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  1. I know the game released a while ago but I recently started playing it again and I don't know what to do with Triss. She's just winning every single game. I saw a lot of comments on a lot of forums saying that she is the weakest, but that's not true. All you need to do with Triss is ignore the fact that you might get wounded by a creature or might get a bad effect from a foul fate card. Just investigate and you'll get blue tokens really fast. She only needs 6 blue tokens to complete a quest and she gets at least 2 blue tokens per round in the start. By the time she gets to the third quest 1 Aen Shide investigation card can give her up to 5 blue tokens. She can just finish a quest by investigating once. I've tried to slow her down but she has so much power. Every other deck gets 1 token per investigation card. Triss gets 1 token for the first invstigation card. The second can be 2 and the third can be 3. I've played her and didn't develop. I just wanted to see if I could win by using travel, investigate and rest (for wounds I get). With no develop card and no prepare, I won by a lead of 40 points. The others were trying to complete their second quest while I finished my 3rd. How is that fair? Am I playing her wrong? Is there something I am missing? Please help me. Thank you so much.
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