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  1. Ah yes, you're right. I confused the red arc symbol with the bullseye symbol in the text, my fault. So the defender is at range 1 of the front arc while in the bullseye arc, too. Range does not matter for the bullseye arc, so the attacker gains +2 dice for his autoblaster attack. EDIT: Ninja'd. 😉
  2. Rules Reference page 5, "Attack Range" and "Attack Arc": Attack Range is measured between the closest points of the attacker and the defender inside the Attack Arc. The latter depends on the weapon used - in your example the autoblaster uses the bullseye arc, therefore the defender is at range 2. If you were to use the b-wing's primary weapon, you'd use the front arc and catch the defender at range 1.
  3. Ah, the update is out! Thanks! 👍 I just wanted to check whether or not the maneuvering works as intended and installed the new module (you remember?), making sure that both Vassal and Java are up to date. The content checker says the same. But... I can't spawn even a single ship. 😕 No matter if I use the YASB, the FFG or the internal squad builder. I followed the instructions provided by the X-wing module, but only a message "Attempt at spawning a list from a squad URL" appears, nothing else. When sending the squad to escrow, the spawn button is still greyed out. Is there a step-by-step manual explaining how to build and spawn a squad? Just wanting to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong... EDIT: Got it working! Seems the assets weren't processed completely after checking contents. So far, so good. However, my old issue with the turn and straight maneuvers not working still persists. Only moving manually works. Does anybody encounter the same? Anyone got an idea what to try?
  4. Is this topic still up to date? I still have lots and lots of pilot and upgrade cards (all german, by the way) to get rid of, as well as the cardboard ship bases and maneuver dials. If you're interested, I'll give you a link to my sales list.
  5. I hope so. This change doesn't make any sense to me as the Shield Upgrade is considered superior.
  6. They also increased the point cost for Agility 2 Hull Upgrade to 6 (previously 5) without highlighting the change. Sneaky pirates! It costs the same as the Agility 2 Shield Upgrade now. I wonder why this change was made...
  7. Looks like Luke Skywalker (X-Wing) didn't get his Light Side keyword...
  8. There aren't really any parts to buy... except for the standard E-wings themselves. As you can see in my previous post, the wings and the boxes are built from scratch, using plasticcard 1mm thick and some smaller plastic strips. Look for Evergreen Scale Models Strip Styrene. Those plastic strips are available in every possible size and thickness. Besides that, you need some Revell plastic glue, a steel ruler suited for cutting, a cutting mat and a good cutter. Here are some more pics of the conversion process: Prying off the engines. Cut off everything you want to rebuild. Playing plastic surgeon: A new nose and hips. Nose and side boxes finished. The new wings are attached, but details are still in progress. The finished conversion. Lasers and engines are being reused. The white parts are the scratchbuilt parts of the conversion. Sorry I can't provide better pictures as it is really difficult to take good photos of the whities.
  9. Finally I got the paintwork on my E-wing finished: Did I say E-wing? THREE Rogue Squad E-wings!
  10. This is strange. I've deleted and reinstalled the X-Wing module and verified everything through the content checker. Straights and banks are still not working, no matter which menu or which ship I use. If it works for you and other people, the issue seems to lie within my system. Do you have any idea what I could check to resolve that problem? I also play Armada on Vassal which runs just smoothly without any issues, so I don't think I missed any special prerequisites for Vassal. Compared to the Armada module I noticed that the X-Wing module seems to run rather slowly. For example, when I'm performing a bank maneuver the program takes about two seconds before finishing the maneuver. Is that the case for you, too?
  11. Great work, much appreciated! 👍 However, it seems some of the maneuvers can't be performed. The bank maneuvers work fine, but not the turns and straights, no matter when I select the maneuvers through the menu or use the shortcuts. Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug in the X-Wing module?
  12. No, I had that old (and faulty) version saved to my computer. That's why I was asking... 😉 Anyway, let's get back to topic.
  13. Uh, yeah. Seems FFG sneakily changed the list entry without changing date or version number...
  14. Wait, how do you even equip Amilyn Holdo to the Fireball? That ship doesn't have a crew slot according to the Resistance Point Costs and Upgrade Slotspread list.
  15. Not yet painted, but the conversion is finished.
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