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  1. The temperature is more comfortable for his physiology than it often is, but it's still a bit warm and Varik has been doing some heavy lifting. He wipes the sweat off his brow and smiles good-naturedly at the reporter, "Sure, missy. We was just giving the bikes another once-over before the race. What can we do for ya?"
  2. As the others (mostly) stand down, Hale stops and turns to the man. Despite his best efforts, Hale feels a chill run up his spine and the hairs on the back of his neck stand up at the mention of the sniper, but that's overridden by his anger. His blood was already boiling, but the... whoever he is... inviting him into the Rebellion just makes him furious. He spits contemptuously and growls, "Yeah pal, I don't think so. Last time some punks decided they wanted to break away from the government, we fought the Clone Wars and you got this Empire you seem to hate so much. It may not be perfect, but it's a whole helluva lot better than the alternative. I joined up to stop half-baked revolutionary terrorists like you and your sniper friend from plunging the galaxy back into another war. Not interested." He finishes off with some slightly more colorful language and tries to brace without being noticed, ready to make a move, or counter theirs, depending on how this shakes out. Since they're the ones with carbines and a sniper, I've got to take this carefully. Hopefully Lady Pinky will be a help here, but I certainly can't count on that. May have to just make a dive for it.
  3. Okay. Quit your yapping: 2eP+1eA+2eD 1 failure, 1 advantage, 1 Triumph Ermm... Huh. That's an odd result. What can I do with the Triumph? I figure he'll recover a strain with the Advantage as he catches his breath.
  4. Camo will go with Jorin. ...and he should probably drive. Varactyl Squad will stay behind.
  5. The two other men bring up their carbines to fire, and Hale springs in front of Veitra, shoving her aside and out of harm's way. The first bolt rips into his left shoulder, burning through the light uniform, and a second grazes his torso as he continues charging recklessly towards the assailants. Startled by Hale's shove, Veitra overbalances and yelps as she flips over the rail and falls back into the water with a splash.
  6. As a sad side effect of Hale taking the hit, Lady Pinky is going for a swim...
  7. I'll recover an additional strain. Hale will take the hit. Damage?
  8. That's actually just about perfect. I'm still thinking about how to apply that and how to stat the item as a whole, but I'm definitely considering that. Does it cost anything, or is it really just a "disengage" button?
  9. Some good points there. The reason I added Concussive was to give it a use since I didn't give it any damage stat. With the current lack of a use for Success, I'm considering giving it a small base damage, the Stun Damage quality, and dropping Concussive. As for the more general points you made regarding vambraces, this is more-or-less the current state of affairs. I've been using them in game for a little while, and they are a fallback or a specialized alternative (e.g. micro-rocket launcher) rather than a primary weapon. The PCs still have pet weapons or attacks that they favor over the vambrace weaponry. These points have made me further reconsider giving the repulsor blast Concussive. I would keep it at Engaged range because from what we see in the slip, the ends of the blast maybe extends to 4-5 meters, and its efficacy would be greatly reduced at that range. From close up, you get the full force of the blast on a single target and that's where it would be effective. I'm not sold on removing Concussive, but I am considering it.
  10. He has been absent from the other two games he was participating in for a while.
  11. I understand and somewhat agree with your position on this, but I'd stick to RAW on this for my games (especially because maneuvers can often be pretty small, and can sometimes narratively just be staggering back or diving for cover). For the purposes of building and balancing this item, let's assume you can take a theoretical third Maneuver with 2 Threat.
  12. The Advantage/Threat table specifies for Advantage "...that does not exceed the two maneuvers per turn limit." It does not have this specification for Threat, and the use of turn rather than round further makes me think that it is not limited to two Maneuvers in a round.
  13. That makes sense. I'll use that. Hadn't actually thought about that before, but because of how the Vambraces are treated I might have done that anyway if it had come up. Thanks. Alternatively, the first step damages one weapon into uselessness. I think I'd stick to "all damaged one" though. I think Slow-Firing 3 is too much, and 3 Threat to disengage is definitely too much because 2 Threat can be spent for a Free Maneuver to disengage.* That's why I'm thinking a Strain cost might be in order. The Despair effect is fine, but Knockdown doesn't have to cost a Triumph. With Slow-Firing 1, they can only deny every other turn, and do 0 damage. (gears turning...) With backup, this can have a pretty good effect though, so the point is taken. I haven't really had any experience with Concussive in play, so I'll defer to you on this. Still think SF3 is too much, so SF2 for now. However, this still leaves the question of what to do with extra Success. So much of this weapon keys off of Advantage that I'm wondering if it wouldn't be better to make the base effect function off of Success, then stacking on effects like Concussive, Disorient, and Knockdown. *There are a couple fringe cases where this would be useful, but fringe enough that having a particular piece of gear set up to counter them seems a bit... pointless. Applicable clip at ~0:50:
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