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  1. The Kavilry (70) Ketsu Onyo [Lancer-class Pursuit Craft] (3) Shadow Caster (2) 4-LOM Points: 75 (64) Bossk [YV-666 Light Freighter] (1) Greedo (2) Qi'ra (2) Zuckuss Points: 69 (43) Kavil [BTL-A4 Y-wing] (8) Veteran Turret Gunner (3) Dorsal Turret (2) Expert Handling Points: 56 Total points: 200 Update to my list: Ketsu draws fire, as she tractors everyone. 4-lom allows her to stop them using a green token to avoid being tractored Kavil double taps opponents with veteran turret gunner. Wicked cheap. Bossk is the clean-up crew. Greedo kicks in bossk captain ability, Zuckuss forces them to reroll a defence dice. Qi'ra helps him to turn around.
  2. I call this list 'The Kavilry'. Prepare to be tractor-ed, double tapped and Bossk is the clean up crew. I have had huge success with this list so far, so much so that I actually had to fly a few other lists. Ill be taking this list to the extended nationals. Ketsu at range: Use 4-Lom to stop them using a green token for defense, to try get them tractor-ed and boost them into: Kavil: range 1-2 double tap Bossk at range 1: Either the opponent gives him a calculate (0-0-0) or they take a stress, if they take the stress then BT-1 triggers during an attack. Great for slowing the opponents turn around Ketsu Onyo (70) 4-LOM (2) Shadow Caster (3) Ship total: 75 Half Points: 38 Threshold: 5 Kavil (43) Dorsal Turret (3) Veteran Turret Gunner (8) Ship total: 54 Half Points: 27 Threshold: 4 Bossk (64) 0-0-0 (5) BT-1 (2) Ship total: 71 Half Points: 36 Threshold: 6 Total: 200
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