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  1. Well, I have no idea how it will fly, as I don't own the ships yet. I am talking with my cousin to test it. He is like... More into the game and for much longer. Will be going to USA for the tournament there. But I digress. My other idea, was to roll this: TIE Advanced/V1 - Inquisitor: Brilliant Evasion, Fire Control System, Cluster Missiles (45 points total, 2 for half) TIE Advanced/V1 - Inquisitor: Brilliant Evasion, Fire Control System, Cluster Missiles (45 points total, 2 for half) TIE Advanced/V1 - Inquisitor: Brilliant Evasion, Fire Control System, Cluster Missiles (45 points total, 2 for half) TIE Reaper - Major Vermeil: Predator/Outmaneuver, ISB Slicer, Agent Kallus (59/63 points total, 4 for half) The way I think it would work, is that Inquisitors can compete for the center of the board with Vermeil hugging the border. He can either turn to engage Aces trying to fight the Inquisitors or present himself as a target for a trap. With Predator you have a 6 points bid, with Outmaneuver a 2 point one. It is not much, but something. You can drop Jam to trigger Major Vermeil and have the ISB Slicer potentially keep it for the next turn. YASB 2.0 It is just my wild theorycrafting, as this is how I learn a system. My experience so far is mostly Gold Squadron Podcast and my own Tie/ln swarm flying. EDIT: For Aces dodging arcs, I guess you could substitute one Cluster Missiles for Ion Missiles? And hopefully have them forced into a 1 Straight on the following turn.
  2. I have been thinking of this list. But then... I am a starting player so I have no idea if it has potantial. TIE Reaper - Captain Feroph: Darth Vader, 0-0-0, Intimidation (69 points, 4 damage for half) Tie Advanced/V1 - Inquisitor: Instinctive Aim, Cluster Missiles, Fire Control System (43 points, 2 damage for half) Tie Advanced/V1 - Inquisitor: Instinctive Aim, Cluster Missiles, Fire Control System (43 points, 2 damage for half) Tie Advanced/V1 - Inquisitor: Instinctive Aim, Cluster Missiles, Fire Control System (43 points, 2 damage for half) Technically Inquisitors can throw lots of attacks against both Swarms and bundling together aces, but even a single target can take a lot of pain from them. Thanks to Instinctive Aim they are not limited to following the locked target, although it limits their Force usage, if you do swap targets. Alternatively you could drop Intimidation and swap Fire Control System for Passive Sensors, saving Force for avoiding damage. You could drop the 2 point bid for Tactical Scrambler on the TIE Reaper, as it already wants to bump into things and be in the face as much as possible. EDIT: a few typos EDIT 2: YASB 2.0
  3. As far as I know, yes. Nien Nunb is a passive, that makes all your banks blue. And Hera checks for blue after revealing the dial. So I would say it does. I think even Seasoned Navigator would work. As you could set a Straight 1, then use Navigator to set it to Left Bank 1 which becomes red and then swap it with Hera to set it to any other red you have.
  4. Another alternative I found, going with higher Initiative to bump into enemies: Hera Syndulla - Intimidation, Baze Malbus, "Zeb"Orrelios, "Ghost" Fenn Rau - R4 Astromech Wedge Antilles - Ion Torpedoes, Munitions Failsafe And that leaves you with 4 points bid for something or just empty. YASB 2.0
  5. That is true. But Herra can perform an action from Coordination from the Sheathipede and then move. Jake Farrell can also pass on a Focus, if he is close. Saw Garrerra is a 4 point over the limit in a straight exchange and I kind of fail to find the points anywhere... Maybe skipping on Intimidation? An alternate to Informant would be Nien Nunb which is just amazing on Herra. Or an option would also be to field a duo of Baze Malbus and "Zeb" Orrelios and have Farrell trigger the red Focus on Syndula during engagement. Would require a very bundled up flying, but then Jake can Barrell Roll for a Focus for himself then Boost closer to Herra for a Focus for her.
