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  1. not distracting enough to keep you off these hot forums though
  2. It sucks, it happens, I'm still eagerly awaiting CW and will still being playing them along with empire and rebels.
  3. Yep I've been working on terrain in the meantime
  4. I can't wait to run my army of battle droids without a commander, I think the dewbacks ate Greivous and that's why the base size is oversized
  5. PP also screwed over the consumer base particularly lock and load when Mk3 came out it was a dead event till the last day because they wanted to have this cool mid-con release....really ruined things for me
  6. 3. He won the RPQ playing this way, "He’s used aggressively in this list, in order to force the opponent into a situation where they have to walk into Vader."
  7. One day I may have the time to join this, it really sounds fun!
  8. on the minus side you are paying extra to only have it a couple weeks early
  9. Makes sense it was only recently they became aware of a delay meaning it is looking at early October
  10. I think he is trying some double speak of its not technically delayed yet since we are in September but it will be delayed so we didn't say anything because we didn't want to until October
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