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  1. @Zrob314 I did a little experimenting with Troll Slayer and Firedragon, I think that fits fairly well if not an exact copy of the right orange. @Atromix Yeah citadel does not have a lot of orange options. I've never used Vallejo paints but perhaps I'll give those a try. Thank you both for the tips.
  2. Getting a friend into Legion and I'll be helping him get started on painting his clones. He wants to paint them as 212th, but I don't use orange a whole lot though for my other painting projects. Anyone have some suggestions on what orange paints work well for 212th? I use Games Workshop's paints.
  3. I think the main difficulty of including Palatine in the Clone Wars is which side would he be on? He's the puppet master of the whole conflict, it doesn't really make sense to put him on the battlefield on either side. I agree that you can make up scenarios in the Galactic Civil War, but it's clear what side he's on there so that's not hard. Clone Wars, he's best left in the background.
  4. I disagree that the T-21 is useless. Will it replace the DLT across all squads? Of course not, it's more expensive and less reliable. But against armor and heavy cover, it's going to average getting more hits through thanks to the critical 2. I could see myself using one T-21 squad with recon intel deployed opposite a vehicle or a good heavy cover position on my opponent's side, have the T-21 help put more hits through dodge/heavy cover, or armor. For imps I'm more excited for the RT-97C. Don't give up the range 4 of the DLT, and a larger dice pool. Less consistency yes, and worse vs armor, but maybe better against light targets. Won't replace all my DLTs, it would be a real pain to grab 3-4 upgrade packs anyway, but I may try 1-2.
  5. For the most part I agree with your choices. I share your strong feelings on no jedi squads or larger vehicles in the game in particular. There's so many named jedi characters to choose from, why turn jedi into a massed unit that will make jedi look less elite than they should be. On large vehicles, I really enjoy the current scale of legion, how it feels like a mid-size skirmish, compared to 40k where you can bring a massive knight titan to pretty much any size game. Lots of very cool big vehicles in star wars, can't deny that, but keep the scale and balance where it is. Loads to focus on just keeping vehicles at the scale of AT-STs and smaller. Also I had never thought of clone medics, but that's pretty cool, and a nice way to diversify a choice every faction should have, but doesn't need to be a droid for everyone.
  6. Yeah bit more of a difficult choice for us imperial players, I'm not sure I'd take them on speeders. However, against CIS I will definetly be taking them, messing up their order chain will be real handy.
  7. If you really badly want a physical sheet with pts changes, it will take you all of two seconds to make a chart on any word processor considering there's not that many changes. It's really not a big deal, I'm just glad ffg is releasing an update for pts of older units/upgrades that could use a rebalance.
  8. Nice to see the formerly overpriced comms upgrades all coming down to a fair price. I could actually see myself using long range comms or comms jammers on my speeders on occasion, would still be cheaper than they used to be.
  9. Well considering the Resistance show is ending with season 2, there's a limited amount of content the show can add. After that season ends though and Rise of Skywalker is out we'll see though, maybe the combination of those two plus any books in that era will be enough. Completely agree though, round out the clone wars factions before starting new ones, and I'm glad to see it sounds like that's the direction ffg is going.
  10. If speeders want to be faster, yes they can go significantly faster but if they want to attack at all, they are going the same speed as tauntauns. Speeders get 2 speed 3 moves, then can attack with no aims or dodges. Tauntauns, on the other hand, get that same 2 speed 3 moves, 2 dodges, and a free attack action with sharpshooter. Granted speeders have the ability for a further move, and have range 3 over 2 but the comparison still isn't great. I don't think speeders need to be buffed to equal to tauntauns, I just think considering all the comparisons, they should not cost the same and speeders should get a pts decrease.
  11. I wouldn't say never, it's impossible to know what ffgs plans may be two-three years from now. The news that they aren't currently developing FO/Resistance does mean it's probably 2+ years off though given the time it takes to develop and playtest things.
  12. Yup bikes are cool but they really can't compare at all to tauntauns, I know their role isn't the same but for the same cost, they just can't compare at all. I'm reasonably optimistic their price may actually change, considering they were one of the very first units in the game to come out they could use a rebalance pts cost after loads of new stuff has come out. Lol, Bossk is just too fun not to use often. I have yet to face Tauntauns yet but he's frequently a staple in my list.
  13. I wouldn't take FFG's comments as "never" and more as "delayed". If they have no plans now, seems to me that likely means the next year or two the focus is going to be Clone Wars, and perhaps some new, unknown project. I imagine then at some point they will re-evaluate if there's enough material for FO/resistance, perhaps after more supporting material comes out for the new movies. That does all mean it's certainly a while off though, and personally I have to say I think it's far better for the game that FFG will focus on making CIS/Republic fully fledged factions before starting new ones.
  14. Looking real nice. I'm also thinking of going for an alternative scheme for shoretroopers, I am thinking a mix of greys and classifying them as marines/urban assault troops.
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