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  1. I feel like the LAAT/i will open up a new breed of swarms. Two of the gunships with a flock of Torrents. Rerolls and Focuses all around. Take the Gunship that can keep ships till the end of Engagement Phase, even if they die. Equip Torrents with Proton Rockets. Go joust. You will be able to probably squeeze a LAAT/i and five or six Torrents with some form of a missile.
  2. Schanez

    RZ-1 A-wing

    I am quite curious, how the upcoming Missiles will change and affect the RZ-1. The CIS Tri-Fighter has the XX-23 S-Thread Tracers in it probably. And if the effect is anything similar to what I found from 1.0 Edition, it will let you pop Rockets into an enemy to give your friendlies Locks on them. RZ-1s can suddenly become quite cheap Missile Carriers. You can move, Focus > Boost and then wait for your Ace to mark the enemy with Tracers. You can use Focus on Defence and still have the Lock to attack with Missiles. Then again, I don't think Rebels have any good Ace at I5 or higher that can carry missiles, but that might change in the Phoenix Squadron Pack, which I assume it will. For an Aces-Only ship which it was in the lore, it severely lacks Aces. Jake is cool and all, but he is just good, not acey.
  3. An important piece of this cannon is also the fact, it has a full front arc. I know, I know... Mentioned before a few times. But... It means, it will work with a couple more talents, that the HLC does not. Outmaneuver for one. It's not much, but still something. That is why I think, we are looking at 5-6 points. HLC is a die more, which is massive, but is limited by the Bullseye Arc. On the other hand it can fit on a lot of small ships, which can aim the arc without many problems.
  4. I am curious if the Tracer Thread missiles will work as in 1.0, as in friendlies can get locks on the Defender. Otherwise getting Locks on the Bruts will be difficult, unless it has a sensor slot, which I doubt. I don't think there was a sensor card on the promo pictures.
  5. For some reason the Transport is listed as 2 Cannon on the wiki. My bad. I seriously don't think it will be 8. I would say equal to HLC is decent for what it does.
  6. Schanez

    RZ-1 A-wing

    Well you can reroll a die only once. So either Heroic or this. And yes, it might be powerful, but the 5 RZ-2 already struggle for points, so I do not think they would roll with another talent, unless you want to downgrade the list to 4 RZ-2. It would also not work with the rear arc, which again would not benefit the RZ-2. It was honestly just a random idea, not really thought through. Just something with the A=Wing keyword to work for the RZ-1 better than the RZ-2.
  7. Okay so I did a double check. So far all the ships, that can take SLC are: B-Wing (no Calculate on action bar) Resistance Transport (no Calclate on action bar) Aggressor Assault Fighter (has Calculate on action bar) Tie/RB (Calculate on Config) HMP Gunship (Calculate on action bar) B-Wing has access to Calculate through Passive Sensors or through a friendly Crew Carrier with K-2S0. Does not gain anything by using Passive Sensors, as it would shoot a 3 Dice without ability to mod to use the Cannon Ability vs the Primary 3 Dice with a Focus. Resistance Transport I cannot speak of, as I have little to no experience with Resistance. Someone will have to look into that. Aggressor Assault Fighter seems like the best candidate for the cannon, flying an IG88-B will let you pew pew 3 Dice Primary and if that misses repeat with a 3 Dice cannon attack. Although I still think the ships will do better with Autoblasters at Range 1, instead of SLC at Range 3. Tie/RB clearly has the Configs made for the use of SLC and I expect the ship to do well as a long range artillery piece. Same for HMP Gunship, but I have to say this one is more suited for the Multi Missile Pods than cannons. They can either get a Calculate to use the Cannon or Lock to double tap. If they take lock, its just a 3 Dice unmodded shot. Considering B-Wings are more of a Range 1 bullies, I would not consider this a massive problem. HLC is much better on them for this purpose, as they can Roll > Lock to aim the Bullseye for the double tap.
  8. That is why I price it at the level of Heavy Laser Cannon, or a point less. HLC is 4 Dice Bullseye. Deadly on some ships. Especially since so many Small Base Aces can take it. SLC is a Mediud/Large Base cannon. I do not think there is any small ship that has double cannons, who can seriously benefit from this. Maybe the B-Wings, but that's mostly due to the full arc 3 Dice. But they have no access to Calculate Tokens, other than some K-2S0 shenanigans. Because taking Passive Sensors on them is just straight out stupid.
  9. But I believe it is just additional cost the Tie/RB has to pay for double modding the shot. And considering the cannon is not limited to the Tie/RB, we have to consider other ships using it as well. Making it 4 points prevents 3 IG Droids with IG-2000 and those beauties.
  10. Barrage Rockets let you reroll dice if you fly well. And this massively increases their value. The cannon prevents the use of an agility die if you have access to calculate tokens. I would say its a much worse scenario. The cannon is a worse version of Barrage Rockets, however you look at it. Both are 3 Dice attack. Both are Range 2-3. Rockets prevent Range Bonus as a given. Cannon needs to have a Calculate Token after modifying dice to prevent it. Rockets allow you to spend a Charge to reroll a die, without a limit how many you spend at once. Cannon has no build in reroll. That is why I think, 8 or even 7 points is just straight out overpriced into never being used. I would price it at 4 tops.
  11. Schanez

