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  1. Thanks for the comments chaps. We'll have to see where my players end up going and what they may need to buy and sell.
  2. Hi all, Been running a home brew campaign (my first time as proper GM) and had a few questions regarding buying items. So my players have acquired some weapons and other bits and have been trying to sell them, but we were a bit confused at how to handle the dice results when negotiating the price as there are two places in the book (Edge of the Empire) where this is discussed. Unfortunately the dice got moved and reused before me and one of the players could discuss how we were interpreting the dice. So negotiation is an opposed check and the results (from the book and how I would use them) are: - 1 Success gives the players 25% of their asking price - 2 Success gives the players 50% of their asking price - 3 Success gives the players 75% of their asking price - any additional Success adds 5% per Success Advantage, Threat, Triumph and Despair give other effects which are discussed in the Negotiations Skill section (pg113) Is this how you would use it or have I missed something? Would you make any adjustments to fit in better? Edge of the Empire: Negotiations Skill (pg113), Rarity (Black Market Selling/Buying, pg149-151)
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