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  1. i was thinking along the lines of purple/pink etc, but i really like the purple/grey scheme you have here - i may steal these colours 🙂
  2. hi all - so i want to repaint all my Republic ships and struggling to come up with a scheme that is different from the "norm" so im coming to you wonderful peeps for inspiration / ideas. pics of the colour schemes you have done, ideas for others (like the idea of something out of the box as they say) any help or ideas would be appreciated, many thanks
  3. good ol' fashion double defenders 177Pts after new drops, so room for more toys if you wanted, or keep the bid Brath -FCS -Juke Ryad -FCS - Juke
  4. **** it - i dont have Guri lol - i have 2 sprays, 4 fangs and JM lol - got into scum on the bobba fenn meta train lol
  5. and what would you run with dengar if not bobba?
  6. so whats your most competitive build for dengar or Nom lumb? i have just got the JM5K and am after inspiration for a build TIA
  7. i just spray mine black - no one has ever said anything, plus they look cooler IMO lol
  8. my take on @LegionThree's you tube video still WIP but hope you like so far
  9. my fire sprays - Bobba and my Koshka/any other 2nd FS that maybe needed hope you like 🙂
  10. either or tbh - prob use my republic in extended
  11. so with lock down being slowly lifted im now starting to look at what i can put on a physical table when able to do so, so im wanting to try something like republic salad but have no idea where to start. does anyone have any ideas of proven lists or such like that i can base a list upon? i have multiples of all republic ships TIA
  12. bobba fenn has always been a thing, its just more prevalent now due to HS restrictions, but that doesn't mean B/F is winning everything. Bobba is just seen in a lot of lists as he is a good pilot on a good chassis i feel. - i dont think bobba needs to be moving last all the time anyways, but i have only played B/F a few times
  13. does it need to be HS legal or can it be Extended ?
  14. eh.. i dont know, they always have a padawan with them, hence ani and obi, i doubt they will want to try that option with them, you never see vader with just ties in the game... dunno, will be interesting to see what they do
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