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  1. Something like resistance Han pilot, lets you deploy anywhere on the field (with some restrictions), can be equipped by v-wings, delta-7s or eta-2s, they start docked to the ring and can deploy from it. The ring can only move when it has a ship docked, uses the docked ship's dial treating all basic maneuvers as speed one and substituting special maneuvers for a 90 or 180° turn on-site. When the docked ship gets fired, it's the ring that takes the hit and I believe once it's destroyed the ship can be automatically deployed from it. 

    Maybe I made some mistake, but it's basically that. 

    Oh, of course, the most important part: it's only legal in epic 😣

  2. 4 hours ago, Boom Owl said:
    • Patience makes force management pretty easy
      • Getting to Range 1 bullseye and Depleting for 3 dice is pretty normal and advisable 
      • Even depleting down to 2 dice at R`1 outside of bullseye is a reasonable thing to do 
      • The fact it is not range dependent is incredible.

    From your conclusions I see that patience looks very good to you too. I am finding it the most interesting upgrade for this ship. I wonder how would it work for delta-7s. I guess it will be a similar feel. 

  3. 34 minutes ago, SavouryRain said:

    Stealth Device Soontir with a focus and evade in the same situation takes no damage 48% of the time.

    What about stealth device + fifth brother Whisper after decloaking and hitting an enemy? 

    3 green dice, a focus, a force, 2 evades. 

  4. 3 minutes ago, S4ul0 said:

    I don't want an immediately nerf but I am a bit worried about the defensive aspect of this ship and the main (and best) tactic with it.

    I understand the lack of punch but It doesn't justify the absurd increase of defense with the Stealth Device, Evade and Force.

    Do the math.

    If three T-65 with focus have caught you in arc at range 2 (you messed up with your maneuvers) and you can perform the Evade action and have 2 Force tokens, you run unscathed 55% of the times.

    That's too much.

    Is it so bad if the other 45% of the time you end up dead or almost dead (1 or 2 hull) and without stealth device? I don't think it's so terrible when you only have 3 hull. 

  5. 19 minutes ago, Roller of blanks said:

    Just played a game with obi-wan and aayla 

    These things can arc dodge like nobody's business but they hit like wet noodles. 

    Without access to a white lock you have no way to disengage and set up a good shot when you come back around, so even if you line up that perfect R1 bullseye, you won't really be rewarded for it. As a little anecdote, My two jedi starfighters scored 0 points against a list of dooku+4 hyenas. My two other ships died because it was essentially a 200-point vs. 100-point game, with a pair of ETAs trying to help.

    You run out of force fast, even at range three, since you have to spend it for your near-mandatory systems phase preposition. So basically, fly ETAs if you like everything about X-wing except the violence

    At least for those perfect bullseye shots predator will do the trick. For outside of bullseye attacks... patience maybe? So you don't run out of force and aren't hit. The other day in fly casual (I know, AI, but still) I found patience surprisingly flexible. 

    Maybe using patience out of bullseye and shooting with 1 die to have more force could be considered as an "equivalent" of not shooting for one round while you take a lock for the next one. Building up the perfect attack. 

  6. 44 minutes ago, mcintma said:


    Isn't this (or swap Elusive for Lone Wolf and Shield for Hull Upgrade) arguably just as good or better for 73/74 pts? Much better gun, lose force (but also don't need to spend force for abilities), force-like pilot ability.

    Soontir Fel — TIE Interceptor 54
    Elusive 3
    Shield Upgrade 8
    Stealth Device 8
    Ship Total: 73

    I don't think this is better. Soontir has a better offense, but he needs to be constantly looking for the bullseye to get his free focus, so both ships need the bullseye to work optimally. That alone kind of makes up for the worse weapon of the eta outside bullseye.

    Then, the eta's force means that whatever happens they will always have the chance of chaging at the very least an eye to an evade to keep their stealth device. Soontir has elusive, but that needs him to perform red maneuvers, not being able to use any of his 2 actions, and removes predator so the better gun is even more questionable. 

    Etas don't have double reposition after moving but they also don't stress very often, while Soontir can get stuck in a bad spot with a stress token and not be able to get out of there with a blue maneuver without bumping. The eta is just more flexible and can avoid rocks or ships way more easily, plus the purple talon roll is huge. 



  7. I think an easy fix for all this would be:

    1. Get rid of the mod slot in the eta

    2. Cost autoblasters depending on initiative (maybe the current cost up to I4) 

    3. Make R7-A4 (or whatever it's called) a bit more expensive, maybe necessary to drop the v-wing "Esk" config to 0 points? Whatever

    I think changing these three would make it fair enough. 

    From my personal opinion I actually love etas right now and wouldn't change them, but still. They should not lose their talent, tho, that is a big difference with the delta. The cannon too, but that talent slot is so sweet. 

