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  1. And yet Snow Troopers are one of the few units in the game with the ability to shoot for free after moving. That’s a pretty good trade for losing a speed.
  2. Entourage B1 isn’t going to happen. Coordinate with a free activation every turn would be OP
  3. I assume there is an Inferno Squad for Armada?
  4. While unfortunate, I'm sure this box set will be available piecemeal on Ebay. If not, you could always buy a third box and sell individual figures to get your 15th mini.
  5. You missed the point. A T-Series will not help Droideka's as is because there are better options out there. If Droideka's get a points reduction of 10-20 (15 feels right to me), they will actually become competitive in the support slot. I have three Droideka units myself, and I would love for them to be competitive, but its just not viable at 100 points a unit.
  6. True, or I can run two AAT's and just kill everything on my opponents side instead.
  7. What about “When a unit performs an attack against a unit that it is in a melee with, that attack is a melee attack.“ ?
  8. Seriously? Haha okay tough guy, have it your way. You're clearly the subject matter expert on legion. Thanks for enlightening me...
  9. That’s not how that works. Droideka are a vehicle unit. They cannot be engaged. Therefore the unit in base is free game.
  10. And therein lies the problem. You're paying 300 points for three activations, plus you're sinking another 208 for Grievous or 240 for Dooku with upgrades. So you only have four activations with less than 300 points left to add corps units. For their current cost, Droidekas are too slow for me. Sure your can wheel mode them to get them up the board, but unless you have a big piece of terrain to park them behind which can block LOS, your opponent gets a chance to hit them (albeit in heavy cover) without shields. Once they are in range they can do some damage, but anything with a lightsaber is going to take down a unit of droideka a turn as the shields don't work in close combat. Once STAPs come out, why would I even take Droidekas at 100 points? Sure I'm trading some survivability, but STAPs (with a stapled on 2 point upgrade) will be able to chain orders like the rest of the army, and they are far more mobile.
  11. Paying points for a unit that actually does stuff is the same thing as paying points for no unit that doesn't do anything other than "use" an activation? I think you need to relook at that. One of them puts a token into the pile that changes the odds of what can go when (issued orders aside) while the other does not. Also, derp? How very mature of you.
  12. I exclusively run the HA with them because blast is too good to pass up. Indeed it is a pricey unit, but that guaranteed surge should more than make up for the loss of a wound over the course of the battle, and the extra red at range 3 makes it that much better in situations where you cannot get into Range 2. It allows this unit to go hunting on its own instead of having to stick near other droids for the coordinate, something which will become vastly more important once BX and STAPs are out. Back on price though, this set up probably only works on one unit, as a full unit of BX droids might be a better fit than a second 98 point unit of B2s.
  13. I actually think they are better on B-2s, as someone suggested earlier. You lose are wound, but for 2 points over the generic B2 model, they gain so much. The real question will be how many boxes to buy though. I'm thinking 3 is probably the right number. Add in a nice 3D printed T-Series droid or two and you're able to field 3 as unit leaders and 1 or 2 as commanders.
  14. Glad I don’t play armada then. The idea of passing to me is dumb. Just make activations determine blue player and the problem gets solved. It disincentivizes maxing activations because that could work against you in missions. At that point you’re giving up the ability to dictate the terms of the game in order to have more activations (not necessarily better quality activations though)
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