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  1. Great write ups. I just went 3-3 in a 44 player trial with Kylo and 3 Omega Experts with crack and optics based on your high/low initiative article. Whilst I love the consistency of optics, I was left wondering whether I needed more punch. Too often I couldn’t get the damage through quickly enough. I think the version you flew with the gunner and Scorch might help in this regard.
  2. I like this, reminds me of the double Jedi double torrent lists that are so popular at the moment. I’ve got a list at 200 where I have hate Kylo, fanoptics Blackout and two I1 FOs
  3. At that point, why not just go for a third Silencer? It is amazing though that those three fit in a list. Sounds like it should be good
  4. That’s a good list! Given the small ship pool, I really feel FO are quite exciting to build with because everything is competitive. What build are you looking at with QuickDraw and the Silencers? That’s definitely a list I want to try again.
  5. Dedicated first order player preparing for the next round of trials. There’s been a lot of discussion on the forum about good FO lists of late and one of the shining lights for the faction at the moment is the SF swarm. It’s undoubtably good but I also find it slightly dull. Watching Poe and three A Wings on stream, the penny dropped... can’t the FO do that better? You drop two SF and put in a Silencer. What’s great is that the squad is massively customisable. Kylo or Blackout? Passive sensor missiles or gunner or optics? Zetas or Omegas? A quick glance on Metawing even suggests this archetype has had some success already with the following; Blackout w/ fanatical and optics 3 x Omega Experts w/ munitions failsafe, cluster missiles, passive sensors. How would you load out the squad? I’m expecting Jedi and swarms in the trials, so clusters could be handy and 7 arcs is nice. This also gives you a tank ace to go toe to toe with ace lists.
  6. I actually like Outmanoeuvre on him. Similar effect to trick shot except it triggers more frequently. Force is amazing but the slight points drop to Blackout makes me feel much happier with the composition of the rest of my squad.
  7. How much of a drop off do you guys believe Blackout is from Kylo?
  8. Great run! Watched your stream game and thought you were very unlucky! I love the idea behind your list and I’d completely forgotten about Snoke. I’m a little worried about flying just 2 ships but I’m now wondering whether I could do Blackout and QuickDraw with a Snoke Upsilon
  9. I read your article, which was great, and it definitely got me interested. I think where I like the SF is it is fairly straight forward to play over the course of a long day. Setting them up as mini fire sprays really let’s you focus on your Kylo play. But your list looks fun and effective
  10. I’m thinking the same. 5 seems a bit vanilla but 3 and Kylo is a lot more fun. How are you looking to load out the SFs?
  11. There are enough results now to suggest the Omega Special (5 I3 TIE SFs) is a very strong squad. I’ve always thought it looked a bit dull but I’m now seriously looking at it for upcoming hyperspace trials. Is it unfair to call it FO beef in a dismissive manor?
  12. I absolutely love that artwork for Blackout. Beautiful. Determined to make a squad with both Kylo and Blackout work. Current thinking is the fly two generic TIE FOs as a screen for Silencers. Generally though, this faction is in a good place, consistently placing well at major events.
  13. Good article, thanks! I’ve been neglecting the FO largely due to the value of the SF currently. However, after reading this I had a play and realised I can fit a Optics Kylo, Lone Wolf Blackout with 2 of the cheapest FO generics. That seems pretty fun with the FOs running interference for the aces. Could easily be hate on Kylo to fit fanatical/optics Blackout as well.
  14. I think two is in a better spot than three, though I appreciate that isn’t as cool. Kylo and Blackout with Midnight for example. Or perhaps two Epsilon Pilots?
  15. If you commit to Kylo and Tavson as the base of list I think there is a lot of flexibility. Personally, I like crack shot Recoil in place of QuickDraw.
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