  6. Hi there! I've been looking through the Wave Five ships and decided to start tinkering with a VCX-100 build. At first I had the approach of a cruising YT-1300 style... But then I tinkered a bit more and came up with this hilarious "Not one step backwards!" list. And I decided to ask people here to see, what they think of it, as I myself am a very rookie player. VCX-100 Herra Syndula - Intimidation, Informant, "Zeb" Orrelios, Dorsal Turret, Veteran Turret Gunner, Ghost Title Sheathipede-Class Shuttle AP-5 - Lando Calrisian RZ-1 A-Wing Jake Farrell RZ-1 A-Wing Arvel Crynd - Intimidation My idea was to have Herra and Arvel be the blockers while Jake flies around and flanks and the Sheathipede hangs behind the Ghost and does some coordinate and pew pew. With Intimidation on Syndula and Arvel, you can strip some of those defence dice from the pesky aces as well as easily break up swarm formations, if your enemy is not prepared. Informant and "Zeb" Orrelios allow you to lock onto an ace and keep yourself on its tail. Or do some clever arc dodges with Syndula's ability. Lando Calrisian's action gives your Sheathipede a bit of survivability, so it can be a nuisance for longer. I am curious what do people think. Would it work? Or is the VCX-100 too squishy to be so reckless in pushing it in the face of enemies? YASB 2.0 link
  7. My idea was, to have B-Wings do a Focus + Barrel Roll while Dutch provides them with a Lock. The Fire Control System lets you reroll one Attack Die on a target you have a Lock on, so you can potentially keep the Stress token for defense, in case you need it. If not, you get just more rerolls. Crack Shot on B-Wings is not a bad idea, although I am going to test it out first, to see what feels better for me. I just like the idea, that Marksmanship will work the entire match, not just a one use thing. I am thinking of what to take on A-Wing, haven't decided yet. Crack Shot and Marksmanship sound interesting. Especially with the A-Wings mobility and maneuverability. Getting those Bullseyes should be easier.
  8. Hey, I come to you for some help. I recently inished planning my six Tie/ln swarm idea and almost assembled the required ships. Now I am looking for a Rebel squadron with a more or less similar idea to a semi swarm. The idea is, to have a rather maneuverable set of four ships, that can lock an enemy in place with Ion Tokens and rain death and destruction on them. Here is what I have came up with so far: Braylen Stramm (51) Ship total: 53 - Fire-Control System (2) Ten Numb (48) Ship total: 50 - Fire-Control System (2) "Dutch" Vander (40) Ship total: 55 - Ion Cannon Turret (5) - R4 Astromech (2) - Veteran Turret Gunner (8) Jake Farrell (36) Ship total: 40 - Ion Missiles (4) Total: 198 YASB 2.0 Idea is, to have the Y-Wing and A-Wing try to make some Ion Tokens stick on a target, then use the B-Wings and their epic maneuverability to finish off the target. "Dutch" can gift Locks to B-Wings for their Sensor rerolls and Jake can grant Focus to Y-Wing. Tactics would be to fly the ships close to each other, to tap into their strengths best. Y-Wing with R4 can easily drop Stress from Barrel Rolls. My only modification idea, would be to drop Ion Turret and VT Gunner for Ion Torpedoes on Y-Wing and equip both B-Wings with Marskmanship/Crack Shot, leaning towards Marksmanship as it can lead to some easy Bulls Eye followup on Ionized enemy for a double tap. YASB 2.0 without Turret EDIT: All ships are Initiative 4, so you have full freedom how to fly and in what order to attack. So you can pick targets accordingly, based on who/if enemy gets hit with Ions.
  9. Another question about Linked Actions. If a Ship like Tie/Adv X1 has a White Focus > Red Barrel Roll and the Expert Handling tallent equiped, does the linked Barrel Roll become White?
  10. We moved to up to 200 points battles. But thank you for the information. I am gathering some additional models from some friends that moved to other factions. So we can do a proper Tie Swarm game. The plan was: Howlrunner - Swarm Tactics Iden Versio Del Meeko Gideon Hask Seyn Marana - Marksmanship Academy Pilot YASB 2.0 I am tinkering with something for Rebels, having three X-Wings and a Y-Wing to play with. Wedge is quite nasty, especially if you slot Cluster Missiles on him against the swarm. (Edit: which you cannot do, as T-65s have only a torpedo slot...)
