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  1. Just because that's what we got in the first two cores doesn't mean FFG must stick with that. Poe makes more sense as a commander. The factions don't have to be mirrors out of the box. I'd rather have Poe and Phasma (or Finn I guess if they wanted that thematic rivalry) as starting commanders over Rey and Kylo.
  2. They're good, but beatable, and pretty expensive compared to other options. I would hate to see a nerf to them simply because I don't think they're game-breaking. Then it becomes a bit of a slippery slope. FFG has stated they want to avoid point changes, especially points increases. I think it was in the same link you posted. With that in mind.. If there was a change, how would you fix them? I'm just curious.
  3. Hey everybody. I do believe this is the first thread I've created on here. I'm creating this terrain thread mostly to keep myself accountable with my projects and get some serious work done on my legion collection in the following weeks. This thread will be updated frequently! You'll have to excuse the low-quality pictures for now until I can get my nice digital camera repaired or replaced. First up to kick off this thread.. A lovely thematic but largely unfinished cantina! I love this thing. I'll have to double check where I ordered it from. When I get the chance I'll edit this post with a link. It came as a flat stack of laser-cut board (not quite MDF but similar) and was quite a project to put together. There are four doors, two on hinges and two that slide out. I love the detailing on the bar and the inclusion of a stage.. I'll have to find somebody to 3D print me a cantina band! Rooftops are removable, the design is modular (you could put one quarter on each corner of the table for the illusion of 4 buildings) and it all fits together quite nicely. I have big plans for this and a lot of work to do! Aside from painting/texturing the whole thing, I plan to: - Add two sets of external stairs for roof access. I have already sculpted these, they just need painted and some finishing touches. - Interior detailing including cantina furniture/tables for the rooms, and stools for the bar. If I can't get an actual cantina band I'll at least scratch-build some Star Wars-y instruments. I'd love to have patrons, but I'm unsure of where to turn for so many in-scale aliens without breaking the bank. - Add interior lighting. The design lends itself to it. the "supporting" areas along the exterior walls overhang the perfect amount to conceal wiring. Any ideas, comments, questions, and criticisms are ALWAYS welcome. I'm looking forward to sharing my exploits in terrain-making with you guys. P.S. Big thanks to @Docgimmethenews for painting and gifting me the awesome Boba Fett shown in this picture as part of Legion Secret Santa! This picture doesn't do him any justice. He'll be present in future tattooine action shots/showcases.
  4. PAINT!? You've got yours assembled already? You're further than I. I've only got about half of mine together so far. On my list? I still need to get ahold of some dewbacks and some more terrain-making materials.
  5. Following a bit of a mix-up with the fine fellas working for USPS, both my packages are finally away! Expected delivery date is the 27th for both. So if you're on the list and waiting on your gift still, don't lose hope! Both parties have been messaged with the tracking number. Merry Christmas everybody!
  6. Tall order to sell you on a game in just one post, but I'll share what I love about the game. First off, the hobby/modeling aspect. I love all of that. It's tedious and I spend way too much time doing it, but it's relaxing and feels quite rewarding. In terms of gameplay it's fast-paced. Nothing feels "invincible", and there are plenty of ways to win battles (in 800pt version) without simply slaughtering your opponent. There's something kind of special about losing almost your entire force as the rebellion but still winning based off of objective points. If you get creative with your playing-field games never get stagnant. The dice system is simple without feeling too shallow. The order system (like command dials in armada, but better) is a nice way to mix things up as well. Upgrades generally feel like they make an impact, but some may not be worth the points. Sometimes I find myself just playing with the army builder for an hour or so. To build on that, I love the releases so far, but some who didn't like Rogue One as much as I may not agree. However, you can't argue against the fact that almost all iconic combat units are in the game. There's plenty of room to make a thematic list without sacrificing much playability, especially with the corps upgrade packs coming out soon. Generic commanders are weak but I like that they're an option. Clone Wars release has been a train wreck so far, but I'm looking forward to what those factions bring to the table in the coming 4-6 months. It's not a perfect game and we all have a little perfectionist in us, but for me, it's about all I could ask for in a Star Wars Miniatures themed game at this scale. Welcome aboard!
