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  1. I just received the Murder at the Prancing Pony-pod with alt art. Is it normal that the print is also a little bit more blurry? Thanks Greetings, Jacob
  2. I was also considering A3-folders, but the rules-sheets are like 1cm larger than standard A4, so in A3-folders they would almost swim in it
  3. Hello everyone, This is maybe a bizarre question, but I'm looking for a good way to store the Adventure packs-rules. I keep the cards in a box, but I want to keep the rules safe in a folder. That way I can throw away the plastic packs. I first thought to laminate the rules and then punch holes in it to keep it in a folder. But the problem is that the size of the rules sheets is a bit larger than the standard A4-size Do you have any suggestions? Many thanks in advance! Greetings, Jacob
  4. Can these alt art cards be found in the "Print on Demand"-packs? Or somewhere else?
  5. I'm located near Ghent. I know "Speciaalzaak Adriaensen" and "Summoner" and they have indeed a decent stock. I placed an order with Speciaalzaak for some old and rare adventure packs. Now I'm mostly interested in collecting the AP's in the Dwarrowdelf Cycle and the Against the Shadow cycle, but for now I only see these in stock at FFG, so I really hope the will be available in Europe soon
  6. Does anyone have experience buying products from this website to deliver in Belgium (or Europe in general)? Are there any extra fees to be expected? Thanks in advance
  7. Nice! I'm relatively new to this game, so I have a very hard time finding some adventure packs and saga expansions. Do you have any suggestions for webshops where I can find most of the adventure packs and expansions? I already found another thread for UK-stores, but I still haven't found some of the packs/expansions Many thanks for the help!
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