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  1. Just to be clear, I didn't say there wasn't enough to meet (customers) demand. I said that not all resellers are going to get the full quantity they ordered on day 1. So, for example, if a fictional company had sold 20 units on pre-order but had ordered 100 from the distributor to cover pre-orders and a few months of stock, they may only get an allocation of 80 units. Not everything they asked for, but more than enough to cover the pre-orders and post release sales. Resellers often order more than they need, sometimes because they've been stung by allocations before, so over order in anticipation that they'll get less than they ordered because of allocations, which in turn causes allocations!
  2. The release from Asmodee also said they were out of stock and "allocations apply". So until they announce what the allocations are none of the UK resellers will know how many of the ones they have ordered they will actually receive, so if it's a low allocation some may not be able to fulfil the orders they already have. I would suggest waiting until early next week (when we'll find out what the allocations are), then ask your preferred supplier(s) if they have any spare stock or not before placing an order.
  3. One? Apparently you've never met FFG before. 🤣 Their release dates are notoriously bad. I remember back in the day when I was playing x-wing 1st edition, they always used to have a new wave of ships announced ready for xmas - and then they always seemed to arrive in Jan/Feb... But I guess when everything's coming on a slow boat from China, and you have multiple customs to deal with, getting an accurate delivery time can be tricky... and even worse if you want a global release.
  4. Can you let me know where that quote came from? I've searched around and I can only find posts quoting that statement, but not the actual statement itself. If FFG are releasing statements through a particular channel, it would be useful too know what the channel was so we can monitor it rather than having to search around all over the place... thanks.
  5. ah, ok, a US retailer - never heard of them. That makes more sense the UK based MM I was thinking of!
  6. ok, I have to ask, who is MM? And who said they are shipping stuff?
  7. ah, so a one off then. no good for the rest of us. 🙁 But you're original point is still valid. There are plenty of online retailers that sell well below the retail price.
  8. Yes, that is somewhat impressive given that most retailers are out of stock, and those that do have stock have put their price up because they know no-one else has stock, and those that don't have stock have put their price up to avoid getting lumbered with too many backorders on an item that may be out of stock for some time. Also, even when they were in stock they were still around the £127-£140 mark . At £116 including delivery that's barely above cost price - So would love to know where you got that!
  9. As well as looking at the cost over time, you can also looks at it from the point of view of time spent on the hobby. We had a comment recently from one of the wives that £80 was a "stupid" amount of money for a board game. ok, but the game takes an average of 4 hours for 4 players per play. And we've played the game at least 10 times so far. So we've kept 4 adults entertained for 40+ hours for £80 (so 50p per adult per hour). How many hobbies / activities can you list that cost less than 50p per person per hour (or £2.00 per person for 4 hours of an evening)? Cinema - £12+ per person... Pub - well beers are £4/each, so £16 for 4 people if you only have one beer each (hah!)... Most sports (for you) will have fees for using the court / field / track whatever... most sporting events cost £££'s to go and watch... seriously, what can you do for £2.00 these days? And hey, when we get bored of it, it'll go on ebay and someone will buy for probably £60... So now it only cost us £20 to entertain 4 adults for 40+ hours. Of course with miniature games they keep releasing new stuff that you need to buy (good for them as it's a constant stream of cash, good for us as it stops the games getting stale and increases the usage we get out of the rest of the fleet/army). But even then, when you compare the cost for the amount of time you are entertained for it's still cheaper than a lot of other activities... And if you explain it to the other half correctly, many of them will see it's cheaper and more palatable than some of the alternatives. Would they prefer you were "playing spaceships" on the dining room table with your mates (where they can keep an eye on you) - or out drinking with the same mates down the pub (where you could be chatting up someone younger and hotter...)? It's all about perspective... 😁
  10. Unless you really think there will be a big currency issue before launch, buying this far in advance isn't necessarily the best idea. When the products are first announced retailers tend to stick near the RRP (in case there is a big shift in the price, and because they don't necessarily want a ton of pre-orders clogging up their system for the next 3-6 months), but as the release dates draw closer the retailers will start slashing their pre-release prices. So barring any currency disasters it's maybe best to wait for the retailers to start competing on price, rather than pick a single retailer that has "better" prices right now. If the announced cost price doesn't change then the above prices will look pretty normal, and certainly won't be the cheapest when the launch date gets closer.
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