  7. I'm building a campaign spanning multiple worlds and using WotC Star Wars Miniatures Battle rules for what you are describing: small kill-team sized skirmishes, Legion armies for larger ground conflicts, and fleets from Armada for space battles. Have you looked into the WotC SWM rules? I used to have a ton of the things and the rules seem perfect for skirmish battles of 10 or less minis/faction. What's more, I think all the stat cards are available for free. The reason I'm such a supporter of these rules is because in my campaign I'm building, the player character/squad can have different abilities that would have a greater impact in skirmish than a large battle. Numeric stats for HP, attack, defense, etc. and TONS of keywords (Over 1000 unique minis for that line if I remember right) to create a character that does exactly what you want it to on the battlefield. In Legion, battles are chaotic and the results are quick. It's a nice change of pace to slow down the flow of battle into turn-by-turn decisions by each individual trooper/character. Anyway, thought I'd throw out that suggestion. Porting that system seemed much easier to me than coming up with an entire new ruleset. Regardless, I am writing this prior to reading your pdf and I'm super anxious to see what you've got for us!
  8. I have to admit I let out a bit of a chuckle when I got on after a few days and saw the last thread was locked. It was full of pleasant discussion when I left it last. I'm glad this thread is back up. I am extremely hyped that a live-action Star Wars show is (for now) being generally well-received. Now I'm looking forward to Kenobi, and possibly other series ideas. I suppose it makes sense. If we gave each movie double or triple the screen time I'm sure every era would have excellent character development, a well-developed and thought-out plot, etc. Not to mention the visual/audio effects in just the first episode alone rival anything we've seen on screen so far. Sometimes the easter eggs felt forced, but even then, I don't think they caused any lapse in focus.
  9. Can you elaborate on the materials used for basing? Mainly just the plants. I leave my bases the bare faction-specific cover but I'm making a felucia map at some point and would like the majority of the map covered in small plants like that.
  10. As mentioned, I think one really great reason to take at least one real cheap BARC is so you get surge:hit on your clones since this is the only other unit clones currently have access to. Giving the BARC surge:hit to fire-supporting clones increases their to-hit chance by 1/8 on every die. That's pretty significant if you're throwing 5 black and 6 white dice. You can do this with a more expensive BARC, but even barebones and with arsenal 2 you can get out two powerful fire-supported attacks from it. As it stands I can't really imagine too many situations where I'll be attacking with my BARC and choosing not to trigger fire support if it's possible. The BARC is a little bit too fragile to do its own solo operation.
  11. *sigh*.. I always forget about the Mouse's role in all this. That's a fair point. I think as long as the designers can make a fair argument that X or Y unit will increase interest in a faction/add something significant (thus increasing $ales) AND it already exists somewhere in the EU or elsewhere, it shouldn't be too much of an issue. However, as we've already witnessed even minor intervention (insisting on Luke and Vader operatives/GCW releases immediately following CW release) can be a hindrance to what the designers and most of the playerbase want.
  12. after spending about 8 hours to churn out just 2 stormtrooper squads, I'm moving on to contrast paint to see if that helps. The plan for clones and future storms is: Corax white spray primer OR Army Painter white spray primer (depends on how light or dark I want them), apothecary white contrast paint to get the shading I want, vallejo gloss white over all major armor surfaces and raised areas, then the black/gray detailing.
  13. I agree with this. I don't think it needs to be right away, but I imagine it would be much easier to develop a unit they have already created/just needs tweaked vs. coming up with something completely new. I understand the danger of trying to use logic concerning our Space-Opera battle simulator, but I do think there is a line. We don't want to blend factions too much (which is why rebels can't steal AT-ST's or armor), but we don't want factions missing out on their iconic toys either. If it were up to me I would have given the rebels a different unit entirely. I think they should have gotten one landspeeder as a lighter "support" unit in the core, and then one of many EU rebel tracked or hover tanks as their second heavy option. Hindsight is always 20/20 though. I'm not sure the designers knew for sure how popular Legion would be, and I'm guessing they didn't have plans for Clone Wars at the initial release of the GCW cores.
  14. I think @Qark said it best. The BARC can be good if you can get some clones to use Fire Support on its attacks. Then you are essentially giving clones surge to hit on possibly 2 attacks (If you split fire and have the order tokens). So yes, situational, but I think it CAN be worth the points when used properly in those situations. The problem is that those situations may present themselves a minority of the time. In a vacuum, it's overpriced.
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