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  1. I think I6 is there for that reason, yes, but mainly to differentiate it from Boba. After all, they are already clones so anything they do to tell them apart is wellcomed for me. Also, Obi wan looks like a good pilot in the movies, even if he doesn't like flying. I think it makes sense that he is better at this than Mace or Yoda for example.
  2. If it's similar to R4-P astromech, with a limited number of charges, it would be quite nice and balanced.
  3. I don't think Jango is going to be so horrible or opressing, but also his effect is not so comparable to Ric's. Ric doesn't mess with the opponent's dice in any way, while Jango does. Maybe that's what is driving people mad? I guess, I don't see so much of an issue.
  4. I just say that I hope this talent is not only for quickbuilds for these 2 ships, it would be very dissapoining.
  5. You know that same talent is also in the eta actis pack, even if they didn't show it in the spoiler article. So... the same thing with the **** quickbuilds for the eta?... 🙄
  6. OddBall everywhere is too much, yes, but at the beginning I saw it as useless and now I actually like both the torrent and ARC versions. The torrent lets you lock with his high initiative to fire missiles and use sync console to help friends, and ocassionally catches someone in the bullseye after a 2 talon or 3 k, plus it's quite cheap. The ARC with Fisto and R2-P4, at exactly 60 points, is as I imagined a heavy hitting ARC to be when they came out, I really love that setup. Even if you can just manage to take regular locks and use Kit's force for mods, it's solid.
  7. Which they do, since they can equip independent calculations... 😃
  8. I think they are effectively the fastest ship in the game, right? 5 straight, 5 straight SLAM Wow 🤭🥵🤓 I can't delete those emojis xD
  9. Torrents are a bit boring, but I think they can be interesting as cheap missile carriers, specially with wolfpack and synced console. You don't even need a LAAT for that, a generic 42 points ARC can carry Wolfpack. Also the talent generics are really cheap compared to the I2, just one extra point, and OddBall in a torrent can consistently get locks to fire his missiles and/or pass the lock to another guy with synced console. A good priced filler for example with ion missiles and synced, just 35 points.
  10. Wouldn't it be difficult to keep with Warthog both your opponents in arc and your torrents? For Ashoka to work. What about Plo Koon for defense instead? Not only lets you reinforce, but can also deny some crits on Warthog and nearby torrents, and also strain tokens from Wolfpack/dedicated
  11. Missiles? I don't think so. No missile was revealed in the article and I believe they showed almost if not all of the cards.
  12. It's a real pity you can't squeeze cody in the LAAT, it would make the torrents and ARC more deadly. An option could be to take cody and N1 Anakin instead of Mace, it fits exactly with daredevil and RP-4. Just for 1 point you can't include CLT Saeese or Luminara...
  13. What about the royal ship from ep. I? Is it too big?
  14. Don't you think it's very weird that we are most likely getting this ship but it won't come with Palpatine crew since that was in the ARC pack? 😅
  15. If the obstacle is a gas cloud you are only potentially getting a strain, not so bad. I would also do it through debris. In the end, it is unlikely you get the crit, and stress on jedi is not crippling (it would be fun to take the risk 😃 I wouldn't do it through rocks though, specially since you can't shoot if you land on them =S
  16. I think the child should have a restriction: "Squad including Jin Djarin" or "Ship including Jin Djarin" so that you can play him with Jin Djarin crew too.
  17. You can also do that with Kickback (torrent pilot) with a linked lock out of a barrell roll. Probably not good but still, a posibility.
  18. Wouldn't that reinforced Warthog be stressed and unable to perform any action?
  19. I understood the OP has rebel and empire ships from 1st ed. He said he needed conversion kits to play all of his ships.
  20. Or Wolfpack somewhere, if you want them to be able to lock someone early and pass the lock around using sync console to fire these torpedoes.
  21. What you really need is a damage deck, the new maneuver templates with a line in the middle and yes, conversion kits. You can find official separate damage decks customized for each of the 7 factions. Also a set of plastic maneuver templates. You would have to see wether that is better for you than paying for the core set and getting 2 TIEs and an X-wing. By the way, some pilots from the core set don't appear in the conversions, such as Luke. I actually think it's kind of worth it if you only need one kit for each of its factions. It's 50€ (I don't know how many dollars) to make aaall your ships in that faction playable. Depends on the number of ships you have of course. If you see it as too pricey I would recommend getting the core components and only one of the kits first, play for some time with all of your ships from that faction and later on upgrade your other faction with another kit, once you have gotten some value out of the first one (unless you want to have both sides available from the beginning). I personally would go for it, 2nd edition feels very rewarding at least to me. Old ships that were outdated in 1st edition (T65 X-wing...) have been refleshed. They can now be used without feeling that you are choosing a ship that is not worth the points.
  22. This looks really nice, but if you are going for target lock shenanigans why not concussion missiles for Warthog instead of ghost company? That way you can pass him a lock to fire the missiles, reroll with his ability and pass the lock to another one.
  23. Because Anakin's ability works after you perform a maneuver, while R2-D2 gives you a deplete token after you activate. Is that the same moment? I'm not sure. What I meant is: can Anakin get rid of the token the same turn he gets it?
  24. Not really must have, but just a way of getting cards without ships you are not going to use, yes.
  25. I just realized Shaak Ti works on herself. It costs her virtually nothing to come to the combat in the second turn with an extra focus or evade. She's going to be reeally good.
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