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  1. I picked up the base 2nd edition set, and am working though painting the monsters. I'm having a bit of a dilemma though. Usually when I paint things, I like to stick mostly to the original color scheme. I'll add a bit of my own flair here and there, but I try to make it easy to spot them on the shelf if you are just looking at their card. I want to make the master monsters stand out in some way though. I would like the thing I do to be consistent across all the monsters I have. I feel like I could do this two ways: Make all the monsters basically the same, but add extra details or red to the mastervidmate mobdro word counter Make the master monsters completely different than the others I am leaning towards number 2 right now. I painted up my zombies, and I made the master one purple instead of green, and gave him different color rags. It looks pretty good. The only issue with number 2 is for monsters that come in pairs. I need to make sure it's obvious which one is the common and which is the master, but also making sure they all look like they belong. How do you paint your models?
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