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  1. I haven't played in some time (have done a little painting, working on the AAT now).
  2. My AAT just shipped today from miniature market
  3. I have been waiting for Maul
  4. My kids still love the figures and playset as well. Still a really awesome thing you are doing!
  5. sorry about that I think we are bad at following directions
  6. He is fine, Bossk is newer and a little cheaper so people play him, I still fear boba fett and his 3 speed that allows him to really move to where he is needed especially late game to win the objective
  7. My wife says the check is for bills not toys 😕
  8. Tried to PM you, it looks like you can't receive messages currently 😕
  9. I got them whenever they were suppose to come with Vader and Luke
  10. I completely agree screens are not good for cognitive development in children and if toys i.e. Legos keep them engaged I'm all for it
  11. I would agree. I had a bunch from the 90s as a kid when they re-realeased the original trilogy in theaters and loved them, but alas growing up losing things when moving and not having the foresight to think about kids liking the same things I do
  12. Starting to wish I had kept my 90s figures for my kids
  13. You sure have a lot of Star Wars toys, no wonder you are doing a giveaway, may the force be with you!
  14. Obi-wan does not like your idea of magnetizing
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