  8. Se

    23 minutes ago, Blail Blerg said:

    .... the T70 is 41 points???? Holy moly. 

    The T65 is... 38 points??? This is some next world level. 


    (The Bwing needs to be next. 38 or 39 points) 


    I really like your addition of BBs for 1 point. I bet that will be quite fun. 

    Hondo imo does not need worth 6 points. 

    Zizi with tracers sounds great. 

    This is like a semi-chunky list. I like it. Could you push up the Rookies to I3 for Hondo? 

    How on earth can the T-70 be the same cost than the ARC? They just don't die 😣

  9. 17 minutes ago, GuacCousteau said:

    Sure, but is that first engagement damage sponge really worth it over other Eta aces who might actually be able to kill stuff?

    Well, I really prefer the other 3 pilots for initiative and talent availability, but it looks like an alternative way to use Yoda rather than supporting other jedi. Worth a try. 

  10. 14 minutes ago, GuacCousteau said:

    I'd love to see what ProTorp Wedge does to these ships....

    That is if he can catch them xD. ProTorp Wedge is I6 but repositioning is not his strength. These guys can end up anywhere. 

    In the Shaak Ti + Yoda list you could use the ability for the 1st engagement and then run them as regular "aces". They are not as initiative dependent as the delta, since their ability is system phase. A pity Yoda can't have predator tho. 

  11. 6 hours ago, Blail Blerg said:


    Has anybody tried v-wings? How do they compare to torrents in a list like 2 jedi aces + 2 torrents/v-wings? Do they look strictly better? It just seems on paper that for only 2 points more you're getting a way more versatile ship that also isn't a crit magnet. Should I2 torrents drop to 24 points or v-wings go up a bit? I think the points difference is too small. 

  12. I think 1 would be fine. I don't think that lose-bot situation would be normal, and apart from that it would be just fun to take a big ship and spend tons of points to make it into a real monster. Only to be totally destroyed by any other more realistic list, but still, it would be FUN, and that's the most important thing for me in a game. 

    More than 8 ships, on the other hand, would be a pain to move, taking forever, and would benefit cheap swarms too much. 

  13. 23 minutes ago, Bravo Null said:

    Personally, I feel sense is overrated. On the Athersprites, especially with CLT, I put predictive shot. It can put down TIE defenders and is awesome. I still need to try the Actis, but I think other force powers may work better. Brilliant Evasion?

    Brilliant evasion is great with stealth device, and if you add a white evade they can be really hard to hit (they remind me of whisper with 5th brother and stealth device). 

    I think sense is way better for etas than deltas because of when their ability triggers. It's ok for deltas but very good for the new chassis

  14. 7 hours ago, Blail Blerg said:

    So, what have you all got? 

    What worked what didn't? 


    Lists with 1 LAAT? 

    Lists with 3 LAATs? 


    What's the difference between an ETA2 and a Delta? 

    I tried in fly casual a list the other day: delta-7 Obi with CLT and sense, eta-2 Anakin with stealth device, predator and brilliant evasion, a generic LAAT and a 25 pt torrent. 

    I really like how sense and the eta-2 ability work together, but better to keep sense on another ship since the eta needs its force. The main difference with the delta is that you have to think more where you want to end and it also sucks to finish your maneuver and not have the bullseye, since you don't get 2 actions. Anakin's ability is also better on delta-7 Obi than on himself (more red maneuvers). 

    The LAAT rerolls really helped Anakin given the lack of white lock, and I think maybe predator was a bit of an overkill. Outmaneuver or daredevil would have been nice. 


  15. 3 hours ago, T70 Driver said:

    My group plays Aces High a lot and I'm looking at Anakin for 75 point games. This is what I've come up with for that format....

    Eta-2 Actis - •Anakin Skywalker - 75
        •Anakin Skywalker - Hero of Coruscant (56)
            Marksmanship (1)
            Autoblasters (3)
            •R7-A7 (3)
            Stealth Device (8)
            Extreme Maneuvers (4)

    Total: 75

    View in the X-Wing Squad Builder

    I'm also thinking about swapping the Stealth Device for Afterburners. If I were to play Anakin in a regular game I'd drop the Stealth Device....maybe. 

    What about predator instead of marksmanship? Wouldn't it be better even if you had to cut for example the cannon? Or drop to afterburners as you say. 

    Ok I see what you are trying to do here: R7-A4, markmanship, autoblasters😅

  16. 7 hours ago, ForceSensitive said:

    I'm really excited to do down some named Torrents and watch as people have to actually read cards for a change. Going to be all like 'wait, what's that guy do??'.

    Awwww yissss.

    Come to think of it. Didn't the designers say in an interview once that the initial point costs on Torrents were because the playtester groups had somehow favored the named pilots over the generic pilots anyway? And that it asked what they thought they were worth.

