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  1. Don't know why this wasn't top of head when making guesses, but any chance the announcement will be date, location & qualification criteria for the World Championship?
  2. I've just realised that my idea of multi-player may not be the same as everyone else's. I'm thinking like Two Headed Dragon in MTG. Is that what you guys mean or are you thinking of three handed (or more) everyone for themselves.
  3. I would love an online platform to let me play more than I do. Online store linked to Keyforgegame.com so you can use shards from the comfort of home. Copies of Vault Tour winning decks with special backs so you can play 'em for fun (but not in organised play) A Logos card featuring 7th President of the United States Andrew Jackson on a pogo stick that returns to your hand every other turn. Definitely multi-player though. It's coming.
  4. Nice round up. Sadly you have hit the nail on the head, forum activity is dying out. I really hope there are some insightful responses to your post soon. For my own part I am a ridiculously casual "round the dinner table" kind of player, so while the extra clarifications are welcome it won't affect me or my friends too hard. I'll be glad of it when I make that vault tour one day though!
  5. AnarchyBoi

    The future

    Yeah, engage brain before typing....... Ok then........vicious, feathery birds!
  6. AnarchyBoi

    The future

    No, I just wondered if anyone else had noticed the date coming up and had any thoughts. For my own part, I think we will get an announcement, if not next week sometime in August. To answer my own question, I haven't really warmed to Mars as a house. I will wildly predict (no doubt incorrectly) that we could get a house based around A.I.
  7. AnarchyBoi

    The future

    That's a good suggestion. A certain other card game has mermen & pirates. Maybe Keyforge can go with psychic dolphins...
  8. AnarchyBoi

    The future

    We're coming up to 12 months since Call of the Archons was announced and with the announcement of Age of Ascension following 6 months later is any body predicting (or just crossing their fingers) for another big announcement next week? Have you got ideas of what concepts new houses will be based on? Cowboys, Hip-Hop, Ecologists? Which house will you miss the most when a new one comes in and which one can you not wait to see get binned?
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