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  1. I grew up with the Star Wars EU now Legends material, so I'm planning to get inspiration from this for my campaign. And yes I know Wookieepedia, but the Sector Rangers are also discussed in the EotE CRB. I don't have Rise of the Separatists yet. A successful campaign need indeed have investigation across multiple planets and environments, shoot outs and courtroom drama's.... Let the Diplomat Advocate work for it's money. According to Legends material are the Sector Rangers partially reorganized into the NRSF (New Republic Security Force). Members of the NRSF were part frontier law enforcement officer, part counter-intelligence operatives and hunting down Imperial spies and terrorists. This could work very well in "exploring what justice looks like in the galaxy far, far away". I like your idea of the rogue Sector Ranger... This rogue Sector Ranger could be from the Imperial era. The players could be members of the newly created NRSF. If some of my players want to play as a Jedi I could have a former Inquisitor as well... Edit: I just checked the canon material as well on the subject of the NRSB (New Republic Security Bureau). The NRSB made use of bounty hunters to capture Imperial fugitives and solicit the services of freelance investigative slicers...
  2. First of all they are all legitimate questions and questions we usually tackle during a session 0. I'm not planning to limit my players on which class they can choose. When my players come up with the character concept I always ask for two things: What is the character short term goal (usually the reason for starting adventuring)? What is the character long term goal? During the session 0 we get in to work on how a party can come together. Think of it the adventure the Jewel of Yavin could easy work in to a story where the pressence of (even mutiple) Jedi make sense. And yes a Force user doesn't have to be a trained Jedi. You could indeed have the guy/gal who pilots better than others for some uncertain reason (sentinel racer). I'm definitely planning to have the Empire remnants out there. As stated I'm planning to let the campaign start in the early days of the New Republic. Thrawn, maybe. This would put the campaing more into a military/strategig settling instead of a frontier lawman kind of game. Let Thrawn be a pirate admiral or somthing. It's something I have to think about... I know of the Antarian Rangers. One of my players was toying with this idea of have the Antarian Ranger as his background of our Firefly campaign. Malcolm Reynolds not as a Browncoat, but a former Ranger and hunted down after order 66 by the Empire due to it's connection to the former Jedi-order. Nothing wrong with the Antarian Rangers, but they are more (para)military force than frontier lawman's. I'm planning to use Star Wars Legends material for my campaing ideas. And given the ranks I see the influence of the Texas Rangers. Unfortunately lore wise this doesn't work very well. Acoording to the lore is CorSec only a planetary law enforcement agency. Think of it as a City PD instead of well, the Texas Rangers or State Troopers. Second lore problem was CorSec replaced by the public safety Service during the time of the New Republic. Of course what is determine "lore" in a tabletop RPG is always up to the GM
  3. Hi everyone. Long story short. I'm a veteran d&d gm who is known to build his own campaign. However I'm new to the FFG Star Wars system. With my players we finished the beginners game Escape from Mos Shuuta. Currently we are going trough the follow-up story of The Long arm of the Hutt. Hopefully when the story is compleded will my players and I have a feel for the system. I'm currently brainstorming about a couple of ideas one of the ideas I had was a Firefly kind of setting, somewhere between Episode III and IV. We dicussed this already with my players and some had already some character ideas. An other idea I have is a campaign build upon The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers (An space western cartoon from the 80s). With the Sector Rangers does Star Wars have something similar. Sector Rangers are mostly assigned to provide law enforcement services in the farthest stretches of space and usually traveled in pairs or groups of four. The current idea for a setting: Early years of the New Republic. After the fall of the Empire and the rise of the New Republic are the Sector Rangers, once a noble law enforcement community, rebuilding. The players could new be members of Sector Rangers or be deputized by a senior Ranger. The New Jedi Order also exist in it's early stages. The Sector Rangers (players) could support the New Jedi order in mission. This allowes for my players to play as a Jedi as well, as I'm planning to allow all the 18 classes from the three books. I'm currently looking into adapting Trouble Brewing into a campaign starter. The R4 unit part of this adventure could well be an former Jedi R4 unit who who has some information which could lead to some Jedi-artifact or even lost temple. To which degree I have to involve the Jedi will depend on the classes my players choose. As mentioned I'm playing with some options. However I'm looking for some inspiration. Any ideas?
