25) Gold Squadron Trooper [V-19 Torrent Starfighter] (6) Concussion Missiles (2) Synchronized Console Points: 33 (25) Gold Squadron Trooper [V-19 Torrent Starfighter] (6) Concussion Missiles (2) Synchronized Console Points: 33 (25) Gold Squadron Trooper [V-19 Torrent Starfighter] (6) Concussion Missiles (2) Synchronized Console Points: 33 Total points: 196 So yay or nay?
  11. If you want an ace Rebel list, try flying Wedge, Luke and Nora. Alternatively I would drop one X-Wing to fly 2xBlue Squadron Escort with Proton Torpedoes + R3 Astromech and 2xGrey Squadron Bomber with Dorsal + Veteran Turret Gunner. You lose three dice from one X-Wing but gain four from Y-Wing double tap and also four dice on range 3 on X-Wings in torpedoes. My swarm has Howlrunner (Swarm Tactics), Iden Versio, Gideon Hask (Crack Shot), Seyn Marana (Marksmanship), Del Meeko (Crack Shot) and an Academy Pilot. Full 200 points used, because bid is for aces. The two 5s can really surprise some players. I am currently 2:4 with it, but then again, I started last month.
  12. How would it work with say, Seyn Marana? Can you change the Crit result to a Hit before she decides to spend it?
  13. As the title says, when does "While a friendly ship at range 0-2 defends..." actually happen? After the Attacker rolls his dice? Or can the Defender roll his dice before Luminara decides to play with the Attack results? Or does it happen during the attack resolution phase?
  14. Tie/ln Swarm flies on Initiative 4-5. So take your poison. You have a lot of health and even more attack dice. Do you plan to fly it in a formation of x-wings and have the a-wings flank together? Or do you plan to spread out and fly them separately. Aces might be a big problem for you, due to the low initiative and their ability to dodge the bananas out of you. On the other hand, flying separately will spread out your arcs, but you will lose a lot of your focused oompf. If you take Lock, you lose your defence mods. If you take Focus, you lose rerolls on attack. While throwing 13 atack die at your enemy is cool, it's not really... Consistent without modifiers. And you lack bonus actions to really try to fly this like aces. I just did a test of your A- and X-Wings vs my Tie/ln on range two. Your averege damage vs one Tie/ln was almost 2.1. While my averege vs one X-Wing was 4.5 and vs an A-Wing almost 3. I did take into consideration Iden Versio's ability to prevent damage, bu I did not take into consideration Del Meeko's defence die rerolls. So it would be potentially even lower. A straight joust vs a Tie/ln Swarm might not be best. So... If you want to fly generics, I would spread them out and try to force flanks. Circle the enemy and force them to engage one side while you attack with the other. If he swaps sides, just do the same.
  15. Well since the topic is "Hyperspace legal"I avoided Extended ships. Also Clusters leave the Inquisitors without a 3 dice range 3 attack. They are my favourite missiles, but their Range 1-2 leaves you with just potshots at anything beyond. If we allow Lambda, then... Colonel Jendon (Lambda Shuttle) - Jamming Beam, Ciena Ree, ISB Slicer Inquisitor (Tie V1) - Supernatural Reflexes, Fire-Control System, Cluster Missiles Inquisitor (Tie V1) - Supernatural Reflexes, Fire-Control System, Cluster Missiles Seventh Sister (Tie V1) - Fire-Control System I would pick that myself. Gives Seventh Sister a lot of mobility with the Strain > Rotate. Jamming Beam with ISB Slicer makes the Shuttle into a bit of a hussle to focus, due to potential removal of a lot of Green and Lock tokens. Alternative: Colonel Jendon (Lambda Shuttle) - Jamming Beam, Ciena Ree, ISB Slicer, ST-231 Inquisitor (Tie V1) - Fire-Control System, Cluster Missiles Inquisitor (Tie V1) - Fire-Control System, Cluster Missiles Seventh Sister (Tie V1) - Sense, Fire-Control System, Concussion Missiles I very much prefer the Seventh Sister and a Jamming Shuttle.
  16. That is what they are flying right now: BABU Squadron so technically Crack Shot on Bs, Jake swapped for Arvel with Intimidation and Predator, Hull Upgrade on Braylen. 0 point bid. I just dislike how when you lose the U-Wing the whole list falls apart more or less.
  17. Bs can just Focus into failed or not Roll for Stress and Focus tokens. And sadly, what you said is true. Just checked and failing an Action does not trigger any effects from performing said Action.
