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  1. Welcome aboard. great to see some new blood coming into xwing. i started with 1.0 and played mostly rebels. Switched to empire and then to scum where ive been ever since. virtually never touch my rebels or imperials now and have upgraded to 2.0 although took about a year off playing when 2.0 was released as i wasnt sure i wanted to invest more $. im now a dedicated scum player and have been pleased with what 2.0 has added to scum. im biased but to me its the best faction due to its versatility. covid-19 has hampered organised events but there are always pockets of players to find and play casual games with. im keenly awaiting the razors crest ship and other mandalorian stuff. i think this would bring in players who r fans of the show.
  2. ^This. No harm in sharing squads or ideas. im always looking for tech i havent considered. People play this game for different reasons. Each to their own. The online community here is pretty awesome. lets keep the sharing and collaborating going.
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