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  1. Question 1: I was disappointed that this wasn't covered in the changes to FAQ, but can Cikatro Vizago swap in a second copy of an illicit card onto a ship? Eg: if I have ship A with Deadman's Switch and Contraband Cybernetics and ship b with just Deadman's Switch, can I use him to swap the Cybernetics from A and the Switch from B so that A has two Deadman's Switches? Question 2: the rules say that any effects that trigger when a ship is destroyed happen immediately before a ship is removed. Does this mean that Captain Jostero wouldn't get an extra attack off of his own Deadman's Switch going off?
  2. Excellent argument and the entire reason this thread exists.
  3. The rule specified at the start that it's for building a list though.
  4. So I recently made a list with Cikatro where he swaps DMS off of half the list and onto the other half, leaving me with two Kihraxz Fighters that each have two copies of Deadman's Switch and a YV with two copies of Contraband Cybernetics. (The second copy of CC is stored in the nearby Z95 who holds it until he needs it.) I confirmed this should work online among other players and then took my dumb little idea to a LGS to show off. The guy there who acts as TO said that this wasn't allowed since the rules say that ships can only equip one copy of any upgrade. So now I'm still pretty sure that my build and internet are right, but I want to be able to prove this to him so I can continue to use this dumb trick. Alternatively, if I'm actually wrong then it'd be great to have that too. Anyone have an official thing that would settle this?
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