  18. Captain Jonus (TIE/Bomber): Diamond-Boron Missiles, Proximity Mines, Skilled Bombardier, Munitions Failsafe Scimitar Squadron Pilot (TIE/Bomber): Concussion Missiles, Seismic Charges, Skilled bombardier, Munitions Failsafe Scimitar Squadron Pilot (TIE/Bomber): Concussion Missiles, Seismic Charges, Skilled bombardier, Munitions Failsafe Soontir Fel (TIE/Interceptor): Predator, Targeting Computer My go to fun squad. Jonus fires before the other two Bombers and can be devastating against swarms as well as clusters. I flown this a few times on a loan, not owning the ships myself. If the enemy tries to catch Soontir, bombers have free reign on their rockets and primary. If they focus on the bombers, they can disengage with Proximity Mines and Seismic Charges while Soontir lines up a trippe modded shot (lock, focus and predator).
  19. A slow approach to combat might be the way to go, true... Just strange to consider such, with ships as mobile as the Advanced V1. Not having shields does open it for the Rocket strike, especially Concussions.
  20. So I am trying to make use of the B-Wings. Team from my city is flying them with a U-Wing and an A-Wing all together. But I am honestly not too fond of that set up. I have been attempting to create something new, but with a similar feel and came up with the idea, to tinker with the VCX-100. I like the idea of this hulking no fun zone, that this ship creates in front of itself. But since I am not too advanced in terms of synergy and stuff, I came here to clear my doubts up. Idea 1: VCX-100 "Chopper" - Leia Organa, Kanan Jarrus, Dorsal Turret, Veteran Turret Gunner B-Wing Braylen Stramm - Marksmanship B-Wing Ten Numb - Marksmanship YASB Idea 1 Idea 2: U-Wing Cassian Andor - Leia Organa A-Wing Jake Farrell - Composure, Predator B-Wing Braylen Stramm - Marksmanship B-Wing Ten Numb - Marksmanship YASB Idea 2 Both lists have means to deal with the Stress token on Braylen, with the second one being more free in the way it executes maneuvers. I just like the devastating double tap of Ghost with the 0-2 zone of double Jam tokens from Chopper on every enemy. What do you think of this approach? Also a rules question. Jake Farrell has a "After you perform Roll or Boost, give a ship in range 0-1 a focus action". If he fails at the boost, can he give a ship in range 1 a Focus Action and perform one himself from Composure, if he hasn't done one this turn yet?
  21. That ship has every normal maneuver but the 1 Straight. That list is also an 18 point bid, that is high... Regardless, I am not too fond of Nantex. It has 3 Agility and almost 100% 3 attack dice coverage with its Pinpoint Tractor Array and Ensnare. So anything in range 1 will eat a Tractor Token, making Nantex escape arc with two barell rolls quite easily. And then eat a 3 dice turret shot. Quite pesky... EDIT: The only downside of Nantex I could think of, is the fact, it can only do a turn around with a 5 Straight or a 3 Bank. But it could also just make a Bank or Hard and spin the turret to force you out of arc either way. Those peskies contend the spot of Asteroid Field Kings with Inquisitors right now. A squad quite similar to the one above but with Sun Fac, Chertek and an Arena Ace all with Ensnare and Gravitic Deflection utterly dominated a local tournament. The only problem it had was with a squad based around a Lando Calrisian Falcon, which wasn't so easy to tractor.
  22. He can only replenish Charges on Talents. Which for now are Crack Shot, Elusive and Lone Wolf. With the last one replenishing on its own. Maybe an Afterburner, Crack Shot and Proton Rockets Tomax Bren? He can reload both at once and both work off of bullseye. 50 points total.
  23. Been bored and decided to make use of a bomber... Becuase bombs are cool and they go boom. Darth Vader (Tie Adv X1) - Sense, Fire Control System, Afterburners Grand Inquisitor (Tie Adv V1) - Sense, Fire Control System Tomax Bren (Tie Bomber) - Elusive, Diamond-Boron Missiles, Proximity Mines, Skilled Bombardier, Afterburners Technically you have a bunch of 3 Agility dice ships that can reposition a lot. Tomax Bren can use his talent to reload Elusive charge. Sense leaves a lot of "can't catch this" potential, even if you are going second. And I really like the idea of having the disengagement potential on the bomber with the mines.
  24. With those three ships, I would do a little change. Vader - Concussion, FCS and Afterburners Stele - Marksmanship, FCS and Afterburners Grand Inquisitor - Brilliant Evasion, FCS and Concussions You could drop the missiles to Clusters and grab Hate on Vader for 200 points total. YASB 2.0
  25. This made me tempted to try the following: Seventh Sister - Hate + FCS Inquisitor -SNR + FCS + Homing Inquisitor -SNR + FCS + Homing Vizier - Ciena Ree Ciena Ree can make the Inquisitors and Sister that much more unpredictible in their movement and swapping targets they chase. Alternatively drop Ciena Ree for Concussions on Inquisitors and Sense on Sister.
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