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  1. Asmodee still hasn't charged my card, so I already know my Wasp deck is going to be late. *sigh*
  2. I can see the argument for either one. That sounds like a fabulous question for Caleb or Boggs to answer.
  3. I do not understand the mindset that goes with this. It literally has no bearing at all in my enjoyment of the game as a person who doesn't keep stats and more often than not hasn't been playing in expert if somebody else wants to keep a detailed log of every turn of every game they've ever played and plays on nothing but Heroic 3. If that's what they enjoy, that's what they enjoy. Same for people who only play through one level of villain, or house-rule stuff they don't like or is too hard as a newbie. Selfishly, I want to see more people playing the game so that I have a larger pool of people to play the game with. I mostly play solo, but I've really enjoyed the few times I've been able to play with a friend from work over lunch or during holiday parties at work. We also try to get other people at work to play with us, and if more than four other people want to try it out, we're fine with ourselves not playing and instead helping them learn the game. We're both just happy to get more people into it. The pandemic has severely limited this, though.
  4. Per the Kang instructions under "Joining Another Game Area" (pg 5): "Any side schemes that were in play in your previous game area become part of the game area that you join."
  5. I read this when you initially posted it and was irritated (what a bunch of d-bags) and a couple of days later it's still pissing me off. I'm not a fan of bullies in general, but gaming bullies REALLY get me hot under the collar. This is a hard enough hobby to get new people into because of the relative complexity of it, so when arrogant pricks attack people looking for tips on how to play something they're having a hard time with, it's like a giant blinking neon sign saying, "We don't want you here." 🤬
  6. I'd be very interested in seeing more cards from Scarlet Witch's deck. And Rocket's and Groot's decks.
  7. I'm on the reddit now as WastelandSniper1776. Happy to continue any conversations there!
  8. Dang, that sucks. While there's something to be said about big communities, I like the group here precisely because it has stayed small enough to not become toxic. Maybe we can do an FFG Forum MC Server on Discord.
  9. Learning how often your character is supposed to flip will help a lot. Certain characters like to flip as much as possible (She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel come to mind), but some like to sit in hero mode as long as possible (Captain America and Hulk). Every hero has a rhythm and once you figure out one, it's easier to figure out the rest. I'd suggest picking one character and playing it multiple times so you get to know its quirks and rhythm. The first time I played with a group, it was with the Captain Marvel pre-con and I did terrible. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why they decided her pre-con aspect should be Leadership. Now I feel like I can go back and do a much better job with that same deck. It just took some time.
  10. Her AE ability can functionally turn Riri into Clea with card draw. I think she'll be an auto-include for most Wasp decks for that reason alone.
  11. I like! I'm excited about the second Quincarrier. Also, The Power in All of Us is a nice basic resource addition that I hope we'll see more copies of in the future. And Ironheart is a super Maria Hill stand-in for solo players, especially if they aren't playing Leadership. As for Wasp signature cards, I really like her Ant-Man ally. It's interesting that she's flipped, compared to hero Ant-Man; she deals damage while tiny and thwarts while giant, but Ant-Man does the opposite. And it might seem odd, but I'm glad that she also has the Pym Particles resource cards. Looks like they were able to make her unique while still acknowledging that her abilities come from the same place as Ant-Man's. Now somebody needs to put me out of my misery and spoil the Scarlet Witch deck. Of the remaining hero packs she's the one I'm looking most forward to.
  12. I can definitely see the cost of Multiple Man being an issue, but I'm sure in the right deck build he sings. Especially if you're playing 2-hand solo or with other people and somebody is running an aggression build with Boot Camp (Wasp deck) and throws one down on you. As for Scarlet Witch, I love that she works that way. She's trying not to go to crazy with the powers on weaker villains, but on stronger villains she's like "Let's do this!"
  13. @FearLord So how do you rate ally Scarlet Witch and Multiple Man? I really want to throw Multiple Man into a deck and see how he works in practice as opposed to just wargaming his uses in my head.
  14. I sleeve everything and was never very good at riffle shuffling, anyway, so I usually cut the deck in half and push one half into the other. I'll also pull a small section of cards from the bottom, push them into the top, then take another small section, push them into the top, and so on. I'll also pull half of the cards from the middle section, bring the sets of cards at the end together, and push the middle section in. Sometimes I'll do the opposite. Seems to work pretty well for me.
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