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  1. Do you mind sharing your list? I think I agree they are good ships, my issue has been constructing a good LIST with them in it
  2. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Holo, Ember and 3 Omegas all with proud tradition. It’s been a lot of fun and actually won some games (and yes, I am aware that Ember is pretty crap and expensive).
  3. So I’ve been playing Holo, Ember and 3 Omega Aces all with proud tradition. It’s fun - reminds a bit of 5 A Wings as the time on target for the ships is really high. It’s absolutely not as good as 5 A Wings or X Wings though. Holo does help by adding an end game ace
  4. I think you’re right. Holo has been a really pleasant surprise. So much better than Vonreg which I wasn’t expecting
  5. Yep I think that’s legitimate. I thought the same, BUT in both my test games, Avenger’s ability was really clutch. If we assume Tina dies quickly, it will trigger. For context, I was able to remove Kylo with the APTs in one game and cripple Cassian in the other. That has cooled my excitement for Rush. Though perhaps he could replace Holo?
  6. Let me start by saying that I think Kylo is an amazing ship. He’s been in every tournament list I’ve had for over 12 months, and in that time I’ve been very consistent. Most of my wins he’s earned. Despite this, I’ve felt a limitation to my performance with Kylo. He is the list, and opponents know it. His cost is prohibitive and leaves the rest of the list often underwhelming. Another 3-3 run at the U.K. SO convinced me that I needed to try something else. For context, I have now won 3 games in 6 straight tournament, but have not made a cut or won an event. Consistent, but unable to ‘break the ceiling’. The logical shift was to a higher ship count, and a list with less obvious target priority for my opponent. I had seen 5 ship FO lists succeed, most notably Old Paras Avenger swarm, so I thought that was a good place to start. This is the list; Avenger w/ fanatical & advanced proton torps. Holo w/ proud tradition TN-346 2 x Zeta Squadron Pilots How it works: There’s tough choices for the opponent here. Holo is the closer but will be played conservatively with ample protection in front and expendable ships to pass red tokens to. Tina will be offered up and the crit mechanic can cripple a ship. Avenger is dangerous but the VN chassis is tanky. The APTs can swing games if Avenger can lock and boost/roll in the engagement phase. Adaptations: Tina and the Zetas could easily be three cadets, or two and Rivas. I can’t decide how valuable Tina’s ability is. Taking the APTs off Avenger is an option. If I do go to three cadets I can even put proton torps on him, which would be easier to use. Rush or even Blackout can fit in this slot but Avenger feels right to capitalise on the expendable FOs deaths. I think there’s something there. I’m two games in, 1-1. Any experience with these ships anyone could add to help me hone the list would be gratefully appreciated.
  7. Stagsquad13


    That batrep shows the outstanding value and potential of Holo - thanks! I’m on Holo, Avenger and three FOs currently and it seems great. The ability of Holo to switch between a support ship and a double modded attacker is really valuable. Consensus in my store on the other Barons isn’t great though. Vonreg is a liability from what I can tell, he’s just too fragile. Ember is the sort of pilot I WANT to be good but I haven’t seen anyone actually make him work.
  8. I’m assuming that’s 5 Epsilon’s, maybe one as Rivas? That seems decent as long as you keep Vonreg out of the tangle. I’m not at all sold on the BA but feel obliged to look at Vonreg as an anti-Boba tech in HS.
  9. Stagsquad13


    Really interesting list - what was your day one record? I took Holo, Kylo and two SFs to 3-3 and came away thinking about trying Midnight again after hitting a wall of Jedi and Boba Fenns
  10. So I flew Kylo and three SFs at two trials last year, pre points, and did fairly well. That list has only got better since the points change as many of its natural predators are now gone from the meta. I am concerned about the two naked SFs being too weak to truly hurt anything. But they will get shots with the rear arcs. some local players did well with Kylo, Quickdraw and two naked SFs and swear by them. All good points made above though
  11. Kylo is the pillar of the FO faction. Holo looks really interesting. How would you round out the squad? I assume you want some fodder for the bad tokens from Holo. I’m an advocate of two Zeta Squadron survivors. They are tanky, have great time on target. Pre points I often used them as the anchor of my list as a more interesting alternative to Tavson.
  12. Stagsquad13


    Anyone got any lists with Ember in it that they’ve had success with? Seems like the forgotten pilot of the expansion... is that fair?
  13. Stagsquad13


    Love the enthusiasm. I don’t share your excitement though. I’ve found the management of the strain/deplete mechanic hugely difficult to get right. For context I’ve only played Holo but it feels like a ship you have to be really sure you know what you’re doing with
  14. What am I missing on proud tradition? Is it like a budget pattern analyser for generic FOs? I’m sort of struggling to see how it would fit into squads
  15. So played three games with Rush proxied over the weekend in Bitterfig’s first triple suggestion. He went to I6 once and was a massive pain when he did. But he was also great at I2. It kinda frees you to be quite aggressive in chasing blocks as it’s not a disaster if he trades fire. That also allows the other two ships to go to work while Rush takes the aggro due to his positioning. I’m a fan - if we get confirmation that new content is legal for the U.K. SO I think that’s my list.
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