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  1. Wait, what? Are there more screws hidden under the engines? *looks at pic and its headline* Oh, yeah. 12 screws. Didn't see that sentence. 😑 Now the SSD is disassembled successfully. Thanks a bunch to you! Next step will be cleaning up all those mold lines and, after that, painting the beautiful monstrosity... 😙
  2. Okay, so far I managed to separate the big lower hull from the upper hull. After removing fifteen city blocks I'm stuck again now - I can't separate the the smaller lower hull containing the engine blocks from the upper hull. There seem to be more hooks holding that hull part in place which I can't access and therefore not open. Can someone please provide a photo showing the inner side of the upper hull with the hooks visible so I see where to go? Or how do I remove that hull part? Right now I've unscrewed 6 screws... are there anymore hidden somewhere?
  3. Don't worry about the watermarks. Your clip greatly helps understanding how to remove those covers. Many thanks! 👍 After I succeeded removing the first two covers I noticed that there are hooks at the shorter sides of the covers holding them in place. Basically you need to cut off those hooks to loosen and remove those covers. So I think it's enough to only cut into the gaps at the shorter sides. No need to possibly damage your precious model.
  4. @fistfulofforce + Khyros: I tried to disassemble the super star destroyer as described by Khyros, but to no avail. The plates just don't want to come off. Before I accidentally damage my modell, can you explain the way you disassembled your modell in more detail?
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