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  1. If you think you are a simple programmer you are cheating, because I do not know anyone who spends their free time to make an application, and also this application is unique and I think that only for these two things you are a great programmer. These images that I send you I have done with the template that I sent you. Thanks.
  2. It is a pity that they have let a great game like this die, in addition they could create a character amount taking advantage of clone wars, rebels, the last films. If you could do the separatists, Republica, First Order, Resistance would be great. I understand that it supposes a great effort and that it would not suppose any reward. I will keep up with this forum. With the design of the back part I was referring to the following image: (if you want to use it, it's all yours) Thank you.
  3. Thanks, it's very good. Have you consider the ideas that I send??? or Have you think in new things for the app??
  4. I expressed myself badly, I meant that the translation into Spanish is a bit longer and the last letters do not enter Thanks
  5. Hey, when I configure the traslation from English to Spanish some letters can't apear. thanks
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