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  1. Question. Is it possible to run both Gideon and and Imp. Officer on a corps unit and then have Iden infiltrate to then promote said 3 courage corps to your new Commander?
  2. Can't remember if I've asked this question before. But if I have esteemed leader on a Commander and guardian a hit onto a B2, does that shot get absorbed by armor?
  3. Having the Captain to use Overwatch, as a training slot, seems good if you can be fed stand-bys.
  4. Would using C-3PO to feed a clone squad (maybe with a specialist too?) tokens to then feed the tank be good?
  5. Don't you have to take a second 2 pip card?
  6. With their snipers and Hunter they seem very anti-creature trooper.
  7. Imagine *if* the clones get a cheaper core that's still a "clone trooper", or if they get a clone trooper with target.
  8. Ah, okay thanks. I was using Obi-Wan like this and was wondering why the same sort of thing with Leia (Esteemed Leader) and Rebel Troopers wasn't used.
  9. If a trooper has a dodge token and guardian, can they spend that dodge token to cancel a hit that they guardianed onto themselves?
  10. DarthDanMan

    Gear Slot

    I'm sure this has been answered somewhere else before, but is there anything stopping you from doubling up on the same gear upgrade if you have two gear slots available? For example taking two recons intels, targeting scopes or electrobinoculars?
  11. Somewhat related question, but would tenacity increase the dice in a saber throw if you have a wound?
  12. While you can't literally place the tokens on top of each other you can still place them side-by-side though yes?
  13. Question. Do you gain the aim when shooting a corp unit that is missing a unit, or only when shooting a mini that has a wound?
  14. Wait... You can use arsenal to fire the same weapon twice?
  15. Can you play Imperial Discipline, issue those orders out, HQ up-link a unit, exhaust the card, and then freely recover the card as per Imperial Discipline?
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