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    Well, I really prefer the other 3 pilots for initiative and talent availability, but it looks like an alternative way to use Yoda rather than supporting other jedi. Worth a try.
  2. xanatos135

    ETA Reactions

    That is if he can catch them xD. ProTorp Wedge is I6 but repositioning is not his strength. These guys can end up anywhere. In the Shaak Ti + Yoda list you could use the ability for the 1st engagement and then run them as regular "aces". They are not as initiative dependent as the delta, since their ability is system phase. A pity Yoda can't have predator tho.
  3. Meanwhile the generic N1s keep very overpriced for what they do. I totally would chose a generic v-wing, A-wing or similar before them.
  4. Has anybody tried v-wings? How do they compare to torrents in a list like 2 jedi aces + 2 torrents/v-wings? Do they look strictly better? It just seems on paper that for only 2 points more you're getting a way more versatile ship that also isn't a crit magnet. Should I2 torrents drop to 24 points or v-wings go up a bit? I think the points difference is too small.
  5. I think 1 would be fine. I don't think that lose-bot situation would be normal, and apart from that it would be just fun to take a big ship and spend tons of points to make it into a real monster. Only to be totally destroyed by any other more realistic list, but still, it would be FUN, and that's the most important thing for me in a game. More than 8 ships, on the other hand, would be a pain to move, taking forever, and would benefit cheap swarms too much.
  6. xanatos135

    ETA Reactions

    Brilliant evasion is great with stealth device, and if you add a white evade they can be really hard to hit (they remind me of whisper with 5th brother and stealth device). I think sense is way better for etas than deltas because of when their ability triggers. It's ok for deltas but very good for the new chassis
  7. I tried in fly casual a list the other day: delta-7 Obi with CLT and sense, eta-2 Anakin with stealth device, predator and brilliant evasion, a generic LAAT and a 25 pt torrent. I really like how sense and the eta-2 ability work together, but better to keep sense on another ship since the eta needs its force. The main difference with the delta is that you have to think more where you want to end and it also sucks to finish your maneuver and not have the bullseye, since you don't get 2 actions. Anakin's ability is also better on delta-7 Obi than on himself (more red maneuvers). The LAAT rerolls really helped Anakin given the lack of white lock, and I think maybe predator was a bit of an overkill. Outmaneuver or daredevil would have been nice.
  8. What about predator instead of marksmanship? Wouldn't it be better even if you had to cut for example the cannon? Or drop to afterburners as you say. Ok I see what you are trying to do here: R7-A4, markmanship, autoblasters😅
  9. Is that so? I can see Odball and maybe Kickback chosen to fire missiles/use sync console because of initiative. Tucker for raw efficiency, one extra action for very cheap over the generics, but Swoop and Axe? Swoop is really bad, it can only use his ability himself when he dials a straight 3 or 4 maneuver (sucks), those red 3 banks.... They kill him. It is also difficult to use on other friends plus it stresses them. Axe, on the other hand, could enable some double modified attack from a friend, but to make this consistent you need to pass the focus when he attacks to a friend who already had a lock. The only possibility that makes sense to me is a bravo flight officer with passive sensors and some torpedoes but still, not that good. Axe's attack will probably miss, too.
  10. At this point you don't even need Hound anymore since you are not using patience. I would go for a generic LAAT maybe with Yoda crew? Although that paints a big target on him, but leaves 2 pt bid I think. Otherwise maybe 7th fleet gunner, although I really don't like that the LAAT never shoots. Cody gunner sadly doesn't fit well here given the jedi's higher initiatives.
  11. In case that doesn't work for you, they can also equip targeting computer and act like that lock action was always white =)
  12. I like Oddball with sync console and ion missiles. Even if his shot only makes the attacked ship to spend a focus or evade it seems worth it at 35, those ion missiles are so cheap now.
  13. I'm kind of sad the V-wing's linked action is a target lock, totally useless for Oddball. If it had been a focus though... Anyway, Oddball is already usable. Both the torrent version with sync console and optionally any missiles, and the ARC version with Kit Fisto and R4-P are really nice. Plus, regarding cost, ARC Oddball is only 1 point more than Jag for +2 initiative.
  14. The LAAT is very fun, it can be outfitted in many ways and has plenty of iconic crew, which is always nice 😃
  15. You're right, the poor N1s... I feel really bad for them, even the good ones (Ric, Ani) feel very clunky mainly because of their luck of k-turns. I really hope at least the others go down in price this month.
  16. But the app points previously matched those of the pdf, so it doesn't look like the app is not updated regarding these crew, but instead that some of the upcoming november point changes have been added to the app ahead of time. I mean, it makes sense that ghost company goes up a bit and Aayla goes down (it is 16 points now, too much).
  17. I find it weird that no one else is talking about this. Should we assume that the app costs are the correct ones? How to know it.
  18. Has anybody noticed that the costs for (at least) the next republic crew: Yoda, Plo Koon, Aayla Secura, Kit Fisto, Ghost company have changed in the official app? Is this a bug or an update or what? The pdfs show the previous costs, there is no ffg article regarding a points change... I don't get it. I'm talking about the official phone app. Is it hapenning in the computer too?
  19. I really like the design of the child you propose, but I think there is the problem of being able to use 2 force charges for their regular effect during a turn. This kind of puts it at the level of Yoda crew, which is supposed to be a very powerful force user. Granted, the child has to rest, but that single turn using both charges feels weird. I think there should be some way of preventing that so that he can only spend a single charge per turn or alternatively spend both for the crit removing effect or something similar.
  20. Spoiler 2x01..? Have you noticed the marshall's speeder? Ooh I love those references 😃
  21. After firing what, a 13 points upgrade that only gives them +1 attack dice? Just spend those points anywhere, I don't know, Aayla secura crew for just 3 more points? Which may be what that new gunner costs
  22. Not only for aces high, but I actually like him more than Ric now. I started using Ric because that third green die seemed too sweet, but being restricted to high speed moves hurts the N1 (way more than the defender). Ani, on the other hand, is cheaper, always has a free mod, can shoot double modified torpedoes, can start the turn behind a rock and avoid it and if you go crazy and get advanced sensors, daredevil and r4p astromech it becomes a crazy impredictable ace for lower init ships (too expensive, but it's so fun to double barrel roll before moving...) 😃
  23. Is it really worthy to go through all this trouble just to shoot twice (at range up to 2) when the next turn you'll only have straight blues to clear that stress? You can't even take any astromech to help you with your dial...
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