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  1. Got it. Goes from US or Germany to China. From China to California. From California to Minnesota, then from Minnesota to retailers. Had no idea Fantasy Flight was in Minnesota. I was born in Minneapolis and love the Twin Cities.
  2. It's also very confusing with the terms used as to the current status of a product. "Shipping Now", in order for it to be shipped it's put on a boat. "On the Boat"? I'd probably use a different term since both terms imply that the product is on it's way for purchase. Maybe "Next Up" would be more appropriate. I'm guessing "On the Boat" from China. And "Shipping Now" being loaded onto trucks from a shipping container in California then heading to retailers. Everything coming from China to the US goes through California.
  3. "product is traveling from the printer to our warehouse. The duration of this process varies depending on where the printer is located, be it in the US, China, or Germany, but generally takes four to six weeks." The physical figures for Armada and Legion all are made in China. If they were made in the US or Germany it would state so, by law on the product. The process in developing the product may occur in multiple places. But the physical product ends up coming from China. All figures I've purchased of Armada and Legion are stamped "Made in China". Trade laws don't care were the product is developed, only where the end physical product comes from. So if "Made in China" appears anywhere on a product, then the final product is coming from China. So the product in development may have travelled to Germany or the US at some point. But it all ends up travelling to China in the end for production. Why would Germany or the US make a product then allow China to have the credit with the "Made in China" stamp? Disney pins are made in 3 different locations and each pin will be stamped according to where it was made, China, Taiwan, or Malaysia. All their pins are developed in various countries depending on where the artist is located. But all pins end up being produced in one of the three locations and is stamped accordingly as to which location produced the pin. What your inferring in your sentence above is that Fantasy Flight Legion or Armada figures may be produced in the US and Germany. That is not correct. They are developed in China, Germany or the US but physical production is in the country that is marked on the bottom of the final product. So if they are in fact on a boat from China. Then it is being affected by sanctions, everything coming from China is being slowed either by US sanctions or China retaliation sanctions. Bottom line no matter how quickly a company develops a product for distribution, if it's going to be made in a sanctioned country then it will be delayed. Fantasy Flight has been fortunate that so far their new products have only had short delays. Mattel is not so fortunate, Hot Wheels are coming to retailers at a snails pace.
  4. I forgot to mention I'm located in Dallas Texas USA
  5. Armada Haves: 2019 Alt Image Yavaris/Suppressor 2019 Alt Image Comms Net 2019 Alt Image Slicer Tools 2019 Alt Image Defense Liason 2019 Alt Image Dash Rendar/YT-2400 2019 Alt Image Colonel Jendon/Lambda-Class Shuttle 2019 Alt Image Nym/Scurrg H-6 Bomber 2019 Alt Image Captain Jonus/Gamma TIE Bomber Squadron 2019 Alt Image Keyan Farlander/B-Wing Squadron 2019 Alt Image Dengar/Jumpmaster 5000 2019 Alt Image Overload Pulse/Veteran Gunners 2019 Alt Image Intel Officer/Engine Techs 2019 Alt Image Gunnery Team/Ordnance Experts 2018 Alt Image Boosted Comms/Slaved Turrets 2018 set of 5 clear/white Acrylic Navigate Tokens 2018 Alt Image Demolisher/Home One 2018 Alt Image Skilled First Officer/Dual Turbolaser Turret 2017 Alt Image Rapid Reload 2017 Alt Image TIE Bomber Squadron 2017 Alt Image Assault Proton Torpedoes 2017 set of 6 red/black Acrylic Objective Tokens 2017 Alt Image TIE Interceptor Squadron 2017 Alt Image Turbolaser Reroute Circuits 2017 set of 5 red/black Acrylic Engineering Tokens 2016 Alt Image Gladiator II-Class Star Destroyer 2016 Alt Image X-Wing Squadron 2015 Imperial Star Destroyer Dice Bag 2015 set of 5 Acrylic black/red Squadron Tokens 2015 Alt Image MC80 Assault Cruiser 2015 Alt Image Han Solo Millennium Falcon 2015 Alt Image Leading Shots 2015 Alt Image Victory II-Class Star Destroyer 2015 Alt Image Nebulon-B Escort Frigate 2015 Rebel Dice Bag Legion Haves: 2019 Alt Image Endurance 2019 Alt Image A-300 Short Range Config 2019 Alt Image E-11D Grenade Launcher Config 2019 Alt Image Tauntaun Riders 2019 Alt Image Rebel Pathfinders 2019 Alt Image Imperial Deathtroopers 2019 Alt Image Imperial Royal Guard 2019 Alt Image Rebel Commandos 2019 Alt Image Scout Troopers 2019 Alt Image Hunter/Tenacity 2019 Alt Image DLT-19X Sniper/DH-447 Sniper 2019 Alt Image Saber Throw/Force Choke 2018 Rebel Trooper FB 2018 Stormtrooper FB 2018 Rebel Commander Token 2018 Imperial Commander Token 2018 Alt Image E-Web Heavy Blaster Team/ 2018 Alt Image AT-RT 2018 Alt Image Fleet Troopers/Snowtroopers Star Wars The Card Game Haves: 2017 Alt Image Shield Generator Assault 2017 Alt Image Colonel Yularen set of 5 black/white Imperial Tokens Armada Wants: Alt Image Imperial I Class Star Destroyer Alt Image Admiral Ackbar Alt Image Darth Vader Commander Acrylic Brace Tokens black/red/green Alt Image Valen/Jan Acrylic Scatter Tokens black/red/green Alt Image Imperial II Class Star Destroyer Alt Image Dagger Alt Image Saber Alt Image Ten Numb Alt Image Ciena Ree Legion Wants: Alt Image Han Solo Alt Image Leia/Veers Alt Image Wedge/Weiss Alt Image Snowspeeder AA/FB set of Acrylic Deployment Zone Markers I have more, but need to dig deeper into my closet. Also have extra ship expansion sets for some of the big cards I'm looking for that I didn't list. All sealed Nebulon Imperial Fighter Squadrons both I and II Rebel Fighter Squadrons both I and II Victory Class Star Destroyer Super Star Destroyer (in hand) would consider more desirable items such as promo items from Worlds/Nationals I'm new to the hobby and a completist. Haven't traded in cards since Star Wars Decipher Card Game. Will ship first to an established member of the forum.
  6. I imagine it will be that SSD is now available and an event layout for the new campaign RotR.
  7. Made in China!! "On the boat" could also translate as..."It's gonna be a while" At least we now know it is complete with production and sitting on a cargo ship off the coast of California waiting for clearance. Not pointing my finger at FFG, it's just a part of today's World economy. I'm glad that FFG is still adding content to both Armada and Legion. And hope they continue to keep it up.
  8. Has everyone forgotten the US has sanctions on Countries producing products being sold in the US? I see a ton of stuff stating "On the boat". In the current market everything being made outside the US is coming into the US at a snails pace. Mattel products are barely trickling in and they are being produced from a non-sanctioned Country. I don't blame FFG for any of the delays in releases. I've ordered the SSD but am in no hurry to receive it as I'll never field it on the table. I missed out on Chimiera and that's the only thing Armada I'm drooling for. Legion on the other hand, Tauntauns, Dewbacks, Veterans, and Shoretroopers I'm anxious to obtain. I'd also like to see Organized Promos a little more beefed up like they were in 2015. Seems like everything now is just Alt cards. Sure the gravy is at Regionals, Nationals, and World. But even if I was skilled enough to make those, the expense of getting there is unobtainable for me. Need to keep the Swag coming for the majority of FFG's market.
  9. Willing to ship first to a member with good standing reputation.
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