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  1. First off, price regen appropriately ™. Second, if the damage doesn't stick, it doesn't make sense to count it. I'm roughly okay with half points being a reasonable compromise between lore/experience feel and actual tournament playability with real world constraints. Shields regenerate in X Wing. If you shoot a ship's shields and they regenerate you haven't damaged the ship in a meaningful 'I won this space battle' way. If an astromech or crew fixes it, you haven't scored a victory because you didn't damage or destroy the enemy. This isn't point karate, this is a Star War. Price regen appropriately to its impact on the game and victory, and keep goofy game balance points in their own metagame world, but it doesn't make sense to have a barely damaged ship count toward victory.
  2. 2x Delta with FCS Jendon with either Krennic/Tarkin/FCS or Palp
  3. How is that a scary list? Ignoring that QD and the SF are quite possibly in line for an increase, orienting your whole squad to get a 3 damage I6 alpha that dampens opponent return fire seems and QD's primary seems... Reasonable. I'm assuming 6 points, 2 charges for missiles and you fit in at 199. Pop QD, threat is gone. Survive 2 rounds of missiles, threat is low. Outfly a block that needs to maintain R1 for Swarm Tactics, you're doing fine.
  4. They already scale with initiative because higher I costs points and higher I ships have a bigger opportunity of giving up other attack options and PS kill potential. Most 5s and 6s are enough of your list to where they're not just trying to push through 1 damage. Swarm Tactics is the scary case here IMO since it lets you get a supportish cheap ship a high I shot.
  5. It's now a collective game of rock paper scissors we opt into. We'll have some number of people doing it, because if nobody does then I6 is a free win. Once we hit equilibrium, intra-I6 matchups would then be decided by a coin flip. I'm not saying the bid is the perfect solution, but bidding in the metagame is almost inherently a little more fair and interesting on a tournament scale than 'coin flip for a massive advantage.'
  6. Bidding is an inherent balance mechanism against high-I being too good. Bids keep going up until it's balanced. Removing bidding makes FFG's tendency toward undercosting high-I worse, AND removes the safety valve for it.
  7. Oh yay, I can finally have enough proximity mine tokens to run 5 proxy mine strikers.
  8. I think it's only pulling one instance of an archetype per event?
  9. The problem with homing missiles is that your opponent gets to pick and the ceiling is a single damage. It's a pretty rare case where the high floor is worth the low ceiling, and the opponent gets to pick their poison. Paying extra points for an attack that does at most one non-crit damage (or a probability of what your opponent prefers over a damage, either fewer expected hits or a non-zero chance to avoid being tabled with a 1hp ship) is usually bleh. Ordinance usually wants to punch harder for the investments and obstacles. If Homing missile was 1 damage + 1 damage die it'd be a lot scarier.
  10. There's two other factors I'd like to throw in the ring. Going to time is bad because the decisions you make with one turn left can be dramatically different than the decisions you make with two turns left, which can be dramatically different from how you'd play to eliminate the opponent, which is the ostensible goal. I've been in situations where it's unclear whether there will be one round left or two, and it becomes a weird mind game of estimating time, and if my opponent will play at a normal pace or rush super fast to get a second turn in. Trying to estimate those non-game probabilities (and flying ships to silly positions because it's the last turn that matters, even if you're in an awful position for the future) doesn't feel like X Wing. Second, there's a double factor where beefy lists are strongly correlated with good jousting, and there's a double whammy of not only are high ship lists hard to eliminate from the number of ships and go, but you also don't want to engage them in the most efficient way to burn them down because it's a losing strategy. Old rebel beef was both very beefy and also very rarely jousted, and trying to avoid initial engagement/tone it down can also lead to longer times.
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