    Is that so? I can see Odball and maybe Kickback chosen to fire missiles/use sync console because of initiative. Tucker for raw efficiency, one extra action for very cheap over the generics, but Swoop and Axe? 

    Swoop is really bad, it can only use his ability himself when he dials a straight 3 or 4 maneuver (sucks), those red 3 banks.... They kill him. It is also difficult to use on other friends plus it stresses them. Axe, on the other hand, could enable some double modified attack from a friend, but to make this consistent you need to pass the focus when he attacks to a friend who already had a lock. The only possibility that makes sense to me is a bravo flight officer with passive sensors and some torpedoes but still, not that good. Axe's attack will probably miss, too. 

  17. 4 hours ago, Ryuneke said:

    After trying the ETA a bit I prefer predator to get the most out of the bullseye. But the Laat might do it for rerolls.
    I also prefer Stealth Device. Just evade everytime until you get into the perfect position where your ships don’t get shot and kill something. It’s the best SD chassis imo. 
    I like the daredevil idea. You should consider R4 Astro because you’re ships will remain stressed a lot. R4 significally opens your dial. I would drop HLC because you already have a 3 dice bullseye attack (4 dice at range 1). 
    I also tried patience and it didn’t do as much for me. What the actis really wants is Sense. It’s the most important upgrade to consider imo because of the ship ability.

    going the daredevil route I would build it like that

    Anakin Skywalker (56)
    Daredevil (2)
    R4 Astromech (2)
    Stealth Device (8)

    Obi-Wan Kenobi (49)
    Sense (5)
    Daredevil (2)
    R4 Astromech (2)
    Stealth Device (8)

    "Hound" (50)
    Total: 184

    View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0

    with 16 points left you have lots of options. The other good thing about Sense is that you don’t need such a deep bid.

    At this point you don't even need Hound anymore since you are not using patience. I would go for a generic LAAT maybe with Yoda crew? Although that paints a big target on him, but leaves 2 pt bid I think. Otherwise maybe 7th fleet gunner, although I really don't like that the LAAT never shoots. Cody gunner sadly doesn't fit well here given the jedi's higher initiatives. 

  18. 40 minutes ago, Cuz05 said:

    I really wanted to fly V-19 Oddball with Prockets and Plo for the focus, but HS said no :(

    I like Oddball with sync console and ion missiles. Even if his shot only makes the attacked ship to spend a focus or evade it seems worth it at 35, those ion missiles are so cheap now. 

  19. I'm kind of sad the V-wing's linked action is a target lock, totally useless for Oddball. If it had been a focus though... 

    Anyway, Oddball is already usable. Both the torrent version with sync console and optionally any missiles, and the ARC version with Kit Fisto and R4-P are really nice. Plus, regarding cost, ARC Oddball is only 1 point more than Jag for +2 initiative. 

  20. 16 minutes ago, Daekjawa said:

    Ok another update. Ordered a dice pack, Inquisitor's TIE and LAAT/I. Should have everything in hand by Friday

    The LAAT is very fun, it can be outfitted in many ways and has plenty of iconic crew, which is always nice 😃

  21. 9 minutes ago, CoffeeMinion said:

    Republic can be very fun! It’s also going to be a different ballgame than Rebels. The ships you’re getting will need more finesse to fly than the average Rebel ship, IMO.

    Torrents are some of the clunkier filler ships you’ll encounter in the game. Don’t expect amazing or fancy things from them. However, their points cost has settled down to the point where they can give good value. Their five health and evade action make them take a while to die. Tucker can get a lil’ more action economy with his ability. Blue Squadron Protectors with Dedicated (aka Dedicated Blues) can help keep squadmates alive. They’ll never be great but they can do work.

    The Aethersprite is a potent, but sometimes fragile, acey ship. Its 7B config used to get all the attention, but Calibrated Laser Targeting (or CLT) has proven its power as well. It’s very easy to overspend on tricking one out, and it’s also easy to get one killed. But this will probably be the backbone of the force you’re getting. (You may also end up wanting a solo expack of it to get the rest of the pilots.)

    The N-1 is... a bit iffy, IMO. Young Anakin with Passives and Torps can be a big gun. Ric with Daredevil can hit hard, but may have trouble maintaining time on target. All of the above can be toppled by a stiff breeze. You may have to experiment with N-1 loadouts to find one you like, or maybe you’ll be luckier than I’ve been.

    Beyond that, Republic has some other great stuff. The LAAT is a capable enabler/support ship. The ARC packs a big, meaty punch. The BTL-B Y-Wing is, IMO, the best of the Y-Wings, with its improved durability. I hope you enjoy your new stuff, and may the Force be with you!

    You're right, the poor N1s... I feel really bad for them, even the good ones (Ric, Ani) feel very clunky mainly because of their luck of k-turns. I really hope at least the others go down in price this month. 

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