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  1. I know that 5E went back in time to around 1120 IC. I'm not seeing any cannon figures mentioned in either the core rulebook or the Emerald Empire guide. My questions are..... Who is the emperor currently? Who is the Emerald Magistrate currently? Who is the Jade Magistrate currently? Are these in one of the books and I'm just not seeing it? I have no problem making up these figures but if I don't need to....
  2. I think I now understand the table and yes I think I was misunderstanding what the table was communicating. Thanks everyone who chimed in. Very helpful 😊
  3. One thing that I'm confused on that someone could perhaps shed some light on...On school rank advancement, how do skill groups factor into raising your school rank. How does one get Rank 3 in the Trade skill group? Confused as to how this is attainable for PCs within the XP system.
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