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    xanatos135 got a reaction from Frimmel in Build Your Legend - Jango Fett's Slave 1 article live   
    After firing what, a 13 points upgrade that only gives them +1 attack dice? Just spend those points anywhere, I don't know, Aayla secura crew for just 3 more points? Which may be what that new gunner costs
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    xanatos135 reacted to wurms in Build Your Legend - Jango Fett's Slave 1 article live   
    Dont crush my dreams, man!!! ARCs have torpedo slots and damnit I am gonna use them!
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    xanatos135 reacted to Maui. in Help me figure out the Republic.   
    I've been fiddling around a bit with the LAAT / 2 ARC / Jedi Ace archetype, especially for hyperspace, and I've found it's got legs:
    Obi-Wan Kenobi (49)    
        Calibrated Laser Targeting (4)    
    Ship total: 53  Half Points: 27  Threshold: 2    
    "Warthog" (54)    
    Ship total: 54  Half Points: 27  Threshold: 5    
    Squad Seven Veteran (44)    
        Dedicated (1)    
    Ship total: 45  Half Points: 23  Threshold: 5    
    Squad Seven Veteran (44)    
        Dedicated (1)    
    Ship total: 45  Half Points: 23  Threshold: 5    
    Total: 197    
    View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Galactic Republic&d=v8ZhZ200Z278XWW200WY414XWWWWWWY340X210WWWWWY340X210WWWWW&sn=Obi Warthog HS&obs=
    There are, of course, other ways to load it out, but this has been effective. The tricky part is trying to handle three medium bases that want to generally be in the same vicinity.
    I also think that torpedo Y-wings are a trap. If you want ordnance, use missile Torrents with a Wolfpack LAAT and synchronized console. If you want Y-wings, use turrents and bombs. The Republic does well with mixed media lists; outside of the Deltas and Ric, it's a fairly chonky joust-heavy faction, so that's what you want to lean into.
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    xanatos135 reacted to Cpt ObVus in Help me figure out the Republic.   
    I don’t understand why people keep posting pictures of Donald Sutherland. Not that I mind, I like Donald Sutherland. But please explain?
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    xanatos135 got a reaction from CaptainJaguarShark in Total Destruction - Droid Tri-Fighter preview up!   
    I just say that I hope this talent is not only for quickbuilds for these 2 ships, it would be very dissapoining. 
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    xanatos135 got a reaction from Gupa-nupa in Is anyone else mad about Jango Fett?   
    If it's similar to R4-P astromech, with a limited number of charges, it would be quite nice and balanced. 
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    xanatos135 reacted to wurms in Is anyone else mad about Jango Fett?   
    Seasoned Navigator on Jango seems like a nice crew card, since it physically changes your dial. Opponent did a white maneuver? Nav to a blue maneuver, its difficulty is executed as white, but you physically change the dial so the blue move still procs Jangos ability. Gives that Slave I feel as well, to prevent blocks.
    Jangos ability is mostly, meh. But he is an i6 Firespray.
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    xanatos135 reacted to Cpt ObVus in Help me figure out the Republic.   
    Maybe Broadside with an Ion Turret is the ship I’ve been looking for. Or perhaps the generic ARC-170’s. I think the problem I run up against is that my chief kitchen-table (or TTS) opponent really likes extremely arc-dodgey i5+ ships like Guri and Whisper, and often uses Stealth Device to make them reeeaaally frustrating to shoot at (if I can line up a shot at all), so i3 & i4 guys often don’t get their money’s worth. So I end up gravitating to either multiple i5+ pieces, or an i5 or i6 ace supported by a mini-swarm of really cheap disposables (like TIEs). And the V-19 is just SO much worse than TIEs, Vulture Droids, M3-A’s, and the like that it leaves me sad every time I fly it.
    And I’m still not sure why the LAAT is so expensive. Comparing the basic generics for both the LAAT and the ARC-170 really leaves me puzzled, as the ARC is a very solid ship that can carry gunners and crew, has very decent arc coverage, and is relatively maneuverable, while the LAAT is less dangerous, less maneuverable, and costs 9 more points. Sure, it can carry MORE Gunners/Crew (but would you really sink that many points into it?) and it has the Fire Convergence ability, but I’m just not sure it’s worth the price. It’s kind of a head-scratcher why they priced it over 50... were they really afraid of LAAT-spam? Fire Convergence doesn’t even help other LAATs, as they have Turret arcs. And if they were afraid of people jamming 4 LAATs, why are they apparently unconcerned about people jamming 4 ARC-170’s? I just feel like the LAAT oughtta cost 5-6 points less than it does, if not more.
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    xanatos135 reacted to Cpt ObVus in Help me figure out the Republic.   
    Er... Synchronized Console is one of the best cards the Republic has access to. It’s actually one of the cards that keeps me interested in the faction!
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    xanatos135 got a reaction from Cpt ObVus in Help me figure out the Republic.   
