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  1. Thanks everyone for help and guidance. Some really good points were given and demonstrates that the MC80 isn't in the dire position i was lead to believe which is great cause i really like their design esthetic.
  2. Hi all, I've played x-wing for a while now and I'm just getting into Armada. New campaign looks really good. The guys I will be playing against have played for a long time and are pretty good. I'd like to put together a good list so our games are at least interesting for them. I'll be running Rebels and thought the MC80's looked cool but from what I've read so far not sure if they are any good. What are your thoughts on the MC80's and what are some good ships to get me started. Thanks heaps for your wisdom and help
  3. Darth Wrath, your list is solid and Ani is one of the best aces in the game (IMHO). I like juke on Ric, even with the points increase. I don't have any experience flying torrents (I ran an ARC with my 2 Delta 7's), but i could see them doing work and making for a good decoy. I agree that you do need a bigger bid to get the most out of Ani, I'd drop the SU for a 9pt bid
  4. Thanks for the advice, I'll be flying him tonight so will give it a go. My thought with marksmanship was that for large ships that usually have high health but low agility and are easier to get in bullseye arc and so could punish them with a couple of crits. I'll try the 3 aces list then a list with a support ship, I think the support ship is a good idea and can bring a lot to the table. Do you go Reaper or Lambda?
  5. Hi all, I'm just starting to dip my toes into Galactic Empire and was putting an aces list together to fly against a friend who is quite good so wanted to bring a decent list. I've got Vader and Soontir and was looking for a third ship. I've listened to a few podcasts and they seem to poo poo Maarek. I thought Maarek with FCS and Marksmanship seemed good but clearing I'm missing something. Please help this Imperial noob learn more. Thanks
  6. Hi all, I've been playing x-wing casually for a while now, never been in a tournament just casual play. I try to keep up with how the meta shapes and reshapes as I find that quite interesting. My question is, while resistance ace on paper looks quite strong I'm not seeing it turn up in many tournament results. I really like the style and will keep flying, I just wanted to get your opinion on the subject as I acknowledge that reading tournament results is not the same as attending them. The lists I'm referring to are Poe+Nien+L'ulo or similar. My normal load out is Poe - R4+ S-foils+ Black One+ Heroic+ HLC Nien - S-foils+ Heroic+ Pattern Analyzer+ R4 L'ulo - Heroic+ Predator This leaves 14pts to play with Thank you
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