    RZ-1 A-wing

    This is the problem with the RZ-1 right here. Jake will be amazing with the Dead-Eye/Marksmanship in my opinion. I flawn him a bit and his two die fails to matter a lot of the time, but if you can aim the bullseye with a Roll>Focus>Boost and still get two hits while using the Dead-Eye, its gonna be much more potent. But Jake never struggled to do well. Same for Arvel. The problem is the generics area, which has no serious place in the game. I would really like to see a Talent using the A-Wing as requirement and working with only the front arc. RZ-2s can use it, but not with their rear arc. And RZ-1s will just be able to constantly benefit from it. Maybe something like "If you perform a V-Arc Primary Attack and you are Focused, you can reroll one attack die." It would help with the poor offensive capabilities of the RZ-1 in my opinion. Phoenix Squadron is 29 points. Baron of the Empire is 28 points. Has in my opinion a better dial and better action economy in my opinion, as it can both Roll and Boost into a Focus. Not to mention it is also I3 instead of the I1. Take 6 Barons with Crack Shots and FCS and they will eat alive the 6 Phoenix Squadrons with Crack shots and whatever you decide to put on them more. Not to mention you cannot even field 6 Greens with Crack Shot anymore. Phoenix should be 27 and Green should be 28 or 29 in my honest opinion. The ship ability is cool... But not really. Not on the low Initiative ones at least. If they had the Tie Interceptor ability, able to choose between Roll and Boost, that's another story entirely. EDIT: The new talent should be valued based on initiative, because its a Front Arc reroll, which is much better than Predator, not to mention Heroic. But its straight out worse than Heroic. But then again, higher initiative pilots will have it easier to trigger it, as they will have a higher chance to shoot first.
  12. That 1 damage is usually a fourth of his health pool and you have a guarantee of knowing where he will be next turn, making followup killbox childs play. Ion Cannons and Ion Cannon Turrets are extremely powerful tools. I honestly think they should have a 2^ Charge mechanic, where you need to spend both to pew pew with them. "Broadside can just circle and enemy and reliably Ion them with just a Focus Token turn after turn. With just a Focus at Range 1 against 2 Agility with Focus you have only 10% chance of dealing one hit and a 2% chance of blanking out. I epxect the SLC to be 3 or 4 points. Its worse than HLC in my opinion, in that it works in Ranges 2 and 3 only, it takes two cannon slots and its special ability is diffcult to trigger on most ships.
  13. I can see a few potential builds for this ship. While it is a Medium Base bully with not such a great dial, the Configs sure make up for this somewhat. "Rampage" with Maneuver-Assist, Synced Laser Cannons/Ion Cannon seems a solid build. Onyx Squadron Sentry with Target-Assist, Synced Laser Cannons, Intimidate seems like a Fly-Close to Rotate+Calculate kind of a thing. If they bump, cool. If they don't pew pew. Spam of Carida Academy Cadets with Target-Assist and Synced Laser Cannons seems like the worst CIS Drones nightmare. Lots of health, no Range 3 bonus usally and Lock + Calculate. Suppresive Gunner also seems like a decent upgrade for this ship, as lore wise it had a Pilot and a Gunner for crew. All depends on the cost of all those upgrades. I don't expect Synced Laser Cannons to be more than 3-4 points, as they eat both slots and are just a 3 Die Range 2-3 Cannon. Their ability requires Calculate as well, which is not that common, outside of the IG Droids. I hope the Configs will be a 0 cost upgrade, although I expect them not to be. I hope "Rampage" with the Maneuver-Assist and Cannon will be able to fi within 40-45 points. Otherwise its just a big Crit sponge worth a bunch of points. Overall the ships seem like an amazing Range 3 bully. But unless they have a Sensor Slot for Passives, I do not expect the Generics to be overly powerful against Aces. Other Swarms though... Those 2 Calculates will be deadly.
  14. Imean... I think I would rather fly this instead. Baron of the Empire: Crack Shot Baron of the Empire: Crack Shot Baron of the Empire: Crack Shot Baron of the Empire: Crack Shot Baron of the Empire: Crack Shot "Duchess": Lone Wol/Oumaneuver Or alternatively... Captain Oicunn: Intimidation, Dauntless Baron of the Empire: Ion Missiles Baron of the Empire: Ion Missiles Baron of the Empire Baron of the Empire
  15. Leia + K-2S0, Luke, Thane + R4 is the standard 3xI5 with double mods each list nowdays. I also slap Luke with Heightened Perception for no bid, but that is just my thing to grab. I like to have the option to engage at I7 if it can change something.
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