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  1. Hi I wanted to know when I'm about to do a test for example a Lore test, what should I do when the card says: "... 📖-1. If you pass ..." but my Investigator's Lore is 1? Thanks for answering this. 🙏🏻
  2. Hi In Eldritch Horror I meet cards that saying for example "spend 1 clue ...". On the other hand there are cards that saying for example "discard this card ...". I have two questions about these: 1. When I spend a clue to do something, that clue should be discarded or should be back into the clues pot? (I don't mean clues that I'm spending them on some mystery cards) 2. When I discard a card for example a debt card, if I ran out of the condition cards (deck), what should I do? (I'm sorry if there is defect in my English. It's not my mother tongue 🙂)
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