  4. I noticed the kst-100. It is indeed a freaking cool ship and given the stats it's very good. On par with with HWK-290 (if not better). Will have to check what the party wants I was thinking about the VCX-100 as well. Unfortunately (except for artwork) is the VCX-100 not in dawn of rebellion. I found the stats online, but I don't if they are correct. It seems for me on paper the VCX-100 is wors than the Wayfarer (except for the weapons). Sil 5, Speed 3, Handling -3, Defense 1/1/1/1, Armor 3 HT Threshold 32, SS Threshold 28 Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 2, Backup: Class 14. Navicomputer: Yes Sensor Range: Short Ship's Complement: One pilot, one co-pilot/engineer, one turrent gunner, one aft gunner, two crew Encumbrance Capacity: 200 Passenger Capacity: 6 Consumables: One months Price/Rarity: 155,000 credits/8 Customization Hard Points: 5 Weapons: Turrent-mounted Twin Light Laser Cannon (Damage 5 Critical 3, Range [Close]; Linked 1 Aft mounted Twin Light Laser Cannon (Damage 5 Critical 3, Range [Close]; Linked 1 Forward-mounted Twin Medium laser Cannon (Damage 6 Critical 3, Range [Close]; Linked 1
  5. Well as mentioned one of my players is aiming for the Ship Captain specialization...
  6. Hi All, Thanks for the info regarding sil 5 and 4. Yesterday we had our session 0, so I know have a feel for what the party will look like. The overal setting will be somewhere between Episode III and IV, basically the Star Wars Rebels timeline. Where Star Wars meets Firefly. The Captain role will be fulfilled by an Antarian Ranger who survived order 66 (Exloror Fringer / Ship Captain). The Pilot a Force-Sensitive pilot Corellian Human Sentinel Racer or Warrior Starfighter Ace. He is really aiming for the rank 3 during character creation. The Engineer Twi'Lek Ace Rigger The Muscle a Wookie Hired Gun or Soldier class. The Healer A Twi'Lek Mystic Advisor who is build upon the Heal force power. So sil 4 will become important for my pilot to use his talents and manoeuvres. At some point will I introduce the L4000 as a possible Hero ship. Initially I was thinking to use the Wayfarer as the starter ship. However given the feedback it's more fun for my pilot to have a sil 4. Next week is or first game. Nothing against the Millenium Falcon / YT-1300. But has someone a good idea of sil 4 ship I could use as a starter ship?
  7. So in general speaking are my players better of with a Sil 4 ships instead of Sil 5?
  8. Hi TheBalzan, Thank you for the reply. 140 metric tons make more sense being marked "light transport" The deck plan will be very useful. Really like your new version. I will DM for the coming game, just the FFG Star Wars system is new for me. Why is Sil 4 better than Sil 5? Is the handling not more important? I'm overlooking something?
  9. Hi everyone. Long story short. The last time I was a DM for a Star Wars game was back with WotC. Now with FFG I'm back. I'm currently preparing my first FFG Star Wars game as part of the Edge of the Empire setting. One of the elements I would like to bring back is the ship we used back the day. This was the Maka-Eekai L4000 Transport. Unfortunately this ship has no official release yet. So I'm looking for a good conversion. With the help of google I found one. This conversion is aviable on this forum and was made by LibrariaNPC. For the most part I think this is a good conversion. Since I have no no experience with the FFG Star Wars system yet I tried to compare the ship stats with ships that are official released. I try to understand the Encumbrance Capacity. How is this calculated? For example: Wayfarer-class medium transport: Encumbrance Capacity 850; Cargo Capacity 220 metric tons GR-75 medium transport: Encumbrance Capacity 1000; Cargo Capacity 19,000 metric tons How does the Cargo Capacity of 410 metric tons for the L4000 fit in?
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