    OddBall everywhere is too much, yes, but at the beginning I saw it as useless and now I actually like both the torrent and ARC versions. The torrent lets you lock with his high initiative to fire missiles and use sync console to help friends, and ocassionally catches someone in the bullseye after a 2 talon or 3 k, plus it's quite cheap. The ARC with Fisto and R2-P4, at exactly 60 points, is as I imagined a heavy hitting ARC to be when they came out, I really love that setup. Even if you can just manage to take regular locks and use Kit's force for mods, it's solid. 
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    xanatos135 reacted to GuacCousteau in Is anyone else mad about Jango Fett?   
    I'm not mad. I'm not even worried. 
    His ability sucks. Stop worrying about him 'controlling your dial and actions' - he doesn't do that at all. Any Jango player is going to be way more stressed about dial setting than you are. Every single maneuver is going to be an internal debate of 'do I do the maneuver with the best positioning, or do I try and trigger the ability?' Every now and then, the 1 bank or 2 straight will be the optimum move and the Jango player will be ecstatic that he finally doesn't have to pick.... only to find you also did a blue forward and it still doesn't trigger. 
    Even when it does trigger, ask any Garven or Ten player about relying on eye results coming up when you need them. 
    I don't know why maybe changing your ideal action priority counts as 'controlling your actions'. You're better off taking a lock against Jango than a focus, so what? On attack, that still gives you the same odds normally. It means Jango compromises your defence a tiny bit. Big deal. While FFG have said he won't be as expensive as Boba, he won't be far off. And Sep Force crew are expensive. If that stacking worries you, then Force Jango is going to be a good half a list. Slightly compromised defence on one ship isn't much of a problem against that. 
    Not to mention I quite like the idea of an ability that might give you pause against using a focus. Seriously, the focus action is one of my least favourite things about the game. I hate that it's the default action, I hate that most of the time it's the best action to take because of versatility. Because it's the same odds as the attacking action and often better than the defensive action. 
    If there was no focus action, and most action phases required you to make an actual choice between the offensive lock action and the defensive evade action, I actually think the game would be better. So if Jango gets people out of that comfort zone and makes them actually consider actions other than focus, I'm all for it. And that's literally all he does. You haven't somehow lost the benefit of your action by taking a lock. You still have a lock. That's a perfectly valid thing to do. And you can still take a focus if there are any other ships around you might be worried about. You still get to benefit from that focus if you shoot someone else or someone else shoots you. Jango isn't taking your actions away. All he does is lightly persuade you to take a different action if you're one on one with him.
    Is an I6 Firespray really all that much to worry about? I don't think so. Yes, he can boost out of some arcs. 
    If he gets to boost. 
    You seem to be forgetting a major part of why Boba is problematic. Because he benefits from being blocked. Throwing in a ship to block him just puts a ship at range 0 to fuel a re-roll. 
    Jango has no such gain. As it is, he's a medium base ship with an X-Wing dial that moves after everyone else. Meaning 95% of the pilots in the game can block him. 
    Jango isn't Fel. He's Wedge. Wedge with a bigger footprint. He's easier to block than Wedge, and Wedge is not hard to block. Yes, he's got that rear arc so he has the option of scooting straight past. There's maybe a bit more of a chess element of getting the block maneuver right, but I still don't think it will prove to be too hard. 
    Jango has no tricks. He has nothing that other I6 pilots use to offset their cost and make most use of their I value. No double reposition, no dial changing (outside of Seasoned Navigator, which interestingly virtually guarantees his ability gets turned off), no free re-rolls, no pre-movement reposition. He can't Collision Detector his way through an obstacle as an escape. He can't even buff his own dice. He's fat Wedge. He even has a similar, but way worse ability. 
    Like, if you're not worried about Wedge I can't think why you'd see Jango as a problem. 
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    xanatos135 got a reaction from Gupa-nupa in Total Destruction - Droid Tri-Fighter preview up!   
    Which they do, since they can equip independent calculations... 😃
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    xanatos135 reacted to nopedz in Total Destruction - Droid Tri-Fighter preview up!   
    Even better, if you cordinate them a calculate before they move, they can launch discord missles which would mean that the buzz droid technically traveled 13 + (base/1)+3 = 18 speed move.
    18 speed move
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    xanatos135 got a reaction from nopedz in Total Destruction - Droid Tri-Fighter preview up!   
    Which they do, since they can equip independent calculations... 😃
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    xanatos135 got a reaction from Gupa-nupa in Total Destruction - Droid Tri-Fighter preview up!   
    I think they are effectively the fastest ship in the game, right? 
    5 straight, 5 straight SLAM
    Wow 🤭🥵🤓
    I can't delete those emojis xD
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    xanatos135 reacted to theBitterFig in Total Destruction - Droid Tri-Fighter preview up!   
    Oddball doesn't need it.  Just Synchronized Console and go.
    Huge get for a LAAT, though.  Focus and attack, for a 3-dice with rerolls attack, then light up the entire squad.  Warthog + Blue Torrents got even better.
    Where it'll really shine, however, is factions without SynCon or other tricks like that.
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    xanatos135 reacted to Pa Weasley in Total Destruction - Droid Tri-Fighter preview up!   
    "My name is Odd Ball and I approve of this upgrade." 
