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  1. You can also do that with Kickback (torrent pilot) with a linked lock out of a barrell roll. Probably not good but still, a posibility.
  2. Wouldn't that reinforced Warthog be stressed and unable to perform any action?
  3. I understood the OP has rebel and empire ships from 1st ed. He said he needed conversion kits to play all of his ships.
  4. Or Wolfpack somewhere, if you want them to be able to lock someone early and pass the lock around using sync console to fire these torpedoes.
  5. What you really need is a damage deck, the new maneuver templates with a line in the middle and yes, conversion kits. You can find official separate damage decks customized for each of the 7 factions. Also a set of plastic maneuver templates. You would have to see wether that is better for you than paying for the core set and getting 2 TIEs and an X-wing. By the way, some pilots from the core set don't appear in the conversions, such as Luke. I actually think it's kind of worth it if you only need one kit for each of its factions. It's 50€ (I don't know how many dollars) to make aaall your ships in that faction playable. Depends on the number of ships you have of course. If you see it as too pricey I would recommend getting the core components and only one of the kits first, play for some time with all of your ships from that faction and later on upgrade your other faction with another kit, once you have gotten some value out of the first one (unless you want to have both sides available from the beginning). I personally would go for it, 2nd edition feels very rewarding at least to me. Old ships that were outdated in 1st edition (T65 X-wing...) have been refleshed. They can now be used without feeling that you are choosing a ship that is not worth the points.
  6. This looks really nice, but if you are going for target lock shenanigans why not concussion missiles for Warthog instead of ghost company? That way you can pass him a lock to fire the missiles, reroll with his ability and pass the lock to another one.
  7. Because Anakin's ability works after you perform a maneuver, while R2-D2 gives you a deplete token after you activate. Is that the same moment? I'm not sure. What I meant is: can Anakin get rid of the token the same turn he gets it?
  8. Not really must have, but just a way of getting cards without ships you are not going to use, yes.
  9. I just realized Shaak Ti works on herself. It costs her virtually nothing to come to the combat in the second turn with an extra focus or evade. She's going to be reeally good.
  10. And what about Eta-2 Anakin with the new R2? Can you get rid of the deplete using his ability or not?
  11. They have learned from their mistakes in a lot of aspects. I think the most important ones would be: - Turrets can't just shoot in any direction, they either have one arrow or two opposite arrows that indicate the arc/arcs the turret is pointed too. These ships have a rotate action that allows them to change said arcs, much like the first edition shadowcaster. This allows for actually arc-dodging turreted ships, which makes things much more fun and fair. - Some too powerful upgrades are gone, such as push the limit and veteran instincts, so you no longer can chain any 2 actions you want or get high init ships out of everything. - Missiles and torpedoes come with several charges, not just one, and none of them require you to spend the lock. They are also more balanced, with the only long range 4 dice being proton torpedoes (quite expensive) - Abilities that could be activated once or twice a turn, as well as missiles, shields and others use a system of charges that can be turned facedown to denote you have spent them: this makes tracking them way easier and more visual than it was. - Many ships come with a ship baked in ability (what titles did) that helps differentiate the chassis. Also some chained actions are given to each ships, kind of a restricted push the limit that usually doesn't allow straight double mods for attack or defense, more often it's a reposition into a focus or so. - The force is in the game! This makes force uses really stand out with their purple charges. This and other design choices make for more thematic ships. - Last but not least, point costs and upgrade slots available to each chassis are not printed, so they can be adjusted by de devs in the app to keep everything balanced, which is a very large improvement in my opinion. Have fun with 2nd edition!
  12. No mention to the talent in the pack? Either they want it to be a surprise or it will only be featured in quickbuilds. Would be a shame tho...
  13. Don't you think it just hurts a bit to never mod at all your attacks with a 3 dice primary? If you reinforce all the time with the ARC. On the other hand, you could use the force point and reinforce only from time to time I guess, but I think that Aayla is much better for a support ship, it allows the ARC to still punch hard while helping your other ships. That would be 58 for a generic ARC, similar to a LAAT with 7th fleet gunner.
  14. I think the main issue is that the ship is too expensive. Fire convergence is actually quite good, and you could argue that a LAAT with barrage rockets kind of fullfills the heavy-hitting gunship role. People have said that maybe the 51 points are to avoid 1 LAAT + 6 torrents, but would that be so bad? Fire convergence can be used only twice per turn and recharges just one charge, so it's not going to affect all torrents. If that's not the reason then what, avoiding 4 LAATs? That would be a terrible list, they wouldn't even get to use their ability. I really can't see why it would be so bad for them to cost... I don't know, 45, 46 points? At most. They are more or less comparable to an ARC (42) with worse guns but one more health and the ability. I can't see them costing 9 whole points more, it's just too much. About mobility, yes it's boring, but I wasn't expecting this thing to be able to barrel roll or anything, I think they did that right and thematic (despite these blue maneuvers being so awful)
  15. You can even use Hound to get rid of Wolfpack's strain and potentially patiente's deplete (if you use that upgrade)
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