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  1. Hi folks, I'm trying to put together a basic but solid 200 pt list for a game coming up (nothing too competitive but don’t want to get totally embarrassed. Does the attached look any good? Any tips on upgrades and smarter ways to get the best out of these ships much appreciated. Im thinking of using the awing as a blocker with X-Wings as a solid fire base following it in. I’m a bit limited with ships at the moment (have a y-wing also but that’s about it). Thanks for any help you can give! Richard.
  2. This sounds pretty neat, I would never of thought of the double effect with the missiles triggering the pilots ability again...
  3. Thanks guys. No E-Wing as yet but like the idea of using them with X-Wings and/or Y-Wings.
  4. Hi everyone, TLDR : are headhunters any good and are any good resources on rebel ships and builds out there? 😀 I'm a long time Star Wars fan trying to get into X-Wing with some friends. I’ve bought up some thematic old style rebel stuff (2Xs, 1Y, 1A & the Falcon). Struggling with list building so far against empire/first order squads which seem to be so much more efficient (e.g. midnight and Vader are amazing). May have opportunity to pick up 3 headhunters cheap but not sure if they’re any good - wondering if a bunch of these cheap ships as a first attack wave with others coming in behind would be a good idea. Any pointers to good resources/blogs on rebel stuff very much appreciated!
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