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    xanatos135 reacted to ForceSensitive in Stay Sharp - V-Wing preview live!   
    First we should all recognize that there are attacks that have 1 firepower, technically. Bombs and mines circumvent the problem of having to deal with the defense dice math by just not allowing them into the equation, and also preventing the user from being able to modify the bombs 'attack' with their own resources such as tokens. Excepting a few cases like Sabine which I suppose I could give you. In the end though the device attacks are stat-locked as to their success and outcomes. For example the new Thermal Detonators. It is a known chance, and that allows it to be predictable in general, but still have variance that keeps the risk calculation factor present. 
    These next few paragraphs are just had to be noted things for many of you. It should be obvious and maybe you've recognized it yourself but we don't talk about it much if we do. There is a not talked about beauty of the dice as is in X-wing though. And I strongly believe it's one of the lessons they learned from first Ed like Davy said. The engineered goal of the dice in X-wing is to generally allow things to be destroyed. This actually happens in two ways. The most obvious we all already know is that the dice are unequal one-to-one. The attack die is just better. So as long as you keep the pool-vs-pool within a certain range, that particular part of the intentional design works. But there's the rub, you have to keep them roughly equal so that the red dice can do their job. 
    To do that they've kept it close by having an baseline disparity that's allowed built in to the foundation. Generally speaking, if we look at it just from the starting points of the combat engines calculations, so we ignore some variables that are circumstantial such as weapons disabled or say some upgrades or pilot effects, attack pools cannot be less than defense die pools by more than one die. Very important that I emphasize again here that this is the starting point of the calculation. After it leaves this void of origin, it can get as weird as they want so long as it had game costs associated to it.
    This is accomplished with a very simple design 'rule' they tend to stick extremely close to. That rule is: Their are four base attack values 2, 3, 4, 5. Some of those obviously are only via ordnance . And four base defense values 0, 1, 2, 3. Grab any two of those numbers at random and chances are the attack number you pick will be higher than the defense number. Duh right? Even cutting the two extremes which are very intentionally rare, 5 and 0, and just on it's own rarity let's throw out the 4 too, if you randomly pick one from each of the remaining values, attack can still at no point be less than defense by one. 
    This rule assures that the system naturally trend's toward reds favor by keeping the pools pretty close. And that's good, because the game must go on. Again, we don't want the combat engine to stall out. The design rule is simple. The max allowable starting deficiency of the attacker is to be behind the defense die by an eighth of a result average. So they'll have a chance by literally one die face as the defender. If they were to allow your 1 die primary, it creates a problem as that baseline changes to 5/8ths average ahead for green, and certain game states will then favor the defender. Because in that case green will too often not even have to try. 1/2 hits base is not allowed against 9/8ths evades base. You can only get that good/bad via game play after the base is set.
    And I think it's rather eloquent in a way. There's this certain beauty to it of four numbers against four, offset by two. And it reminds me for some reason of a d6 system deep down and I find that kinda neat. Now I know I've written another term paper here so I'll leave it here and come back later. Thanks for reading if you got this far lol! 🍻
    One last note. yes we need to have an objective system or similar. But they gave us three already, and none of them are required, and majority seems uninterested in them. 
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    xanatos135 got a reaction from Gupa-nupa in Concentrate Your Fire - LAAT Preview   
    It's a real pity you can't squeeze cody in the LAAT, it would make the torrents and ARC more deadly. An option could be to take cody and N1 Anakin instead of Mace, it fits exactly with daredevil and RP-4. Just for 1 point you can't include CLT Saeese or Luminara... 
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    xanatos135 reacted to ScummyRebel in Stay Sharp - V-Wing preview live!   
    You underestimate my ability! I swear any debris gamble I take ends in a crit...
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    xanatos135 got a reaction from ForceSensitive in What's coming next?   
    Don't you think it's very weird that we are most likely getting this ship but it won't come with Palpatine crew since that was in the ARC pack? 😅
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    xanatos135 reacted to theBitterFig in The Phat Blue Line (Hyperspace Republic)   
    Gotta get SynCon on Warthog, too.  That'll go a long way towards ensuring locks.  I'd just drop one Conc (probably here, but maybe on a Torrent) down to an Ion Missile.  Damage isn't really much worse, but the extra lock would be handy.  Could cut a Dedicated instead, but that's irksome to my sense of symmetry.
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    xanatos135 got a reaction from Odanan in What's coming next?   
    Don't you think it's very weird that we are most likely getting this ship but it won't come with Palpatine crew since that was in the ARC pack? 😅
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    xanatos135 reacted to Rich P in Concentrate Your Fire - LAAT Preview   
    Best thing about having kids is that you get to legitimately buy lego for them too ... then 'help' them build it
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    xanatos135 reacted to FriendofYoda in Stay Sharp - V-Wing preview live!   
    Am I right in thinking that Klick could lock a buddy, say Aayla, on turn 1. Then when she goes diving into range 1 you can use his charge to deny the range bonus against her?
    Or hey grab an R3 Astro and pick another ship to protect too! Matchstick for added fun times..?
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