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  1. so i feel like republic Beef/salad could be fun now we have Y-Wings and Arcs etc, but im struggling as to what could be good to fly together i have 2 arcs and 2 Y- Wings and 4 torrents and some Jedis, any help to build a list would be appreciated so far i have broadside with ion turret .... lol thanks in advance
  2. so I wasn't aware that TL worked in this way for RED tokens or am I missing something ? TIA so I wasn't aware that TL worked in this way for RED tokens or am I missing something ? TIA
  3. that sucks man thankfully i do have several LGS within an hour tops form me to take my pick form and all play regularly too
  4. i tried the list that carson wray used on a Friday night at my LGS - could not make sense obi work, i felt like i was trying to hard to use it all the time and it just felt meh tbh - stuck with CLT obi which while flimsy is working for me
  5. the use of sense and R2 as in the quoted comment
  6. am i missing something as im not seeing this combo lol - tried it and just though meh............
  7. so i tried predator regen ric at the weekend to good effect - predator triggered a good 3/4 times and only once did i feel the need that i wanted daredevil, likely to stay with that load out i think. - regen was amazing on him, my opponent stripped his shields and was prety much 1/2 points on him, i bugged out twice and regened both and he didnt lose any again. defo have to know when to bug out and come back though
  8. would you run Daredevil or predator as a talent along regen droid?
  9. thanks everyone so far, defo want to try more droids i think more so than the infiltrator, they seem fun and a bit more difficult to play against with energy shells and discord missiles etc
  10. so i am thinking of dipping my toe into CIS and was wondering what is best option to look to fly, best way to get into the faction, whats best to look at for competitive and casual play etc, any ideas on some squads would also be appreciated any advise would be appreciated TIA
  11. fair shout, will try it this Thursday when i put them on the table next who would you run those on btw? thank you
  12. had a fantastic tournament on Saturday, went with ric, "old Ani" and obi wan went 2/2 so was pleased with that from my 1st event, took a lot from it too. my list was ric - r2-c4, daredevil obi-wan - D7B, R2 ani - CLT 189 pts lost against I5 tie swarm and vulture swarm..... **** those droids, lost ani and ric fairly quick in that game as i flew them slightly wrong, but obi stayed till time and took 2 droids off the table one his own, turns out they "were the droid we were looking for " lol all in all good, fun, enjoyable day, and i feel i know have a list i enjoy and will tweak and see if anything else works - wasn't sure on D7B on obi at 1st as it just made me want to joust him all the time rather than fly him like a proper ace, which may have contributed to his demise so quickly in the last game. thanks everyone for your help and advice leading up to Saturday.
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