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  1. LMAO - the mere existence of brown people is propaganda to you racists isn't it? Hindu isn't a language, it's a religion (that Kamala isn't). Get off the internet for a bit and read a book my guy.
  2. Magneto & Venom 100% need to be player decks. They're both super popular and are firmly in hero territory now.
  3. The X-Men are coming. Disney owns the film rights to both X-Men and FF. The X-Men are in the latest video game, they are launching a widely marketed comic revamp with one of the biggest talents in comics right now, etc. It will be like they never left.
  4. 2-handed solo with Black Panther & Captain America. Have Cap tank & shield up while T'Challa builds Wakandan resources before activating his abilities. I love how instantaneous it is to look at the available heroes and see all the thematic teams.
  5. Reading Donny Cates Venom right now, and I could 100% go for a Venom hero deck w/ a Carnage nemesis to match. I feel like you could do a lot with the alter-ego mechanic as well. Having Venom feel like this thing you are weary of letting run rampant too long, maybe you lose some of your decision making ability if Venom "takes over".
  6. uh oh using the term "virtue signal" unironically looks like we got a live one boys also lol @ using the term "facts" when you keep pretending her book got cancelled
  7. i know you white internet dudes want so badly to believe ms marvel was cancelled because she's a brown girl but sorry bruh that aint it https://www.marvel.com/articles/comics/farewell-to-ms-marvel-an-open-letter-from-g-willow-wilson cry more 😂
  8. They will, it's just about hoping he comes out before his next movie which is still like 2 years away. The design possibilities are interesting, and maybe he has a meditate form / hero form. Build up spell counters as he meditates and then spend them when playing spell cards to boost them. Hopefully they know the horror direction the MCU is going and tap into his comics horror vibe to match:
  9. Great question - I think you are on the right track for a lot of it. With the MCU cracking open a lot of interesting characters, I think we're in for a lot of good stuff even if they base releases around movies/Disney+ shows. Black Widow is a shoe-in for Spring 2020. Hope we get art from that Waid/Samnee run. Strange's movie isn't out til 2021, so we'll likely see him & Wanda then. Shang-Chi is also 2021 but we could see him sooner. Hope they use a lot of that art from Hickman's Avengers run for his deck. Gwen & Miles also seem like good choices for early heroes. They also seem to bringing the Midnight Sons around, so I could see Blade & Ghost Rider in the works. The cover might also be a clear hint of what's to come - Zemo, Thanos, Vision, etc.
  10. Similar to gamergate - racist undersexed white boys who are upset that women and brown people started creating and buying comics/video games/etc
  11. Sorry for the DP, thought I'd be able to edit this into my previous post but this is beautiful. Making products for women & poc that make a billion dollars = pandering, forced diversity Making products for white dudes that make a billion dollars = art
  12. I love how sensitive Internet Men get when a woman shows up in a comic book movie. 20 movies of hunky dude dope fan service, Cap switching to a bicep curl to pull down a moving helicopter, Stark summoning 100 suits to fly around him, etc and everyone loves it. 1 fan service scene for women and they immediately get all in their feelings about it. And calling Hickman ditching LosH to do his dream X-Men project a cash grab 😂
  13. A truly inspired decision and shows they "get" what makes the Marvel universe so compelling. Pete's obligations to his family, T'Challa's to his country are what make those characters so interesting - far beyond just their powersets. I can't wait to see the kind of thematic depth they go into and how the story campaigns turn out.
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