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  1. The captains and specialists gain the weapon of the unit they are attaching to, just like adding a normal extra trooper, correct?
  2. They probably don't. I just like it when the faction I am playing can do something that the other factions can't.
  3. I know all of these weapons have slight variations but does anyone else feel like these shrink the gap between faction identity? (for core units at least)
  4. Draycos

    Sneaky Clone Unit

    Thanks for the answers guys. As I said I have no intent to do this. I was just curious if there was anything in place to prevent something like this showing up at a tournament table.
  5. From what I have seen in videos, all of the arms and heads allow for a small amount of posing flexibility. You should be able to attach any set of arms to any body/legs.
  6. Draycos

    Sneaky Clone Unit

    You could even swap the legs for the commander. To be clear I'm not actually going to build a squad like this but I couldn't help asking the question because the rules for conversion are so loose.
  7. Draycos

    Sneaky Clone Unit

    Is there anything in the rules to prevent a player from putting all four of the kneeling clone pose (two core sets) into a single squad and using them to take objectives? It seems like they would be easier to hide behind low walls and other terrain.
  8. For what it's worth (nothing?), the "Upcoming" page has the Clone Wars core, Phase I clones, B1 Battle droids, and Card packs are listed as shipping. Not sure when it was changed.
  9. The Hype died in September. The funeral (of the hype) was on oct. 4th. I'm still looking forward to it as I am buying into legion for the first time with the Clone Wars. But my Hype is gone, as there isn't anything new to discuss. The set is out and spoiled since Gencon. Everything we know about the second wave of clone wars stuff (Tanks, commanders, and second troop options) has already been discussed "ad nauseum" until we see more of the rules and upgrades. Not enough people with sets are posting/creating content to keep the Hype going. I expect the excitement (both mine and the communities) to return when we all have the core sets in hand.
  10. The Template things wasn't showing up until just now either. It works! Thanks for all your work on this!
  11. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of null at updatetemplatelink (script29.js:243) at generateCode (script29.js:1449) at updateList (script29.js:1384) at choosefaction (script29.js:1775) at HTMLSpanElement.onclick ((index):8795)
  12. Cleared the cache and that did not resolve it (I closed and reopened tabletop admiral tab). I'm on google chrome.
  13. Phase 1 Clone troopers with DC-15's and extra trooper (or any other upgrades). Same goes for Phase 2 Clone Troopers and BARC speeders with any upgrades. (Tried it with empire and rebels, still have the same issue.)
  14. Duplicating a unit with upgrades does not also duplicate the upgrades on the unit. It just adds a naked unit of the same type. Is that intended?
  15. Republic Commando Video Game is on steam. Shouldn't take much to run it either.
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