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  1. The best part for me was how the entirety of the criticism rested on the ambigious-to-the-point-of-meaningless adjective 'bad' and personal experience. In a constructive, co-operative context oriented around thinking together through problems, how could that sort of 'criticism' not be viewed as problematic! I am suspicious in the most wonderful way regarding the timing of his quest completion
  2. Just happened to notice that the US FFG store has been replenished once again. Just about everything is currently in stock including 2/3 cycles, most expansions, and the entire Fellowship saga (including black riders and Mt of Fire!). Good luck and happy buying
  3. Thanks for sharing this! It looks really great, but I won't be able to make it this year. I'll certainly keep my eyes out for this next year around that time!!
  4. Well, the FFG store is pretty well stocked on LoTR LCG these days, with some of the harder to find cycles (e.g., 2, 3) mostly in stock! I'm a relatively new player (started in July), and I have completed my collection. I have had no trouble getting into this amazing game!
  5. That's a really good point and a really good example. Some mechanics that don't scale with added players (e.g., you can only choose to travel to one location per round) do change the game and impact deck building with the move from 1-handed to 2-handed.
  6. No, I found it to be absurd, because FFG has released more than 1 card per day over that time period.
  7. Fact check, a term in modern English, refers to the act of verifying the accuracy or near accuracy of claims that are made. It does not distinguish hyperbole from non-fact.
  8. I am quite pleased with the current plan and cannot wait to see what the 2nd iteration is. Also, I understand the argument, that development slows over time, but your math/counting is a bit off. Since August 2016, which would be 3 years ago, we have seen 3 new deluxe expansions and 15 adventure packs, not 1 adventure pack.
  9. Hello all, I'm posting to encourage people missing earlier packs to monitor the FFG stock! I've seen the recently hard to come by 2nd and 3rd cycles, as well as "On the Doorstep," available in the FFG store on and off over the past week. I have managed to complete my collection (which I just started about 2 months ago) and am utterly delighted. Best wishes and happy hunting (APs and orcses)
  10. I really love both 'true' solo and two-handed solo, but I certainly prefer two-handed solo because I get to use more cards
  11. I've been playing solo LoTR LCG for several months one handed and two-handed. Both are incredible, but two-handed is more fun (get to use more cards) and works better mechanically on some quests. Let me know if you have any specific questions about the game!
  12. If so, then I hope they at least reprint the Against the Shadow cycle and On the Doorstep!
  13. If you didn't sell it, but are still interested, please contact me!
  14. Hello all, I've bought the core game and I am hooked! I would like to buy more adventure packs from the Mirkwood Cycle and I've discovered that here in central PA USA, there are no physical stores that seem to sell anything. I can order online, but I was wondering if anyone knew of physical stores (maybe large chains?) that carry stock of anything LoTR LCG. Thank you so much!
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