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  1. Edge is the editor of L5R in France, but French edition are late they never finished either 3rd an 4th edition. I do not really trust them. As far as I am concerned, with that much unfinished word I don't think I'll follow an eventual reset of the 5th edition or a 6th one from Edge. But I am just speculating, I will wait and see.
  2. Hello I noticed that there is no longer information available for BFR. Is the game abandoned ?
  3. What do you mean ? Wasn't there a clarification about the licence staying within FFG but production of content just being outsourced ?
  4. I was expecting a Dragon Clan book with info on the Lying Darkness. Next time then It is a pleasure to see Ishiken do coming back and the adventure of deceased PC is original, I hope we will have some info on the Yobanjin tribes given the Kaito origins :3
  5. Hello, I was wondering what kind of source do you use in order to name your characters. On my side I use the 3rd edition list of name, but there must be a more complete source ? FFG Fortunes might provide this one day, do they ? 🙏 I know there is also a web site that can generate those names ( and for multiple univers top)
  6. A real map of Rokugan neighboring lands with more stuff. The one from LotBS was quite empty sadly. Ronin shugenja sounds nice and why not some elements for adults shugenja like the ability awaken later for some people.
  7. On Shadowlands it seems like the Crabe is open to any innovative way to repeal threat from beyond the wall. I would not be surprised that some prototype canon might be used against big Oni. However, since that Shadowlands forces are not just brainless armies, I guess that using it against them would mean that at some point it could fall in the hand of Shadowlands forces and might be an event bigger danger to Crab forces. The actual setting sounds different from previous one and I would not be surprised to discover that Firearms weaponry is already in use in Rokugan, maybe in an experimental scale. However, since the Emerald Empire is a highly spiritual society I can imagine how blasphemous and unhonourable it would be to just gun down an holy shugenja. The Idea of every one having a firearm is more of a modern concept. Especially in the US (where L5R comes from). Black powder weapon can be kept as a nobility symbol and forbidden to heimin population. FFG's Rokugan sounds more like smart pragmatic than obtuse conservative from AEG. Anyway, as far as I am concerned L5R with guns is no longer L5R. And remember that being over the top with technologies is a choice so is to be contempt with what you already have (and Hotei would be contempt with that :3 )
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