  11. We had a fight yesterday with those squadrons: Rebels: Wedge Antilles (R2 Astro), Luke Skywalker (R2-D2, Proton Torps, Instinctive Aim) and Norra Wexley (Ion Turret, Vet Turret gunner, Expert Handling) for 196 total Empire: Maarek Stele (Cluster Missiles, FC System), Howlrunner (Elusive), Iden Versio, Del Meeko, Seyn Marana (Marksmanship) for 197 total. I must say, if not for a super lucky Proton Torpedo shot from Luke into Tie/Adv followed with double tap with Primary and Turret from Norra at the very begining, I think Imperials would have won. As it stood, Rebels survived with Wedge on 1 Hull and Luke on 2. If all goes well, today we are swapping sides for a rematch.
  12. So... If a B-Wing performed a Red Manouver and is now Stressed, she can only perform the Focus Action, but not the Red Barrel Roll, due to it being red?
  13. Hey there, fellow X-Wing Fliers! I have this hopefully simple question, regarding when a ship can perform a Linked Action. I am a new player, so perhaps this is the source of my confusion. But as far as I know, a ship can perform a Linked Action, when they perform the first action and then perform the linked action right afterwards. Where my confusion starts is... Examples perhaps. If a friendly Ship performs Coordinate on Darth Vader and he uses it to perform a Focus Action, can he then perform the linked red Barrel Roll? Another example that confuses me, is when a pilot card calls out a specific action granted to nearby ships, like pilot Jake Farrell in A-Wing. The card text says "That ship may perform a Focus Action.", but can that ship use the Focus Action to link into another action as per the target ship's pilot card? I am mostly asking, because I am tinkering with the B-Wings and A-Wings and was curious, if when flying the A-Wing with Jake Farrell and granting a Focus to the B-Wings, can they also perform the red Barrell Roll or not?
  14. The thing is, I don't need it to be competitive. I just want a more or less balanced encounter between Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance with the ships I have. Which currently consists of 5xTie/ln and 1xTie/Advanced x1 as well as 3xX-Wing T-65 and 1xY-Wing BTL-A4. My brother is planning to dive into the Scums, but for now its all we have to play with. Available Rebel Pilots I have are: T-65 Luke Skywalker Jek Porkins Red Squadron Veteran Blue Squadron Escort Wedge Antilles Thane Kyrell Garven Dreis Biggs Darklighter BTL-A4 Horton Salm Norra Wexley "Dutch" Vander Evaan Verlaine Gold Squadron Veteran Grey Squadron Bomber Tie/ln Iden Versio Valen Rudor "Night Beast" "Howlrunner" "Mauler" Mithel Gideon Hask "Scourge" Skutu Seyn Marana Del Meeko "Wampa" Black Squadron Ace Obsidian Squadron Pilot Academy Pilot Tie/Advanced x1 Darth Vader Maarek Stele Ved Foslo Zertik Strom Storm Squadron Ace Tempest Squadron Pilot That's all I have to play with. So far we have been flying a 100 points teams with 2xT-65 vs 2xTie/ln + 1xTie/Adv. But sadly whoever is flying the T-65s is just demolishing the Ties... The shields and hull points are too much for the ties to munch through fast enough. The lock action on a tie is almost always a "bye bye you squishy bastard" scenario. The best we managed to do with Ties, was to drop one X-Wing to 2 Hull points. The other remains with full HP.
  15. What would you say, for a 5 x Tie/LN (199 points total) squadron with: Howlrunner: Elusive + Shield Upgrade (51 points) Del Meeko: Elusive + Shield Upgrade (41 points) Iden Version: Elusive (43 points) Gideon Hask: Elusive (33 points) Seyn Marana: Marksmanship (31 points) Stick in formation for the first engagement, Howlrunner in the middle. Idea is to set up Seyn and Iden in the front row, then Gideon, Howlrunner and Del in the second one. If you space the ships properly, you can execute every manouver on the Tie Dial without bumping, while maintaining formation for Howlrunner, Iden Versio and surely Del Meeko. I put Shields on Howlrunner and Del Meeko because I find their abilities the most useful for the squadron overall. Seyn Marana has Marksmanship for a higher chance to force that precious damage card on a baddie, activating the other skills. Howlrunner is Pilot Skill 5, so he is kept in the second row, to prevent fuss with maneuvers. The only problem I can think of, is not being able to stack damage cards on ships with shields.
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